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A Collection of Soul and Funk Gems
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Millie Jackson – 1972 – Millie Jackson

Sat, 2014-07-26 08:12

This Millie Jackson’s tremendous debut album – and the work here is completely different from later records that have her more in a bitchy mode! Here, Millie’s a heartbroken southern diva – right in the vein of Ann Sexton, Doris Duke, or Shirley Brown – and even though the arrangements are done north of the Mason/Dixon line (in New York by Bert DeCoteaux, and in DC by Tony Camillo), the record feels like it was lifted off the pressing plant in Muscle Shoals or Jackson! Tracks A1 If This Is Love 3:37 A2 I Ain’t Giving Up 2:34 A3 I Miss You Baby 2:54 A4 A Child Of God (It’s Hard To Believe)3:37 A5 Ask Me What You Want 2:49     B1 My Man, A Sweet Man 2:30 B2 You’re The Joy Of My Life 3:08 B3 I Gotta Get Away (From My Own Self)2:42 B4 I Just Can’t Stand …

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Darrell Banks – 1968 – Darrell Banks Is Here!

Sun, 2014-07-20 10:07

For my money, one of the most overlooked, underappreciated, “lost” classic albums in just about any genre. Darrell Banks might have hailed from the North, but his voice and style of soul was all South. I mean, he’s got some grit behind his teeth. Not quite the preacher of Otis, maybe not as emotional as Carr, but still as powerful as either – Darrell Banks career was unfairly cut short. He should have made it, he should be important. At the time of writing this review, I haven’t been on a soul music kick in some time, years in fact. I listen to things here and there, but nothing deep. I’m more likely to listen to The Temptations and early Stevie than throw on Johnnie Taylor and OV Wright. Yet for the past couple years, even though my collection of soul albums is vast and underplayed, “Darrell Banks is Here!” …

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