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The Earth’s Magnetic Field Keeps This Desktop Jupiter Globe Spinning

8 hours 16 min ago
Jupiter is not only the largest planet in our solar system, it’s also arguably the most stunning. Those massive storms—including that enormous red eye—produce quite an atmospheric show. And as a cheaper alternative to a giant telescope, this tiny desktop-sized version of Jupiter lets you stare in awe at the gas giant when you probably [...]
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This Insane Interactive Album Shows You Every Single Note

8 hours 46 min ago
Electronic music duo George and Jonathan dropped their new record, III, overnight in the form of an interactive website that shows you a visualisation of every single note that’s played on the record. It’s hypnotic. Most of the record plays as a 3D viz of what seems to be the entire timeline of each song [...]
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The Starship Enterprise Looks Great Decked Out in Midcentury Design

9 hours 16 min ago
Subterranean captains’ chairs, rounded counters for flight-monitoring, perfectly-pastels in the crew’s uniforms: Midcentury Herman Miller and Eames furnishings look perfect on the Starship Enterprise. Take a minute to check out these throwback posters and you’ll be daydreaming a Captain Kirk shaking you an out-of-this-world gin martini. [MattWileyArt via Retroist]
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Watch GE Torture-Test Supermaterials in the Most Vicious Ways

9 hours 47 min ago
The heat of an active volcano. A 5,000 lb weight dropped from above. A sandstorm that lasts ten years. These are just some of the ways GE torture-tests the super-strong materials that go into jet engines, wind turbines, and more. And thanks to the company’s fascinating YouTube channel, we get an up-close view of the [...]
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Apple’s Beta Program is Now Open to Everybody

9 hours 47 min ago
Apple’s OS X beta program is now open to everybody. Previously, you needed to be a developer to try out Apple’s latest beta builds.
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This Sci-Fi Helmet Could Give Firefighters Predator Thermal Vision

10 hours 17 min ago
When firefighters have to enter a burning building, much of their job still involves blindly feeling their way through dense plumes of toxic fumes in search of those trapped inside. However, a novel new helmet design could one day give firefighters the ability to see through the smoke and hear beyond the roar of the [...]
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The Scam Hunter: What it’s Like to Track Internet Bad Guys for a Living

10 hours 47 min ago
These days, new malware scams are a dime a dozen. Phony email links, misleading URLs, fake call centres; if you haven’t already stumbled across one yourself, chances are you know someone who has. But what’s stopping all this malicious code from running rampant and turning every last corner of the internet into a kill zone? [...]
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Twitter’s New, Facebook-Style Design is Now Universally Available.

10 hours 57 min ago
Twitter’s new, Facebook-style design is now available to all. If you don’t have the new look already, head on over to Twitter’s new profile page and click the button that says “get it now.” [Twitter via Techblock]
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Every Fireworks Show Should Have a Quadcopter Cameraman

11 hours 16 min ago
Fireworks look awesome from the ground, but have you ever wished you could be inside them? Probably not because that’s verifiably insane, but this quadcopter footage shows off how great the view is from up there. Filming fireworks with a quadcopter isn’t an entirely novel idea, but we’ve never seen one fly quite as close [...]
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Seven Robots So Creative That They Almost Seem Human

11 hours 47 min ago
Can robots be artistic? You’re darn right they can! With a (significant) nudge from their flesh-and-blood creative counterparts, these machines produce work that’s technically precise with room for personality. Plus, they’re totally mesmerizing to watch. None of these really have any anthropomorphic, animatronic appeal—at first glance, they don’t look like they’ve got much soul—but a [...]
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How to Mould a Brain

12 hours 16 min ago
Our brains are inherently plastic, and can be easily shaped to change our behaviour. In this video Crash Course looks at the history of psychology to explain how possible to mould our grey matter. Kicking off with Pavlov and his bells and then taking a deep dive into some of the most controversial psychology experiments [...]
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Nest Thermostats are Available on Google Play

12 hours 24 min ago
The now Google-owned Nest thermostat is now available for purchase in the hardware section of the Google Play Store for its regular price of £179. Now where are those Boston Dynamics robots?
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Can Eating Poppy Seeds Really Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

12 hours 46 min ago
When Elaine on Seinfeld failed a drug test after eating a poppy seed muffin back in the 1996 episode “The Shower Head,” the idea that you could fail a drug test after eating poppy seeds took off. Turns out, this wasn’t yet another Hollywood writer invention—you really can potentially fail a drug test if you eat [...]
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A Microwave That Promises to Fry Your Food Without a Drop of Oil

13 hours 17 min ago
Tefal kicked off the “frying foods with minimal oil” trend with its Actifry machine, but who really has room for yet another appliance on their kitchen counter—even if it promises healthier chips and chicken wings? That’s why Samsung has introduced what it calls the Slim Fry feature on its microwaves, adding even more functionality to [...]
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Nine Transportation-Related Jobs That Only Exist in Certain Cultures

13 hours 46 min ago
Would you be willing to get paid to act as a third passenger in a vehicle so the car could drive into a congestion-restricted area? How about signing up to pack people into crowded train carriages? Dress up as a zebra and walk the streets, preventing cars from running red lights? These are actual gigs [...]
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This Vertical Take-Off Drone System is So Versatile

14 hours 17 min ago
Drones are getting pretty advanced, and they’re continuing to prove their usefulness. They can do anything from dodge bullets to land on aircraft carriers. And up next is an emerging new class of drones that can take off and land vertically, thanks to the likes of the new Arcturus UAV Jump system. The Jump system [...]
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Take a Sip of a 3,300-Year-Old Danish Beer

14 hours 31 min ago
Wanna get some real beer snob cred? With Egtved Girl’s Brew, you can sneer at your friends’ beers and their “founded in the 1800s” claims to authenticity. Because this beer’s recipe is 3,300 years old. Now that’s a legit brew. Yes, Egtved Girl’s Brew is made from a recipe that dates all the way back [...]
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How on Earth Did Manchester Council Spend Over £130k on iPads Last Year?

14 hours 46 min ago
We’re all very aware that some people tend to go a bit gaga for the latest Apple offering, but at least they’re spending their own money. Not like Manchester City Council which, as it turns out, managed to spend over £130,000 of taxpayers’ money on 349 iPads in the 2013/14 financial year — a 543 [...]
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Help Record the Sound of Our Planet to Celebrate Earth Day

15 hours 1 min ago
Our planet fizzes and crackles with a rich cacophony of sounds—but it constantly changes over time. Now, a team of scientists want to record the noises that surround us each and every Earth Day—which just happens to be today—to see exactly how it alters over time. Led by Bryan Pijanowski, the idea is to enlist [...]
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Report: Amazon’s Whacky 3D Phone Will Also Have Gesture Controls

15 hours 16 min ago
Rumour has it, Amazon is cooking up a crazy smartphone with all kinds of customisation, six cameras, and 3D features. Although there isn't a whole lot that's new here, BGR has just posted a deeper dive into what the actual software might look like, the most notable part of which is a whole host of tilt-activated gesture controls.
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