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Man Like Me - Oh My Gosh


Jay Dee

Jay DeeJay Dee

As you may or may not know Jay Dee passed away yesterday. This page will show all Jay Dee related comments by other bloggers I rate. So follow the link to find out more about this legend.

Dollar - Steve Spacek produced by J Dilla R.I.P.


Busy P - Be@rbrickdance


ed bangered banger

Coming off my favourite label currently this Busy P tune or remix is quality. It is how dance music should be made. Go and chack out Ed Banger, a label that delivers.

Ed Banger

Spoon - I Turn My Camera on


This has been banging about for a wile but a real Friday tune

Ive started so ill...

another grime/dupstep set on the airwaves available on link below for another 4 days worth a listen if you have a spare couple of hrs - Plasticman (geezer vex'd played with in Philly)

Plasticman mix


A cool little movie to promote the Pro X Fade crossfader. Don't know much about the product but this is a nice little concept. You might recognise the location as well

Pro X VideoPro X Video

Pro x Fade Video

Man Man


This group from the states absolutely blows me away at the moment. A sound as distinctive and balmy as anything you heard.

Hot Bands for February 2006

These are the bands that I am rating for 2006.

Check what the blogsphere is saying about em here

White Rose Movement
Tapes n Tapes
Man Man
David Sugar
Parlour Boys
Mutant Radio
Dear and the Headlights

DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 - Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Remix)

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