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Thelma Jones – 1978 – Thelma Jones

Mon, 2014-07-07 16:38

Rip and Research by Mr.Moo Posting and additional info’s by Nikos The first album from Thelma Jones – and a real standout set from mid 70s Columbia! The record is a sweet blend of southern and modern soul, with some fantastic arrangements by Bert DeCoteaux, who also produced the set in a wonderful way that lets Jones retain the deeper qualities of her vocals, but also glide nicely on some warmer modern touches. There’s a really unified feel to the whole record, and tracks are a range of work by 70s song writing greats that include Sam Dees, Leon Ware, Grey & Hanks, and Gamble & Huff. Features the excellent single How Long, her signature tune, the Brad Shapiro produced ballad Salty Tears, and a whole lot of sides overseen by Bert DeCoteaux, the best of which – the mid tempo I Can Dream, and a trio of Sam Dees songs including …

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Marsha Hunt – 1971 – Woman Child

Tue, 2014-07-01 12:06

Review by Mat Schofield By her own admission, Marsha Hunt was maybe not the most technically accomplished of the many female vocalists to make their mark in the 1960′s and on occasion she seemed to overcompensate for inappropriate material by singing in the style of someone trying very hard to get noticed. This collection of songs covering sessions from 1969-1971 is a hotch-potch of bluesy show tunes, swamp rock, Dylan, The Band, Traffic and a brace of songs by the fledgling Marc Bolan. Sometimes she’s backed by strings, jazz musicians, rock stars and sometimes it sounds like its a bit of everything. But like Hunt herself, the whole package gels as a sum of its parts, pulling you back again and again for repeated listens. Whether it’s her unpredictable vocals, the ambitious range of material or the top-notch backing, the whole thing seems to work! Tracks A1 Walk on Gilded Splinters 3.30 …

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