Consumer Trends

Consumer Trends
Cool Hunting: Mirabeau en Provence's Vibrant Rosé: Two crisp, refreshing options from the French winery 
Futurelab: Don't Chase Unicorns 
Cool Hunting: Word of Mouth: The Sands of Ko Samui: A quick guide to the major beaches comprising this idyllic Thai island 
Mondomedeusah: Glass Candy : Computer Love 
Cool Hunting: Asiyami Gold Wekulom's A.Au Collection : Blending influences from Nigeria to America, the new bold range is for everyday wear 
Cool Hunting: Cast Iron Cookware Restored by Best Made Co.: Sought-after, durable and quality century-old goods are given a new life 
Cool Hunting: Studio Visit: DoomedNYC: Leather accessories designed for female motorcyclists but suited for any creative adventurist, handcrafted in Brooklyn 
Springwise: With Digify, shared files will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3… 
Springwise: Pocket-sized smartphone projector turns any surface into a touchscreen 
Cool Hunting: Interview: Etienne Aigner's Creative Director Daniela Bardazzi: Inspiration, process and what it means to modernize a heritage brand 
Too Cool For School
Hyperbeast: Wiz Khalifa Visits Terry Richardson's Studio 
Hyperbeast: Independent Trucks Presents 'That Guy' - A Documentary Series on UK Skateboarders 
Hyperbeast: Alexander Wang x Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Marble Surfboards 
Hyperbeast: Adult Swim's "Mike Tyson Mysteries" Series Trailer 
Hyperbeast: adidas Originals ZX Flux "Seoul" Special Edition 
Hyperbeast: adidas Originals 2014 Fall/Winter "Highlight" Lookbook 
Hyperbeast: Buscemi Leather and Gold Snapback 
Hyperbeast: Nike Air Pegasus 83/30 Black/Wolf Grey 
Hyperbeast: The Barisieur Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer 
Hyperbeast: New Balance MX80GR 
Web Buzz
Digital Buzz Blog: Grolsch Beer: The Movieunlocker Bottle 
Cool Infographics: World Records from the Commonwealth Games 
Social Media Today: How Businesses Can Improve Their Apps 
Social Media Today: Using Video Content in Your Emails 
Social Media Today: Why Outsourcing Social Media Is a Winning Strategy 
Social Media Today: Social Startups: Inside Social Shows the Wasted—and Worthwhile—Half of Ad Dollars 
Social Media Today: "Free Social WiFi" Isn’t Exactly Free 
Social Media Today: 7 Ways to Make Your Video Stand Out on Pinterest 
Social Media Today: The 2014 Digital Dollar Shift [INFOGRAPHIC] 
Cool Infographics: Around the World in 80 Hats 
Eco Buzz
Gristmill: Farming bluefin tuna might be out of our depths 
Gristmill: Allow Snoop Dogg to show you the horrifying wonders of Plizzanet Earth 
Gristmill: In Detroit’s water wars, a pause that refreshes 
Gristmill: Watch this adorable climate scientist explain sea-level rise with a gin & tonic 
Triple Pundit: More Utilities Are Shifting to Renewable Energy 
Triple Pundit: Biomimicry Lessons for Business 
Triple Pundit: Swaddle Baby’s Bottom with Jellyfish! 
Triple Pundit: Report: States Fighting EPA Carbon Rules Will Actually Benefit From Them 
Triple Pundit: The Fight Over Chemical Flame Retardants 
Gristmill: Not even Jesus is going to save California from this drought 
International Development
My Hearts in Accra: Egyptian sumo wrestler bests a grand champion. Twice. While fasting for Ramadan. 
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