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Updated: 38 min 1 sec ago

Microsoft May Be Readying A New Service Called Sway

4 hours 1 min ago
 A day after news that Apple has turned on its own content delivery network, it has emerged that Microsoft has registered some domain names that use the term CDN — pointing either to Redmond also readying some kind of new CDN service, or possibly a service that will be based around a CDN. Jamie Zoch at Dot Weekly has discovered that Microsoft has registered the domain, along… Read More
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CrunchWeek: Andrew Mason’s New App, Diversity In Tech, And Twitter’s Big Quarter

4 hours 58 min ago
 It’s a warm, relaxed Friday, making it the perfect moment for an episode of CrunchWeek. This week Ryan Lawler, Cat Zakrzewski, and myself sat to discuss the biggest news from the week. What happened? Former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s new app touched down, an interesting diversity report from eBay sat amidst a cadre of predecessors, and Twitter’s massive recent… Read More
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Facebook Takes A Stand With Free Access To Women’s Rights Info In Africa

6 hours 6 min ago
 No one should be denied understanding of their human rights just because they can’t afford a mobile data plan. Now women in Zambia won’t be, as Facebook and’s new app gives them free Internet connection for accessing women’s right resources like MAMA  (Mobile Alliance For Maternal Action), WRAPP (Women’s Rights App), and Facts For Life by… Read More
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Y Combinator Mixes In Smoothie Startup LivBlends

6 hours 8 min ago
 It really didn’t make sense to me why Y Combinator’s Sam Altman let a smoothie delivery service go through his startup incubator. Were the Fresh Mint Immunity and Cafe Mocha Energizer flavors delicious? Yes. But I scratched my head at how the next Jamba Juice had anything to do with tech. Read More
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Eaze Promises Pot Delivery Anywhere In San Francisco

6 hours 12 min ago
 Several states are starting to ease up on marijuana use, or even outright legalizing it. Washington, DC recently decriminalized weed. Like they do in California, people still need a card to take a puff but it’s 100% legal without written permission in both Colorado and Washington State. While many states offer dispensary services, a new SF-based startup, Eaze, promises delivery right to… Read More
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Co-Founder Kathy Chan Steps Back At 137 Ventures, Becomes An Operating Partner At Khosla

7 hours 21 min ago
 137 Ventures, the secondary investment firm that recently raised (naturally) a $137 million second fund, is announcing that co-founder and partner Kathy Chan is stepping back from her full-time role at the firm, although she will continue to be involved as a advisor. Chan will be spending most of her time at Khosla Ventures — a spokesperson for Khosla confirmed that she has joined the… Read More
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Google+ Photos Could Soon Become A Standalone Service Outside Of Google+

7 hours 29 min ago
 It looks like it’s time for some good old conscious uncoupling at Google. First, Hangouts started to take its first steps without Google+ earlier this week and today, Bloomberg reports that the company is also planning to separate Photos from Google+. That rumor has been swirling around for a while and it really wouldn’t come as a major surprise if Google decided that the time to… Read More
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Flappy Bird Returns As A Multiplayer Game… But Only For Amazon’s Fire TV

7 hours 50 min ago
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Unlocking Your Cell Phone In The U.S. Is Officially Legal Again

8 hours 3 min ago
 For the past 2 years, unlocking your cell phone without your carrier’s permission has, for absolutely ridiculous reasons, been illegal in the United States. Not anymore! Read More
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Looks Like HTC Is Building A Windows Phone Version Of Their Best Android Phone

8 hours 41 min ago
 Word around the ol’ rumor mill was that HTC was working on a version of their flagship HTC One (M8) that ran Windows Phone instead of Android, and leaks straight off of Verizon’s own servers seem to confirm it. Read More
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12 Years After Its Debut On Hacked Xboxes, XBMC Changes Its Name To Kodi

9 hours 14 min ago
 Back in 2002, a small group of developers whipped together an app that was meant to turn a hacked Xbox into a full-fledged media player, capable of playing all sorts of video and music content that the Xbox couldn’t handle out of the box. Reasonably, they dubbed the project “Xbox Media Player”. They’ve spent the last decade moving away from that name; today, the last… Read More
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Internet Companies Berate Microsoft’s Recent Loss In Email Privacy Case

9 hours 16 min ago
 Yesterday Microsoft lost its appeal challenging the legal standing of a U.S. Government warrant to command access to data stored abroad. The case, in which U.S. authorities demanded email content of stored on servers in Ireland, has attracted considerable attention in the technology industry. Apple and Cisco filed a joint amicus brief in Microsoft’s favor, among others. Microsoft has… Read More
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This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Xiaomi, Sony, And 3D Printers

9 hours 26 min ago
 This week, we took a hard look at Xiaomi’s movements in the market, as well as the new Sony RX-100 Mark III camera. And as usual, we’re still fascinated with the happenings in the 3D printing world. Read More
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Senior Citizens Are The Latest Group To Protest Tech Commuters

9 hours 40 min ago
 The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency more than tripled fees for tech buses from $1 to $3.55 per stop today. The Agency says the increase is to cover the costs of less than anticipated bus usage. However, this fee increase is not a solution to collective activist groups who would like to stop the shuttle buses from using Muni stops altogether. Multiple groups representing seniors… Read More
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Here’s One Of The First Useful Android Wear Smartwatch Apps

10 hours 26 min ago
 I have a Pebble and really like getting notifications on my wrist. It’s useful to see if it’s an important notification without having to look at your phone every time it buzzes. So that’s why I didn’t see why I should get a heavier watch with a barely acceptable battery life, like the LG G watch. But Capitaine Train‘s new smartwatch app showcases why an Android… Read More
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MakerBot Launches A European Branch

10 hours 48 min ago
 MakerBot wants to take over the world, but you can’t take over the world without leaving home base. This morning, MakerBot announced that they’re formally launching a European arm of their company. It’s called… wait for it… MakerBot Europe. Read More
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Face-On With Philips Norelco’s New Self-Cleaning Electric Razor

11 hours 23 min ago
 I enjoy shaving, but until this point I used a razor that I thought gave me a decent shave. Wary about electric razors, I tried Philips Norelco’s 9700 last night and it gave me the closest shave I’ve ever had. Read More
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JukeDeck Creates Music, Automatic For The People

11 hours 45 min ago
 George Orwell once wrote about “an instrument known as a versificator” which composed words for songs without any human intervention. Heaven knows we are probably close to that with any Justin Bieber song these days, but the music sometimes still requires a human touch. But not any more, if new startup JukeDeck has anything to do with it. JukeDeck creates music automatically. It… Read More
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Phantom Brings Self-Destructing Photos To Facebook, Twitter And More

11 hours 50 min ago
 A new mobile application called Phantom is offering a way to post personal photos and videos to blogs and social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter, which “self-destruct” like they do in Snapchat, while also offering controls that limit the number of people who can view the content, and more. The idea to allow for ephemeral sharing on Facebook and other sites is interesting,… Read More
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Facebook Is Down For Many

12 hours 19 min ago
 Facebook appears to be down right now for many. If you load the website, you will get an error like the one you can see below. The website has been down for around 10 minutes now. Similarly, you get a network error in the mobile apps and your content won’t refresh. Some TechCrunch writers could load the website, but when they clicked on something, they got the error message. So if… Read More
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