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    Social Media Today: 6 Extreme Social Media Strategies
    In a market that has been transformed by social media, businesses are searching for unique ways to make a splash. Here are six innovative (or crazy?) social media strategies that businesses used in the last year to make a different kind of impression.
    Social Media Today: Your Social Selling Questions Answered
    Social selling is an enigma. Is it still selling? Is it entirely something different? Julio Viskovich gives his take on the 4 most common questions about social selling. Read them now!
    Social Media Today: The State of Social Media Scheduling
    With so much pressure on marketers to be posting on multiple social media networks, multiple times a day, with multiple objectives in mine, it's easy to see why social media scheduling is such a hot topic right now. In this follow up study from Software Advice, a social CRM evaluation company, we learn how marketers are using social media optimization tools and what goals are driving their usage.
    Social Media Today: The Business Case for Content Curation
    Adding curation to the content mix can build credibility, trust, loyalty, thought leadership and reciprocating brand relationships. Providing the maximum amount of utility using a mix of content from different sources is a win-win for everyone involved, especially the content consumer.
    Social Media Today: Beyond Engagement: Making the Case for Employee Advocacy
    Although there's a strong case for employee advocacy, we reconsider the advantages of brand-owned channels compared with personal networks in advocacy programs, remaining conscious of the reduced reach that this entails. Whichever way you choose to go, success is still dependent on doing the right things from the get-go and sticking with them. Employee advocacy may still be young, but it’s becoming increasingly effective as social channels become the norm in business.
    Social Media Today: 10 Creative or Weird Uses of Instagram
    Instagram might be the land of selfies, sunsets and food pics— and that’s totally fine with us— but it’s also home to some of the most creative social media minds in the business. Marketers, businesses and individuals have come up with incredible ways to make use of the every-growing photo social network.
    Social Media Today: Top Dog: Advocate Marketing and America's Hot Dogs
    As National Hot Dog Month comes to a close, this post takes a look at the top hot dog brands on Facebook to see which one does the best job engaging advocates, building community and growing brand love.
    Social Media Today: Customer Service Is the New Marketing: Turning Satisfaction Into Sales
    This week we hosted another Social Media Today webinar as part of the Best Thinker webinar series: "Customer Service Is the New Marketing: Turning Satisfaction Into Sales."
    Social Media Today: How to Effectively Use Hashtags for Maximum Engagement
    Hashtags: when used properly, they are a kind of glue that can hold your social media marketing campaigns together across networks and bring you new business. When used improperly, they can be the most annoying thing about social media, period. So what are the right and wrong ways to use them?
    Social Media Today: The Cure for Blogging Procrastination
    Feeling guilty? Did you fail to publish a post last week? Are you beating yourself up because that ebook, podcast, or product didn’t get launched? I understand how you feel. However, my friend, you need to suck it up.
    Digital Buzz Blog: Grolsch Beer: The Movieunlocker Bottle
    I can’t tell if this promotion for Grolsch Beer is real or not, but it’s an interesting play… Where the typical coupon code has been swapped for a bluetooth beacon placed in the bottle cap, so that when you open up your favorite beer, and tap it against your phone or mac book, it unlocks [...]
    Cool Infographics: World Records from the Commonwealth Games


    World Records from the Commonwealth Games infographic

    IVC Signs has compiled some statistics about the commonwealth games into the World Records from the Commonwealth Games infographic. Find out record holders names, time, and place where each record was made!

    Following on from being appointed the official signage supplier for the 2014 Games, IVC Signs have followed this up with this fantastic info graphic, packed full of world records and global statistics from the Commonwealth Games over the decades.

    The infographic has great, fun illustrations to portray the sports that are being discussed. I would of liked to see a better interpretation of time, distances and locations rather than the same graphic icon over and over again with the value underneath it. The infographic is missing the URL link at the bottom, as well as a list of sources.

    Thanks to David for sending in the link!

    Social Media Today: How Businesses Can Improve Their Apps
    Unless you are Temple Run or Angry Birds your app is probably not as popular as you wish it was! Businesses are now frantically creating apps and sometimes hastily tossing an app into the world of downloads leads to errors! This is how many businesses can improve!
    Social Media Today: Using Video Content in Your Emails
    With the rise of youtube and vimeo we are seeing a surge in video content, and with that surge the question rises “Can I email my videos?” In the past the answer would be no. With the improvement of HTML, and the introduction of the video tag we are seeing more and more video finding it’s way into email.
    Social Media Today: Why Outsourcing Social Media Is a Winning Strategy
    On average, business owners waste about 4 billion hours each year dealing with tasks that could easily be delegated to vendors or other employees, yet they work twice as much as their employees. Business strategists recommend delegating as many non-critical tasks as possible to work smarter, not harder. Outsourcing social media is a winning strategy for maximizing the most of your time without sacrificing the quality of your customer engagement campaigns.
    Social Media Today: Social Startups: Inside Social Shows the Wasted—and Worthwhile—Half of Ad Dollars
    “It’s amazing that the most advanced social marketing teams still struggle with knowing if their efforts are successful. We answer that for them and, more importantly, show them how to improve,” says Joey Kotkins, co-founder and CMO of Inside Social. The 2013 Techstar startup offers solutions to track your company's social efforts across multiple social channels all in one place. This includes exactly how your social shares lead to engagement, conversions, signups, purchases, and more.
    Social Media Today: "Free Social WiFi" Isn’t Exactly Free
    The idea behind the concept of social WiFi is pretty simple: merchants offer free WiFi service to customers who visit their stores in exchange for customers logging into their network using their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts or by giving the merchant their email address. Once the consumer gets access to the WiFi network, they are asked to like the merchant’s Facebook page, or subscribe to a mailing list. But what you (the consumer) may or may not understand is this: by logging into the merchant’s social WiFi network, you are implicitly entering into a business arrangement with the merchant, which allows them to gather your data for marketing purposes.
    Social Media Today: 7 Ways to Make Your Video Stand Out on Pinterest
    Pinterest is best known for pinning recipes that never get made, workouts that never get done and thousands of darn good quotes. But it’s also become a great place for marketers to pin videos. Unlike that “1000 push-ups in 10 days” pin, these videos are actually being viewed.
    Social Media Today: The 2014 Digital Dollar Shift [INFOGRAPHIC]
    As we enter the last 6 months of 2014, investing in digital spending is quickly becoming a priority with B2B marketers. As ROI and creating a streamlined customer experience continues to prove the power of digital spending, we’re seeing a steep drop in traditional marketing dollars as digital strategy grabs a bigger slice of the overall budget. Digital marketing provides a cost-effective, metrics-driven, brand awareness to businesses of all sizes. By investing in digital, B2B marketers are nimble and engage more qualified audience for their products.
    Cool Infographics: Around the World in 80 Hats

    Around the World in 80 Hats infographic

    Around the World in 80 Hats infographic from Venere is a quick culture trip around the world with a little help from a fashionable article of clothing, hats.

    All cultures of the world use the clothes they wear to define how they live, work, and respect their history. From the first world to the third world, hat styles especially have become important iconic markers of cultural dress. This infographic looks at 80 culturally significant hats from all corners of the earth, showing just how wonderfully diverse and interesting humanity can be.

    A story like this depends on the visuals.  You have to see the hats to understand the history and connection to each country.  The footer should include the URL to the infographic landing page in text so readers can find the original when other sites post the infographic without the link.

    Thanks to Thomas for sending in the link!

    MediaOrchard: Lessons in the Power of Lists to Build Authority Online

    Who doesn’t love a good list? From the annual US News college rankings to The 10 Beaches to See Before You Die, there seems to be an insatiable interest in reading lists and sharing them online. Appearing on a published …

    The post Lessons in the Power of Lists to Build Authority Online appeared first on IdeaGrove.

    Social Media Today: Measuring What Matters: Those Addictive Numbers
    I’ve done it. It’s gone. Cold turkey. After years of asserting we need to measure what matters in social business – as opposed to just tracking outcomes we can count easily — I decided to take down the social sharing counter on my blog. Here's why.
    Social Media Today: Would You Erase Yourself from Google Search Results? [PODCAST]
    New European Union legislation on “the right to be forgotten” allows people to remove themselves from search results. Why hasn’t this been an issue in the U.S.? And what happens when you have the ability to remove yourself from history? There are also some profound implications for marketers and content creators.
    Social Media Today: Social Is the Key to Customer Experience
    Organizations in the midst of digital transformation need to take another look at how they are managing overall customer experience throughout the complete customer journey. And when they do so, they will realize that social technologies are key in creating connective tissue across that journey. Social is not a channel, it's a core competency of marketing in the post-digital world.
    Social Media Today: Social Advocacy & Politics: Obama's Former Field Team's Training Program Stirs Up Controversy
    This is the story about President Obama special campaign strategy; specifically, it is about the new you-pay internship being offered by former Obama for America 2012’s field team leaders. Under the name 270 Strategies, Jeremy Bird and Mitch Stewart’s one-year old political campaign firm is providing a 5-week internship, where you’ll be placed in a current electoral campaign for $5,000. Sounds like great pay for an intern until you realize the intern has to pay 270 Strategies and the campaign gets the labor for free.
    Digital Buzz Blog: Street Art: Gifs Go Wild
    Sometimes we see cool art installations or street art here on Digital Buzz, but this one is a little different. Created by Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier, they’ve taken Gifs into the real world, displaying them in high-traffic areas to surprise unsuspecting people with ‘gif’ moments. Pretty cool.
    Social Media Today: Visual Content Widens the Branding and PR Gap
    In a traditional sense, Public Relations practitioners have been wordsmiths; conveying written and (limited) visual messages to the public. PR pros have mainly used words and text to increase awareness and educate people about products, services, controversies, and causes.
    Social Media Today: Inbound Marketing Best Practices: Don't Forget The Basics In Email Marketing
    Today’s plethora of online tools allow marketers to create beautiful emails while using inbound marketing best practices that their customers will be sure to enjoy. Services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot assist in creating HTML emails via simple drag-and-drop, allowing even computer novices to create gorgeous emails. But it’s easy to get lost in these tools. Creating a good email is about more than just its design.
    Social Media Today: Interview with Employee Advocacy Summit Speaker: Liz Bullock
    At the 2014 Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta this September, Liz Bullock will share lessons, methods and cases from some of the world's largest employee advocacy deployments. She worked on social programs at Dell for 3 years and now runs a consultancy that helps large brands train employees and address cultural challenges in employee advocacy.
    Social Media Today: How to Rock Your Twitter Bio
    If Facebook is where you connect with your friends, Twitter is where you exchange with professionals from your industry, share articles and ideas, and why not, promote yourself. When Twitter users come across your profile, they will look at your bio, and, let's be honest, your picture. They will assess your popularity by the number of our followers, and will screen your tweets to have an idea of the kind of info you share.
    Ignite Social Media: Marketers Don’t Really Believe in Social Media…Yet!

    I was watching the excellent ESPN documentary Fab Five recently and it reminded me about true disruption. Five freshman players at Michigan, led by Coach Steve Fischer, truly changed the nature of college basketball in ways that can still be seen today. The team broke new ground in playing five freshmen players, bringing a new style of play and even altering the interaction of sports and fashion. Disruption of the college basketball game caused all teams to fundamentally approach the game in a different way. Talented freshmen for instance, have a disruptive impact on the overall success of teams that can bee seen in Kentucky’s perennial success and that six of the top 10 players in the 2014 draft were freshmen (more if you count International players).

    Newspaper ad revenueSocial Media has disrupted the media industry somewhat, yet not to the extent you might expect. At $2.9 billon, social media spending is less than eight percent of the total digital pie. Unlike other Digital media, marketing dollars have not migrated to social channels in large amounts. Google’s revenues are larger than Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest combined, over four times as large in fact and this number is much higher if you only account for social media spending, not search, retargeting or display on social sites which account for the bulk of revenue. A large share of Google’s revenue growth has come from disruption of other less efficient media such as print and digital display media, so why is social lagging?

    CMO Spending PlanConsidering that social media is now so distracting, people are having trouble paying attention to TV, the king of media attention, it doesn't seem that social is getting its fair share. CMOs have reported for years their intent to dedicate more dollars to Social Media and yet investment in the category has barely budged. Social Media spending has hovered between seven to eight percent of total brand marketing spending since 2012. Instead, more investment has migrated to paid media such as digital display, programmatic buying and retargeting, and one way messaging vs. conversational media. This is interesting given the engagement rates of digital media and mobile where up to 50 percent of clicks are likely accidental (or even worse, bots and fraud).

    Newspaper and print still account for over $30 billion in annual spending however, efficiency, in terms of reach and time spent, declines by the day. There is a huge disruptive opportunity for providers of Social Media. What will it take to change marketer’s behavior and spending habits?


    Here are three approaches that will likely help move marketing investments into social media channels.

    Make it Easy.

    Many marketers I interact with tell me that the amount of effort to manage social media marketing is not worth the return. They either don’t have the time, expertise, staff or investment needed to create great social programming and interaction at scale. Additionally, while many might now have a large numerical audience in the form of likes and followers, they find it very difficult to get engagement without large ad buys, particularly on Facebook. For investment to grow, there has to be a much simpler and more predictable way to deliver targeted audience engagement. Like all media, the right partner is critical (hint, hint), you wouldn't make your own TV ads would you?

    Create New Types of Content Production.

    Nothing drives social media engagement like content and the amount of content needed to connect with consumers across ever fragmenting social channels is astounding. Fresh and relevant content is needed every day in formats that are relevant to the social channel (simply reposting across channels typically results in poor performance). A carousel of content is needed to fill this pipeline including premium, influencer, curated and UGC. For best results, using a content blend drives higher levels of overall audience interaction.

    Focus on Engagement vs. Reach.

    Likes and fans do not drive engagement, especially if they were bought, attracted by offers or sweepstakes or collected via like-gating other content. As the competition for social eyeballs grows due to the overall amount of content available, engagement rates are plummeting to match that of display media. Very little branded content is achieving an engagement rate exceeding one percent of total audience and it is likely that trend will continue. Great social engagement needs expert community management coupled with remarkable content that is meaningful to the audience.

    Social Media will continue to move sideways in terms of brand investment until these challenges are fully addressed and measured in a way that clear benefits to the bottom line can be proven. Which media companies will start five freshman, don baggy shorts and black socks, and change the game remain to be seen. The Fab Five were 23 years ago. They signaled the seismic change, but it didn’t occur overnight. Neither is social. Social is trending the right way for marketers. We just need the discipline and the data to make it the new norm over time.

    The post Marketers Don’t Really Believe in Social Media…Yet! appeared first on Ignite Social Media.

    Social Media Today: How to Define Social Influence
    Lately, I’ve been reconsidering who I think are influencers in and on my business. There are those who you follow and hang on every word and there are those you watch from afar with admiration but caution. Who we let influence us, both professionally and personally, says a lot about who we are. Are you easily swayed or does it take some research and work?
    Social Media Today: Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn
    Where LinkedIn really wins over the other social networks is that it offers business value due to the fact that it is based on the professional interests of both businesses and individuals. These characteristics make it the obvious go-to place for sharing important news and information about your brand in order to raise awareness, drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions.
    Social Media Today: Is Your Company Paying Attention to Social Listening?
    Social listening is a powerful tool for your business. Learn to use it correctly and you'll know your customers needs, provide better solutions, increase profits and move ahead of your competition.
    Social Media Today: Content Marketers, Here’s How to Hire Your Next Great Leader
    Do you want to build out your content team? Find out how to hire a content marketing manager to lead the way.
    Digital Buzz Blog: JIBO: The World’s First Family Robot
    Meet JIBO, a real-life social robot that might just change the way you think smart objects and how you’d picture them in your home. And ok sure, this is a concept video, making it seem so fluid and responsive, so there is much to be desired, but… Will this be a robot that people would [...]
    Social Media Today: An Introduction to Employee Advocacy
    Employee advocacy is an emerging new marketing strategy where companies empower their influential employees to authentically distribute brand approved content, create original content, and in turn earn recognition and rewards for their activity and participation.
    Social Media Today: Smart Marketers Will Approach Employee Advocacy with Caution
    Today's savvy digital marketer should be cautious when integrating employees into their marketing mix. Utilizing the right tools and partner is essentially when developing and launching an employee advocacy program. Employees are the voice of a company and can greatly impact the way others view a brand. Be smart and formulate a plan.
    Social Media Today: 4th Annual UX Awards are September 11-12 in San Francisco- get 15% off early bird tickets on us before July 31!
    4th Annual UX Awards, the premier awards for exceptional digital experience, will be held in San Francisco on Sept. 11-12 2014!
    Social Media Today: 10 Ways of Becoming Indispensable to Your Social Media Audience
    Once you recover the links that are usually lost in new marketing, you need to create value to make your audience grow. I present below 10 ways that can help your brand grow, increasing engagement and ROI, as well as conversions. The objective isn’t an meaningless number but real people who are engaged and proactive.
    Social Media Today: How Social Media Impacts Customer Service
    There are so many moving parts to a strong customer service strategy, it’s easy overlook the benefits of social media. But do so at your own peril. In today’s world, a presence on social media is as important as having a toll-free phone number. Here are just a few of the reasons why.
    Cool Infographics: Viral Sharing Tactics of an Infographic

      Viral Sharing Tactics of an Infographic infographic

    Making a cool infographic is one thing, sharing it and making it go viral is another. Luckily, the Viral Sharing Tactics of an Infographic infographic published by Piktochart gives some tips on how to make your cool infographic a hit!

    Making your carefully crafted infographic go viral isn’t a dark science. It doesn’t just happen miraculously. You have to make it happen.

    The key to a successful viral infographic lies not just in the content. Apart from designing a very good infographic, what you do with it after that plays a big role in making it go viral. You have to go the extra mile to publicize and enable others to publicize your infographic for you. There are many available platforms and tools to accelerate your viral campaign.

    There’s some really good information included in here, and many of the tactics listed here are included in my Infographic Release Strategy from the Cool Infographics book.  Designing a good infographic isn’t enough.  You need to publicize and promote your design so people can find it and share it.

    I would have liked to see more statistics behind their recommendations.  The only data included in the design is the Google Trends chart of searches for the word ”infographic”, which is a very impressive trend!  The design should have also included a copyright, and the URL to the infographic landing page on the Piktochart site.  I love the “Click to Tweet” pre-written sharing element on the landing page!

    Piktochart is an online infographic design tool, similar to a vector graphics software application.  You can find this tool listed along with others on the Cool Infographics Tools page.  I love to see that they used their own tool to design this infographic!

    Thanks to Rachel for sending in the link! 

    Social Media Today: Two Simple Questions Can Radically Improve Facebook Engagement
    Facebook users are keenly aware of the fact that by engaging with your content, they are communicating something to their friends. As a page manager, your job is to create content that helps your target audience express themselves. So each time you sit down to create a post, ask yourself these two questions.
    Digital Buzz Blog: ASICS: The Remote Volleyball Cannon Challenge
    ASICS have become famous over the last few years for creating interactive installations to engage fans and athletes in new and interesting ways to promote the brand. The latest installation is called ‘The Kerri Cannon’ which is a remote-operated spiking machine built to replicate the power and accuracy of top professional female players like Kerri [...]
    Social Media Today: Generate Leads Online for Your Brick and Mortar Store
    If you have a brick and mortar store, you may have written off online lead generation as the domain of ecommerce sites, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Here are just a few ways that local businesses can use online marketing to reach out to their target audience and get more customers in their stores.
    Social Media Today: Are You Losing Money with Your Mobile E-Commerce? [INFOGRAPHIC]
    If you're hesitant to redesign your business's website responsively, you might think again after analyzing your mobile e-commerce performance. Take a look at some stats showing how customers behave when shopping on mobile and where your potential revenue could be lost.
    Social Media Today: Who in Your C-Suite Is in Charge of Digital Transformation?
    Without a doubt, there is a need to redefine the role of the marketer for the digital age. But that's not sufficient. Digital is not limited to marketing; change has to originate from the C-Suite to actively lead the transformation to the social business.
    Social Media Today: You Need to Know: 5 Rules of Online Community Engagement
    One of the first steps to building an online community is creating and implementing a community engagement strategy. As you build and grow, keep in mind these five hard and fast rules of community engagement.
    Social Media Today: Social Media Is Teamwork. Agree?
    Every employee plays a part in your business. Letting themselves brand on social media would give you an extra point as an employer. It’s a simple math. Your company’s social value = Your company’s official social media accounts + Each one of your employees’ social score.
    Digital Buzz Blog: Heineken ‘Routine Interruptions’ Experiment
    Heineken is launching a new social experiment called ‘Routine Interruptions’ where thousands of people across the US will get the chance to step into the ultimate night out, if they just do one thing… Answer an unsuspecting call from Heineken, and agree to do what ever they say at that moment. The hype reel above [...]
    Social Media Today: 5 Twitter Features You Should Use More Often
    Most people only use the main features of social media networks. Little do they know that this is the ones usually hidden or less easily accessible, that can be the most useful. Twitter is one of the most used social media platform and is great to engage in conversations with people you wouldn't have probably met in real life, at least not that easily, either for personal or professional purposes. The features below will help you discover how to use Twitter to its fullest.
    Social Media Today: 25 Copywriting Mistakes Website Owners Make
    Picture this: it’s your best friend’s wedding. The two of you have been best buddies since grade school. You’ve been through it all. You’ve seen each other weather the best and worst of what life has thrown your respective ways...
    Social Media Today: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Social Media Automation
    Are social media and marketing automation mutually exclusive? It’s a question every marketer should ask him or herself. On the face of it, the words “automation” and “social” in the same sentence seem a little counterintuitive.
    Social Media Today: 5 Tips On Becoming A Digital Freelancer
    Whether you’re just about to embark on your professional career, or have been in work for a number of years, there may come a time when you consider breaking out from the the norm and going out on your own.
    Social Media Today: Do Multiple Authors Create Better Marketing Content?
    In a prior life, I worked for a CEO who fancied himself a great writer, and he liked to demonstrate this by essentially re-writing my email copy. Since I have a good track record at getting responses, this was not a pleasant experience.
    Social Media Today: Twitter Lists Shorten the Sales Cycle
    Much like offline conversations, Twitter is at it’s best when it’s not a one-way communication channel. Especially for any size business to be able to use lists and track or engage their prospects, it can be one of the most powerful tools you use. But in order to make it work, you have to engage. This poses a real challenge of sifting through the one billion tweets generated every two days to find the areas and people that matter to you.
    Social Media Today: The Highest Converting Images to Use on Social Media Networks
    You’ve done everything you can think of to boost your conversion rate via social media, or at least that’s what you think. You follow all the social networking best practices, you post at the optimal times, and you follow back everyone who follows you. But are you using the right pictures?
    Social Media Today: Rock, Paper, Scissors … Email Marketing, Social Media
    With 94% of internet users having an email address, and most of them checking their inboxes on a daily basis, email is the most popular online activity. Especially with the prevalence of mobile technologies, people are always listening. What this means to you as a business owner is that there is a not-so-new personal way of getting in touch with customers! In addition, email offers an easy way to track your success.
    Ignite Social Media: Snapchat Partners With MTV While Facebook Makes “Big Plans” | #SYSK

    Snapchat Partners With MTV for VMA Nominee Announcments

    The MTV Video Music Awards always have a reputation for generating headlines (both good and bad), and this year was no exception. MTV became one of the first brands to utilize Snapchat choosing to announce their star-studded list of VMA nominees via the "disappearing" photo app. While this is a great way for MTV to increase its Snapchat engagement, those who missed it were able to view the same announcement clips via Vine and Instagram (as they did last year). The question still lingers though, will other award shows, or other brands, follow suit?

    Does Facebook Have Big Plans for Instagram?

    Instagram users encountered an interesting message this week while scrolling through their feeds. Now one of the top questions on everyone’s mind is “what is Bolt?” Many speculations have been made about Facebook going after Snapchat again with what could possibly be a new one tap photo messaging app, but others have pointed out it could be part of Facebooks Install Ads. Either way, Facebook has only announced that there are big things planned for next week, maybe Bolt will be another addition to the four messaging apps Facebook already features.

    Facebook Mobile Ads Increase Revenue

    Fueled by strong demand for mobile advertising, Facebook extended its hot streak in the second quarter, gaining on its chief competitor, Google, and positioning itself as a top player in digital advertising. The giant social network scorched analyst estimates for the ninth straight quarter. Facebook grew revenue 61% and more than doubled second-quarter profit while making even more money from ads targeted at users on mobile devices, sending shares to record highs in after-hours trading on Wednesday.

    The post Snapchat Partners With MTV While Facebook Makes “Big Plans” | #SYSK appeared first on Ignite Social Media.

    Social Media Today: Local Marketing Gets A Toy
    Yelp is ten years old and they gave everybody else a gift to celebrate, a new toy called Yelp Trends. Now I know it’s a serious tool because it is a decade of data, but is it fun.
    Social Media Today: Digital Marketing Technology
    If there is one powerful outcome from the advancement of technology it would be marketing. Gone are the days of running an ad in the local paper and wondering if anyone saw it.
    Social Media Today: Deathwatch: Social Media Innovation is Not Dying
    In the late 90s, some organization declared the World Wide Web over. The prediction of the web’s demise was based on the decline in the number of press releases announcing the launch of a new corporate website.
    Social Media Today: How To Build Brand Awareness Through Internet Marketing
    There are many channels (like social media, search engines, blogging, etc.) when it comes to building brand awareness and marketing your products and services on the Internet.
    Social Media Today: What If Walls COULD Actually Speak?
    “If these walls could speak…” The phrase invokes wonder and horror, depending on who you are, and what may have happened within the walls in question. Surprisingly, we’re now at a place in history where we can envision a time where the walls might actually be able to speak. And the imagination of this scenario invokes utopian and dystopian visions of what the extreme scenarios might be.
    Social Media Today: 6 Steps to Filling Big Brands’ Real-Time Marketing Shoes

    The first brands that come to mind these days when many of us think of real-time marketing are FIFA World Cup-related and the Oreo Super Bowl tweet. But those are big real-time marketing shoes to fill, especially when the national and global events that inspired them don’t happen every day. However, we don’t have to walk in their big shoes to leverage opportunities at just the right time, with just the right message, and befitting our customers’ personal values.
    Social Media Today: Socially Stephanie: Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
    "Dear Socially Stephanie, I have a great idea, but the problem is I don't have enough money to start my business. I was thinking about doing a crowdfunding campaign. Do you have any tips to help me make my campaign a success?"
    Social Media Today: What Brands Can Learn from the Best and Worst World Cup Tweets
    The World Cup was the most tweeted about event in Twitter's history, with hundreds of big businesses attempting to use the tournament to help market their brand. But what can smaller businesses learn from the best, and the worst, of those tweets?
    MediaOrchard: Idea Grove Named Finalist in Golden Bridge Awards

    Less than a week after winning four International Best in Biz awards, Idea Grove is a finalist in two categories in the 2014 Golden Bridge Awards, an annual awards program that recognizes achievements from companies around the world. Idea Grove …

    The post Idea Grove Named Finalist in Golden Bridge Awards appeared first on IdeaGrove.

    Ignite Social Media: #NBASitcoms Is My New Favorite Hashtag

    The NBA is certainly winning this summer. Even during the off-season the Association has been a huge topic of conversation, in no small part due to LeBron James. Yesterday, many of the Association's teams started to spontaneously engage in a hashtag known as #NBASitcoms. For any NBA fan, it was amazing to say the least.

    Atlanta Hawks

    The Atlanta-based crew from NBA on TNT  loved to poke fun at players and coaches. Lobbing this old joke their way was a nice touch.

    What better sitcom to reference a deadly three-point shooter?

    Dallas Mavericks

    Using Dirk Nowitski's name in word play never gets old...


    Denver Nuggets

    How could you use names Danilo Gallinari, Randy Foye, and Tywon Lawson? Like this:

    and this:

    and this:

    Golden State Warriors

    When you've got a duo called "The Splash Brothers," there's only one reasonable #NBASitcom. 

    And when you've got a player named Draymond Green, you might be legally obligated to make this pun.

    Milwaukee Bucks

    That moment when you don't have to modify a player or show's name at all and it works perfectly.

    A somewhat under-the-radar player (Giannis Antetokounmpo, from Greece known as the Greek Freak for his freakish athleticism) and a somewhat under-the-radar show (Freaks and Geeks) combine.

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    This might be the only time in Gorgui Dieng's career that his name is perfect for a pun.

    New Orleans Pelicans

    Jrue Holiday... Jrue... two... I think you get the idea. 

    Philadelphia 76ers

    The only player to ever score 100 points in a single game and a sassy red head? I'd watch it.

    What should you watch this Fall? I think I have The Answer (see what I did there?).

    Phoenix Suns

    I would really like to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this one.

    San Antonio Spurs

    Fittingly, as the Spurs were this season's champions, they also were the winners of #NBASitcoms. How in the world did someone figure out how to cleverly use names like Kawhi Leonard and Marco Belinelli? I'll never know.

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    Social Media Today: Are Social Media Teams Shrinking or Changing?
    Have you noticed that there is a changing in the role of the dedicated social media team in today’s digital marketing landscape? What is happening to our social media teams? Are they shrinking, or are they just changing?
    Social Media Today: Content Discovery Smackdown: Hootsuite vs. Buffer vs. Klout
    Content discovery has become so important that tools once used for other purposes have now integrated this feature into their offerings. Three of these tools that we’re going to explore today include Hootsuite, Buffer and Klout.
    Social Media Today: 5 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Boost Your Social Media Campaigns
    What’s the deal with explainer videos? Are they useful for the current social media generation? Could they actually be your greatest social media marketing tool? Around seven years ago, blooming social networks were the “it” thing among online business experts. Almost every company was wondering and evaluating how far could they reach their goals with social media marketing.
    Social Media Today: Should Brands Abandon Facebook?
    Should Brands Abandon Facebook? My answer to this rhetorical question is yes - unless you are willing to rethink your Facebook strategy and spend money to sponsor your company page posts. While you do not have to spend a large sum of money, my experience has shown that Facebook organic reach is rapidly diminishing and it is almost not worth the effort to continue with the "free lunch" approach.
    Digital Buzz Blog: Meet ‘Sense’ The Ultimate Sleep Tracker
    This Kickstarter project from the guys at ‘Hello’ has raised over $700,000 in 48 hours which pretty much breaks all records to date. Introducing Sense, the smart object and mobile app that helps track your sleep and the environment around you. Sense detects temperature, noise, light and movement among other things to help provide the [...]
    Social Media Today: Social Network vs. Online Community: What Is the Difference?
    Underneath the large, all-encompassing term of social media, there are two types or sub-categories: Social Networks and Online Communities. Both have their perks and common uses, but what really are they and who should be using them? Here’s the breakdown.
    Social Media Today: Why SEO Basics Are Not Enough
    The truth is that good SEO is often not a basic process. With Google’s ever-changing algorithms, there are new considerations all the time, so the basics might not bring you the results you seek.
    Social Media Today: The Importance of Comments
    If you have a business blog that people read and comment on, you have a real-time focus group. If you answer the comments quickly, a conversation happens. People who read that conversation feel attached to your business because they got interested in your story, and that story is being told in the dialog of the comment section.
    Social Media Today: 7 Website Tips to Attract More Shoppers to Your Pages
    You’ve probably invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the creation of your store’s website, but if no one knows about your site, how can they possibly buy from you? Here are the seven website tips for attracting shoppers to your website.
    Ignite Social Media: Social Fresh East 2014 Recap and Key Takeaways for Brands

    Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Social Fresh East 2014 in Orlando, FL. I enjoyed the setup of the conference and I felt like the speakers kept the audience engaged in the 30-minute single sessions. Topics ranged from social storytelling to helpful social tools to how to brainstorm. However, these were my top 3 key takeaways: community is at the core of social, content is key, and we need to find reliable reach.

    Social Fresh East 2014

    Community is at the Core of Social

    In several sessions, speakers touched on the importance of building communities in social. David Spinks defined community as a “strong sense of belonging.” In order to have a community, Spinks said you need three things: 1) People 2) Product and 3) Platform. Once the community has been developed, the most important goal is to learn from them and adapt. Jessica Gioglio, of Dunkin’ Donuts, continued this message saying that it is important to put fans first in order to create a sense of community. At Dunkin’ Donuts their fan-first strategy is executed by embracing them as storytellers, looking to them for inspiration and adding value through personalized content and promotions. As a brand on social, it is important to keep the community at top of mind when developing both content and campaigns.

    Content and More Content

    Content was a consistent theme throughout Social Fresh this year. Carrie Kerpen opened the conference advocating for social media marketers to own their content. Kerpen emphasized that owned content does not just live on your social properties and that content needs to add value to your community. Content, with a focus on visual appeal, was the topic of Jason Miller’s speech. Miller emphasized the importance of visual content by saying, “the visual is the new headline.” He went on to say that visual language aids in decision-making, visual is more persuasive, visual connects emotionally, and visual makes for an overall longer impression than text. Throughout the development of social content, it is important that brands are telling a visually-appealing story that fans will want to share.

    The Need for Reliable Reach

    In a fantastic closing speech, Jay Baer stated that total reach has lost its relevance and that we need to move toward reliable reach. He defined reliable reach as “the ability to send a message to someone who wants to receive it.” Baer said in order to achieve reliable reach we need to change our approach on social. In the past, we have taken a unique editorial approach to each channel, what Baer calls the “Rifle Approach,” but given the decrease in reach on major social platforms, Baer is promoting the “Shotgun Approach.” The strategy behind this approach means sending messages on multiple platforms for broader distribution. Baer says that brands need to give their audience multiple touch points through more content in more places. Given this new approach, Baer states that we need to change the metrics we are reporting on. He says we should be looking at the total connections across all channels and the average number of connection points per customer. Overall, Jay Baer’s Rifle vs. Shotgun Approach is one that every brand on social should take into consideration when developing their strategy.

    What are your thoughts on my key takeaways from Social Fresh East? Will you be implementing them into your social media strategy?

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    MediaOrchard: Newsjacking: Traditional PR Tactic Gets Jacked Up

    In the first post in this series we outlined the growing trend of marketers using traditional PR tactics to strengthen their inbound marketing strategies. Today, we’re discussing newsjacking, which is a prime example of this trend.

    Newsjacking Builds Buzz Around

    The post Newsjacking: Traditional PR Tactic Gets Jacked Up appeared first on IdeaGrove.

    Social Media Today: Content Marketing Minds: Ingredients of the Tastiest Content [Nutrition Label]
    There’s too much content. Someone had to say it. Someone did. Mark Schaeffer, a respected author, professor, consultant and leader in the field penned “Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy.” Schaeffer opined the supply of content has surpassed demand. Mark warned, “Content shock is coming and I believe we are beginning to enter the danger zone now.”
    Social Media Today: Social Startups: HelpAround Lets Healthcare Providers, Brands, and Retailers in on the Diabetes Patient Discussion
    “Research has shown that peer support drives medical outcomes,” says Yishai Knobel, CEO and co-founder of HelpAround, the first mobile platform for people with diabetes—and their friends, family, and caregivers. “Yet there hasn’t been a healthcare industry after-care solution that helps patients by connecting them to each other. We harness the superior trust, empathy, and camaraderie within the diabetes patient community, allowing members to discover peers who truly ‘get it.’”
    Social Media Today: 5 Reasons People Aren't Reading Your Content
    You’ve got good content, but nobody’s reading it. Find out why people aren't reading your content and get more eyeballs with these tips.
    Social Media Today: How to Build a Relationship, Not Just a Content Promotion Strategy
    A successful content promotion strategy relies on you to create and share content that truly addresses the needs of your customers. Forget about what you’re selling and focus instead on what information your customer needs to make smart purchase decisions and how she finds and consumes content. Create that content and make it available to your target customers to build trust and develop strong relationships.
    Social Media Today: The New Rules of Social: Mobile First & Pay to Play
    We’re halfway through 2014 and it goes without saying that a lot has happened this year in social. We’ve all been witness to these as they’ve happened. To go over every thing that has taken place would take more than just a blog post. So where is social leading us from here?
    Social Media Today: The 4 Essential Truths of Brand Advocacy
    As professionals, we don’t always have time to read all of the posts about brand advocacy and pull out insights — luckily for you, I’ve made it an essential part of my week to do just that. So, I’ve pulled together a list of 4 truths you absolutely need to know about brand advocacy.
    Social Media Today: Is Google+ the Antisocial Network?
    While there may be a subculture of Google+ zealots who treat Google+ like a forum instead of a social network, the majority of people who love Plus are using it, according to Michael Reynolds, as a “source of content, inspiration, and communication” – more like a reader, a place to keep up with mentors, creators, influencers, and thought leaders. For most, Google+ is an antisocial network.
    Social Media Today: Pioneering Women in Blogging: A Talk With Elisa Camahort Page
    As a co-founder of BlogHer, Camahort Page has helped grow the world of women blogging from niche and fragmented, to comprehensive and collective. And the events the organization’s hosted, have evolved into ‘must be there’ celebrations.
    Social Media Today: Why You Shouldn't Buy Facebook Likes
    Should a business buy Facebook likes? With so many companies promising 1,000 Facebook likes for $50, it's sometimes hard for a business to know if this is a scheme, or not. After reaching out to some of the biggest names in social media, as well as doing some in-depth research on the topic, we've given the definitive answer on why buying fans is unethical and ineffective.
    Social Media Today: Rethink Social Media ROI
    A recent report states that only 34% of us think our measurement of social’s impact is accurate, which means we have a lot of work to do to validate value to the C-Suite. This post explores a few ways to begin rethinking return on investment when it comes to social-driven programs.
    Social Media Today: 5 Signs You're Heading for a Social Media Disaster
    Anyone on a social network can be an influencer and have the potential to cause a viral backlash, especially when it relates to a blunder in a company’s post. So, how do you know if your business is on the right track or just “doing it wrong”? If your company is carrying out one or more of the following tactics, you might want to reassess your strategy or start preparing for a social media fallout.
    Digital Buzz Blog: Volkswagen: Introducing The New VW.com Site
    Ok so it’s not exactly brand new, but you’ve probably not seen the video for the new VW.com site. Volkswagen has rethought the entire online car shopping process and built the new vw.com with inspiration from dating sites. With the vision that finding the perfect car shouldn’t be as hard as finding the perfect date. [...]
    Social Media Today: Social Advocacy & Politics: Organize Your Colleagues First
    You have been tasked with developing a social media program for your campaign or organization and you want to know where to begin. Sure, the obvious first steps are to create you social media channels (which, of course, includes coming up with a message strategy and name for your Twitter account, Facebook page, and any other channels you decide to create). But once you have your brand channels and message strategy in place, it is time to start building your core social media community. Most people will start looking outward to do this, but I suggest you start by focusing inward and organize your colleagues.
    Social Media Today: Why You Need a Social Media Management Company
    Most business owners understand the importance of a social media presence but often cite three reasons why they don’t spend as much time on it as they should.
    Social Media Today: 3 Security Risks You’re Taking Every Day While Using Social Media
    Social media is everywhere these days. What started as an amusing online pastime is now one of the main ways in which people communicate with one another. However, as should be expected with over 2 billion people using a service, with the increased popularity of social media has also come increased risks.
    Social Media Today: New Facebook Save Feature Helps You Remember Great Posts
    How many times have you seen something interesting on Facebook only to forget what it was or who posted it later on? Now you can spare yourself this anguish with the help of a new Facebook save feature, which will help users keep interesting, important and memorable posts in their back pocket for future use.
    Social Media Today: 6 Examples of Social Media Improving People's Lives
    Social media websites have changed the way the people around the world interact with each other. No longer confined to traditional means of communication, people now can quickly access information and spread news simply by logging onto their favorite social networking site. This is especially helpful for those organizations whose missions are to help improve the global community through service and education.
    Ignite Social Media: The One Twitter Trick You Should be Using but Aren’t

    So you clicked? Yes! The good news is that unlike 99% of articles that share a title like the one above, this one is actually going to be worth your precious click. I’m here to teach you a Twitter trick that almost no one knows. Here’s a hint, it has to do with something that was formerly only available via paid Twitter products and is now FREE. Not a typo -- $Free.99.

    What is this magical free trick? Twitter cards: Specialized content cards that do everything from encourage app downloads, to collect email addresses. Probably one of the most underrated and most useful pieces of functionality on the platform. Now free in a tweet near you.

    Here’s how you take advantage of this new tool.

    Step 1: Visit Ads.Twitter.Com

    Ads Management Interface

    Welcome to your ads management interface. Usually this platform is used for purchasing and scheduling promoted Twitter products like tweets, accounts, and trends. The good news is, we aren't spending any money. So let’s get to the free stuff.

    Step 2: Navigate to the “Creatives” tab

    Creatives Tab

    The Creatives tab is where you compose tweets when you’re creating a paid campaign. It's also where you will build cards to use in your organic/non-paid tweets. Bonus Tip: You can also schedule tweets from this page by composing a tweet not connected to a campaign, budget, and payment source. As you can see in the top left corner below “Creatives” I have one card already created. It’s for my personal blog Leather, Oak, and Smoke (check it out if you like babes and bourbon).

    Step 3: Pick Your Card Type


    There are four card types that you’ll have access to through the ads manager. They are Lead Generation, Website, Basic App, and Image App. Each serves a different purpose as I’m sure you’ve guessed by their names.

    Let’s take a look at the basic set up for each card.

    Lead Gen Card

    Lead Gen Card

    For lead generation it is important to note that you must have a privacy policy published on the web that you can link to. This is required for this card. Lead generation cards will collect the name and email address of the twitter profile the user is logged in under when they click the “call to action” button.  As users submit their information, you can collect it as a downloadable CSV file. There is some opportunity to incorporate into CRM systems as well, but that requires additional work on the back end.

    Website Card

    Website Card

    The website card set up will look very similar to the lead gen card except it will have a website URL and headline field instead of privacy policy and fallback URL. This is a clean and effective way to drive traffic to your website and requires no additional coding or back end work.

    Basic App Card

    Basic App Card

    The Basic App download card is a little more technical. This card requires app id’s for Apple’s app store or Google Play. The card will also request a deep link for the app. This is to allow the install button to send users who have already downloaded and installed the app directly to the app. In the Basic App card you will only be able to publish the app icon for your app and the default call to action to install. This will instantly send the user to install your app.

    Image App Card

    Image App Card

    The Image App Card has the same basic function as the Basic App Card, but also allows you to include an image from your app. It’s especially useful for apps that are highly visual and may be more detailed.

    Now that you’ve built your card what do you do? Start tweeting! Your card creative will always be saved under the “Creatives” tab of your ads manager. From there, you can edit your current card or create new cards.

    It’s important to note that in order to use your Twitter cards you must tweet through the compose function on ads.twitter.com

    New Tweet

    Notice that the Tweet user interface is different. You have deliver, promotion, and scheduling options. You also have the option to include a card in your tweet. Bonus Tip: Twitter cards use 23 characters be sure to plan your tweet copy accordingly.

    Once you’ve selected your card within your tweet, it will appear as a link in the tweet dialogue box. Note that this link will not appear in the live tweet as only acts as a place holder within the tweet dialogue box.

    Here is an example of a Website Card

    Website Card Example

    Now that I’ve armed you with a great Twitter trick get out there and use it! It can drive increase clicks and help grow your email list. Both of those things can lead to increased sales. Who doesn’t want that?!

    If you have questions or want to know more tweet to me at @johnpatterson85. I’m always happy to tweet with cool people!

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    Social Media Today: The Great Debate: How Does Social Word of Mouth Influence Purchasing Decisions?
    A majority of Americans said they're not influenced by social media, yet marketers persist. What's the answer to the Social Word of Mouth debate?
    Greg Verdino: Taking the Long View of Near-Term Change

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    Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

    Social Media Today: 5 LinkedIn Features You Might Have Missed
    LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, a place to have an online resume, connect with people from your industry or potential employers, and read relevant news. Most people only use LinkedIn's main features, but the social media platform also has very useful ones, sometimes hidden or not as much promoted to its users, who are therefore missing on very useful functionalities.
    MediaOrchard: Idea Grove Brings Home Four International Best in Biz Awards

    We are honored to win four awards in the 2014 International Best in Biz Awards, including the Silver Award for PR Agency of the Year.  Winners in the global competition are determined by industry analysts and members of the news …

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    Social Media Today: Secrets Revealed: How Businesses Turn Around Sales by Harnessing Facebook Business Page
    Facebook have over 1 billion active users and increasing. So, it is important for all size and type of businesses to have a Facebook Business Page to reach to their target audience and promote their products/services as part of their social media marketing strategy. But why has it turned into a phenomenon? The euphoria can be very much compared to the mood at the onset of the internet era, when brick-n-mortar businesses strive to create an online presence.
    Social Media Today: Social Media Stock: Does Janet Yellen Have a Point?
    The Federal Reserve has spoken out about social media companies, noting their inflated position on the market. Is she correct, or is the government too slow to embrace new technologies?
    Social Media Today: Save Time: Schedule Your Message Across Multiple Social Networks
    When it comes to social media, the biggest turn off for businesses is that it takes too long. I always find people asking me after one of my talks about social media how I find the time in my day to spend on social and my answer is always the same; I only spend 20 minutes on my social media a day. Here are the tools I use to help me schedule my social content every week.
    Social Media Today: The Big Brand Theory: Cosmopolitan
    While Facebook and Twitter have been the predominant platforms for Cosmopolitan, the brand has also experienced some success on other platforms. Benson says, "I think all of our networks as having their own personality. Different things perform better or in different ways on different networks.
    Social Media Today: What's Social Got to Do With It?
    We're trying to find out what value social media and business skills can have for your career. We'll be announcing the results at The Social Shake-Up 2014.
    Social Media Today: Does Your Organization’s Social Needs Mean You’re Always Alone?
    Ultimately, a holistic approach to social media monitoring evidence will overcome barriers in providing the right information to the right stakeholders and at the same time help solve complex operational and department-related issues. While cost-cutting and budgetary requirements may make us feel that we are alone, if we spend more holistically, our businesses can operate in a more balanced way.
    Digital Buzz Blog: Dove: When You’re Smiling Installation
    This is a simple little piece for Dove, activated at an awards night, where people would view themselves in a magic mirror which captured their smile and printed a photo only once the smile was big enough. Users were prompted ‘When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?’ to trigger the engagement before [...]
    Social Media Today: 5 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies
    My friends who worked as Facebook managers were literally panicked. I will not speak with you in this article about leaving Facebook and investing in Instagram or Twitter, but I will share with you 5 marketing plans that you can follow or train your staff to do to achieve a higher rate of organic reach.
    Social Media Today: Tips to Thank and Reward your Social Media Audience
    Rewarding your audience is an excellent way of demonstrating you care for them and you appreciate the vital role they play in your success. Though it may seem obvious, acknowledge them! Here are some ideas that may help you reward your audience so they continue to feel appreciated.
    Social Media Today: 4 Simple Ways to Harvest Reviews From Happy Customers
    Many businesses worry about customers posting negative reviews online and the impact those negative reviews may have on their business. While this is a legitimate concern, a bad review is far more powerful when there are no good reviews online to out weigh the bad.Today, business owners who want to have a say in how their business is reported online MUST be proactive in managing what is being said about them online.
    Social Media Today: Digital Communities: 5 Ways to Determine Purpose
    Far too often, brands and marketers take the time to create social media accounts “just because.” It’s easy to look around and to see that everyone is on social media.
    Social Media Today: How to Avoid Content Clutter
    Great content is a top way to get in Google’s favor today. But with all the content variations you could and should publish, how do you correctly sort?
    Social Media Today: JerkTech: The Unacceptable Face of Technology?
    The key point about JerkTech, is that they corner the market in publically available resources and then charge people for the privilege of using them.
    Social Media Today: Celebrate Your Social Media Successes, but Don't Forget that Community Trust is the Key
    In June the Baltimore Police Department hit a milestone on Twitter, reaching 50,000 followers. In celebration of this, they released a video thanking the community.
    Social Media Today: Why Marketers Love Big Data & Hadoop
    In the past advertising and marketing was pretty straight forward. Girls like pink and boys like blue. Women belonged in an apron and men in the garage. Furthermore, the power was in the hands of businesses rather than those of the consumers. Thankfully, the cultural and digital revolution changed everything we once knew about advertising.
    Social Media Today: 5 Way to Get More Reach for Facebook Fan Page
    Companies are in a tizzy these days because the content on their Facebook Pages are reaching less people. A current study estimated that brand posts on Facebook are generally seen by about 6% of page’s fans, and that number is anticipated to fall additionally this year. The decline has developed an increasing stress between brands, which have actually used social media free of cost marketing for a years, and Facebook, which is attempting to enhance its growing advertising and marketing business and manage a deluge of content from individual clients and Pages. One company went so far regarding “break up” with Facebook due to its page’s decreasing reach, which generated a “sorry I’m not sorry” feedback from the social network.
    Social Media Today: Hire a Journalist to Tell and Sell Your Story
    Social journalism, a new term, which describes professional storytelling of brands by writers and journalists, is taking root in business. As the print media industry continues its downward demise, opportunity remains for many journalists in the social marketing field. Social marketing can be extremely rewarding work for storytellers.
    Ignite Social Media: Twitter, Walmart Find New Uses for Social Data | #SYSK

    Twitter Launching “Everyday Moments” Data Visualization Tool

    While initially available only to UK marketers, Twitter will eventually allow anyone to use their new “Everyday Moments” tool. The tool maps the country and lets marketers dig in to see the prevalence of certain words (such as happy, sad, pub) by time of day during a given week. The theory is that marketers will be able to better target their tweets based on what people are thinking about. The real value, as MediaPost points out, maybe that “real-time” becomes predictable rather quickly, allowing brands to schedule “real-time” posts well in advance. Seems logical to me.

    Walmart Has a New System to Buy Media – And Will Buy It for Their Suppliers Too?

    Walmart wants to apply even more data than ever before to media buying. Think of the potential value of optimizing ads based on real-time sales data and real-time social media data. Again, seems logical. What’s interesting is that Walmart has apparently told 200 of their suppliers (such as P&G and Samsung, according to Walmart’s CMO) that they want to do the media buying for them using this system as well. It’s not clear how the financial relationship would work between Walmart and suppliers, but it’s another sign of how important data is becoming to media optimization.

    French Court Fines German Blogger Because Review Ranked Too High in Google

    According to SearchEngineLand, a French court fined a blogger around $3,000 and ordered changes to a restaurant review, not because the review was false or misleading, but because the review ranked too high in Google and was costing the restaurant business. The bloggers high level of influence was cited as a problem in the decision. While the First Amendment would prohibit such a ruling in the US, I can easily picture a rise of suits here against bloggers for damages based on slander or defamation. Watch for that. Careless, incendiary bloggers may think anything goes, but no laws were appealed when the Internet was created.

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    Social Media Today: Is Content Marketing Right for You?
    We’ve been blogging about how effective content can be for a company. But there’s a lot of opinions out there on this marketing method, so how can you be sure that it’s right for you?
    Social Media Today: How to be a Resource to your Clients and Network
    One of the realizations I came to early on in my consulting practice was that I could not be everything for my clients, nor could I provide every service or product to my clients.
    Social Media Today: B2B Appeals that Motivate Action
    Napoleon Bonaparte said, “There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear.” These are indeed the two master motivators, and all others are subset of these behavioral drivers.
    Social Media Today: Cloud and Software Subscriptions Transform the Market
    Most CIOs would prefer to be freed from the burden of managing software license compliance. It's one of the primary reasons why open source software subscriptions are appealing.
    Social Media Today: Socially Stephanie: The Social Media Content Funnel
    "Dear Socially Stephanie: I understand that social media isn't a quick fix. But what does the social media funnel look like and how long do I have to be active for?"
    Social Media Today: The Kinds of Photos Instagram Followers Want to "Like"
    Don't post that #WCW or office selfie! Take a few notes on these kinds of Instagram photos your current and future followers want to see.
    Social Media Today: Growing Business: Marketing Isn't What It Used To Be
    Most of us know already that marketing isn’t what it used to be. But the question is, how is this knowledge impacting how we market our business? Are we relying exclusively on traditional marketing methods to build our brand? If we have a website and are on social media, are these helping or hindering our business? Ask yourself these 8 questions to get a sense of how you're doing.
    Social Media Today: When Marketing Goes Wrong
    Content and social media marketers have a lot to manage, from content creation to engaging followers. Throughout this process, there is a lot of room for error.
    Ignite Social Media: Pittsburgh Mayor Hosts Quite Possibly the Best Reddit AMA Ever

    One of the best advantages of social media is that it gives everyone a voice. People everywhere want their opinions to be heard and that is especially important in local government. Yesterday, the mayor of Pittsburgh and his staff hosted a Reddit AMA session. It's one of the best executed AMAs I've seen in quite some time. Why? Read on.

    Mayor's Night On(line) AMA

    Starting this year, Bill Peduto, the Mayor of Pittsburgh, has been holding several "Mayor's Night Out/In" events where he speaks directly to the public. Yesterday, he hosted "the first... AMA with government leaders... in reddit history" in an online version of his public forum. It was incredibly well-executed for several reasons.

    Pittsburgh Mayor Reddit AMA


    The mayor could have easily done a generic AMA and fielded questions from all Reddit users about what it's like being the mayor and his stance on a variety of political issues. But that would've entirely missed the point of what Mayor Peduto is trying to get out of these forums. He wants to interact with the residents of his city and talk about issues that are affecting them and ones that he potentially has the power to change. Hosting the AMA within the /r/Pittsburgh subreddit might not seem like a big deal, but it's a simple characteristic of this program that changes it from an interesting Q&A to democracy in action.


    The staff was clearly prepared for this AMA. Each member of the government had their own Reddit account and all were verified by the Pittsburgh subreddit moderators. This made it very easy for people asking questions to know who their answers were coming from and that the answers originated from a legitimate, knowledgeable source. Based on the staff members' answers, they were also properly educated in how to interact with Redditors.

    Thoughtful Answers

    When it comes to AMAs, one of my biggest pet peeves is the host giving either short or canned PR answers (cough cough Woody Harrelson cough cough). The mayor and his staff took time to actually read the questions and give thoughtful answers. Often several staff members would answer the same question, all giving unique information and insight. Some of the answers also indicated the issues were being addressed immediately.

    Reddit AMA Answer


    As one Redditor pointed out, "There were even some questions/suggestions posed that resulted in immediate/direct action (recycling, intersection issues, parking meter issues)." It's one thing to know you have a voice. It's another to know that someone is listening. 

    Reddit AMA Impact

    Keys to Success in a Reddit AMA

    The next time you're thinking about doing an AMA, remember to target the correct demographic, be prepared, and provide thoughtful answers. As part of his sign off, Mayor Peduto wrote, "They say democracy is an experiment - thanks for experimenting with us tonight." As different types of social media grow and change, we all have to experiment with them so that we can learn how to use these networks effectively. We can also look at case studies like this one to see how to do it well.

    If you have the time, please read as much of the AMA as you can. I'm sure you'll learn something pretty incredible from it.

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    Buzz Machine: No silver bullets

    Screenshot 2014-07-18 at 9.55.56 AM
    Lewis DVorkin performed a miracle with Forbes … almost. He almost rescued a dying brand, almost helped get it sold to a new owner, and almost rescued the Forbes family and its no-doubt-regretful investor Elevation Partners. I respect Lewis’ inventiveness and innovation. He has done the best he could with the brand he had.

    But there’s only so much that can be done urgently with old media on the descent. As Steve Forbes himself said announcing the sale of a majority stake in his company to a group of Asian private-equity investors and cataloguing how his business used to be run: “The web has made this way of doing things obsolete.”

    The Times, quoting unnamed sources, says the deal values Forbes at $475 million, but the Financial Times’ John Gapper properly asks:

    Axel Springer, a leading European magazine publisher and digital company, was supposed to be interested in Forbes. But it and other media buyers dropped out early. Forbes had reportedly been hoping to sell the entire company for more than $400 million. That didn’t happen. Whatever the real valuation, given the buy-out of Elevation Partners — which had invested in Forbes in 2006 getting a reported 40% for $250-300 million, valuing the company then at under $750 million — and given the large chunk that Forbes is left with, I’d guess the family got something in the borderline nine figures. Not a deliriously happy ending for the Capitalist Tool, but — as people told me this week when I complained about turning 60 — it beats the alternative.

    When DVorkin returned to Forbes in 2010, where he had been executive editor a decade before, with the purchase of his startup True/Slant, he brought with him what looked like a solution for a dying brand: He used that brand as candy to draw more than a thousand contributors to write mostly for free — the top few traffic attractors can make a decent buck — adding onto the work of a few score Forbes staff journalists. Thus he simultaneously exploded the quantity of content Forbes could serve while reducing the total cost of content to nearly nil. Now I’m all for media opening up to more voices, but let us acknowledge that not only the price but also the overall quality of Forbes content declined.

    At the same time, the business side, headed by Mike Perlis, used that dying Forbes brand as candy for advertisers: Come appear on Forbes.com with your own pieces labeled “Brand Voice.”
    Screenshot 2014-07-18 at 10.37.24 AM
    I’ve long said that if you have to put a link next to a label saying “what’s this?” then the label clearly isn’t clear enough. This was a pioneering entry into the the so-called native advertising that is now overtaking media everywhere. Just as it was supposed to be the salvation of Forbes it is now supposed to save legacy media.

    Beware the silver bullet. It can backfire.

    The problem in the end for Forbes, I believe, is that the brand became even more devalued. I illustrate this very simply: Now, when I see a link to Forbes on Twitter, I don’t know whether it is going to take me to (1) the good work of a Forbes journalists, (2) the good work of a Forbes contributor, (3) the bad work of one of many Forbes contributors, or (4) the paid and wordy shilling of a Forbes advertiser, e.g.:

    Thus, I hesitate three beats before clicking on a Forbes link. That is the definition of a devalued media brand. And that is precisely what other media companies should fear as they more and more try to fool their readers into thinking that what we used to call advertising is now something else that can comfortably live under brands, enigmatically labeled.

    The real lesson of Forbes is that there are no easy answers and quick solutions for transforming legacy media companies. DVorkin became a key tourist attraction for media executives touring New York. I know because I took many of them to meet Lewis. He generously shared his means and methods. But I also told these executives that the path was not without the peril I just described.

    Media executives are looking for quick fixes still.

    Tablets were going to save them, returning to them the control of user experience and business model the link had taken from them. Hearst Magazines has had some success with tablets. But salvation does not this way lie.

    Pay walls were going to save them, finally recognizing the value of their content online. But as Gannett has learned, after grabbing cash flow the first year, growth stops. No Moshiach there.

    Ad marketplaces were going to save them — or at least let them compete with Google. But programmatic advertising — those ads that follow you all around the web telling you to buy that kayak you looked at once on Amazon — commodify media. They value direct data about a customer over the context media provides — that is, it’s better to show a kayak ad to a kayak buyer than to buy an ad next to a kayak story. This is why I argue in the start of a white paper I’m finishing now that we must shift to a business based on known relationships with people as individuals and communities rather than as a mass.

    Shifting to a relationship and service strategy over a pure content strategy will take not only urgency but also time, with much experimentation and failure and a need for patient capital — likely not the Hong-Kong-based private-equity investors Forbes now has, not the hedge funds that Digital First Media has, not the public owners that Gannett and Time Inc. have. This won’t be easy.

    I’m not saying that DVorkin and Perlis ever thought that what they were doing was easy. But others did. They hoped that Forbes would show the way to a solution for all their problems. Well, so much for that. That way lies the skin of your teeth.

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