Not even on drugs!!

20 Jazz Funk Greats - Tue, 2014-04-15 22:08

(art is Glitched Soup by Evgeny Kiselev.)

Aha! Yes, now this is the stuff. Dance music that has risen from the very sod of the earth!

Some people are getting very excited about Ninos du Brasil having a 12″ out on DFA later this year. Why? Why concern yourself with things that don’t exist yet, when, any second now, a frankly superb slab of pagan cyber-samba – influenced by, among other things, Sepultura – is about to be dropped by Hospital Productions, crushing everything in its path?

Novos Mistérios deserves to kickstart an armada of new scenes. From that album:

Ninos du Brasil - Legioes Des Cupins

We’re not all about roadworks-strength industrial and trepanning techno! It’s OK to dance and feel happy!

Not even on drugs!!

Konono no. 1 – Paradiso

Listen to Legioes Des Cupins back to back with Konono no. 1′s 2004 banger Paradiso, on repeat, until you get so dizzy that you puke.

Ninos du Brasil’s excellent Novos Mistérios LP is forthcoming on Hospital Productions

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Interview: Grum + Human Touch LP

DiscoBelle - Tue, 2014-04-15 15:54

Scottish electronic musician, Graeme Shepherd, better known by his stage name Grum, burst on to the then burgeoning ‘Blog House Electro’ scene in 2007 and injected a heavy dose of Disco and vintage sounds while the likes of Justice, MSTRKRFT and Crookers where dominating the fresh-faced movement. With a debut album that earned comparisons to Daft Punk’s Discovery and Mylo’s Destroy Rock & Roll plus being named iTunes ‘Best Electronic Artist of the Year,’ Grum is no stranger to illustrious accolades.

His sophomore LP, Human Touch is forthcoming (on his own, Heartbeats imprint) and thankfully, I was able to catch up with the man to ask a few questions about the project:

RiCHARD.GEAR: Where are you currently based and where was this album produced?

GRUM: I’m currently based in Glasgow, but I produced most of the album when I was living in Leeds in 2012.

RG: What was the inspiration for this album, could this LP be considered a ‘concept album’? There seems to be heavy parallel’s amongst the track titles (water: ‘Raindrop’ and ‘Tears’, love: ‘Lotta Love’, “Serotonin’ and ‘In Love’, nature: ‘Autumn’, ‘Sunrise’ and “Raindrop’) which would allude to a shared theme.

G: I wouldn’t say there was specifically an idea of a concept but these themes have been inspiring me quite a lot. In a time when dance music was all about the technical side of things (heavy drops, ridiculous bass sounds), I was trying to bring some more spiritual influences back into it. I guess that comes across through these references. That’s really cool you picked up on that!

RG: There is a pronounced, ‘vintage’ sound to the tracks on this LP, was a lot of classic gear used in the studio? If so, what pieces?

G: Honestly there wasn’t that much vintage gear involved apart from some old Roland analogue synths. I was however messing about with multi samples quite a lot from old Yamaha FM gear and the Roland D50, both of which have quite a unique sound which really appealed to me.

RG: The first single from Human Touch, ‘Tears’ has had a pretty successful run, earning spins from Annie Mac and Pete Tong… What’s your reaction been to this? Did you know from the moment you wrote the tune that the reception would be positive?

G: I think it’s very rare to know that your tune will be a success or have a good reaction. Generally I finish most music, think it’s “good enough” or “ok” and then send it to my manager and label and see what everyone’s thinking. Sometimes you can get lost in the moment and think your tune is great while no-one else agrees, although I try to keep these moments as rare as possible.


RG: And is that a nod to Godley & Creme we hear in there?

G: Well spotted. I loved the sample, so happy we managed to clear it.

RG: You’re from Scotland, and in looking at the personnel involved with the forthcoming singles and remixes, there appears to be a host of Scottish talent (Mia Dora, Barrientos, etc). Did you personally select each remixer or was it a fluke to have so many countrymen on-board?

G:Well Kevin Mckay, who runs the label is very hands-on with procuring remixes and has some good contacts with these guys, hailing from Glasgow himself. There’s some really amazing talent up there so I’m happy to be involved with showcasing it to the world. I think Scotland has always had a great dance music scene and some top producers have come from here.

RG: Human Touch is forthcoming on your very own, Heartbeats Recordings. Is there anymore we can expect from this imprint? New signings or is this purely an outlet for your personal work?

G: It was originally started up to release my music but as ever, if any great unsigned tunes get sent in then we’d love to put them out there.

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(oh god if there is a hangover)

20 Jazz Funk Greats - Tue, 2014-04-15 12:14

(art is Lucifer by Francesco Scaramuzza.)

Your birthday has come and gone, and all you’re left with is an ever-accumulating pile of brainshit. Hording every conceivable piece of crap rock trivia in that messy bedroom of a head until your brain threatens to squeeze out through the cracks in your skull like chewing gum.

We are getting old.

“IT’S THOSE PILLS!!!” says Henry Blacker, he could be right. They certainly didn’t help.

“IT’S THOSE FUCKEN PILLS!!” You sing it, Hank.

“<somethingsomething> NINETEEN NINETY-TWO!!”

Ah yes, that was a good year. Young boys. Sega Megadrives for goalposts. Not 1993, though. From then on it was all downhill.

It was all… shit!

I think Sonic 3 was where the rot set in. By Sonic & Knuckles we were on to some serious Poochie/Scrappy Doo committee-designed characters, flogging the dead shark bullshit.


Everybody needs to sing the blues, at some point. Even white men nurturing a mid-30s sub-Fight Club crisis that their life has never turned out like a Use Your Illusion-era GNR video.

Yeah. Where are OUR guitar solos on the cliff top.

Where are our lovingly circling helicopters and aerial tracking shots.

The all-singing, all-dancing crap of The Guardian comments threads…

Henry Blacker – Your Birthday Has Come and Gone

Your birthday has come and gone, friends have long departed, and all you’re left with is guitar strings so slack your knuckles drag along the floor when you hit a chord and a fuzzbox that makes you want to puke.


It is somebody special’s 10th birthday this year. The prickliest, nerdiest, weirdest fucken 10 year old you ever met. 10 in internet years is 100.

Henry Blacker – a superb new West Country noise rock trio (whose debut – Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings – is on tape and LP) comprised of various limbs of Hey Colossus and produced by Tim Cedar of Part Chimp, Penthouse etc and not just a strange, crotchety old man yelling at us in the street at all – have provided the ultimate birthday blues soundtrack, and if there is a hangover – oh god if there is a hangover – then this will make an appropriate noise for slamming one’s head repeatedly against the bathroom tiles to.

Look here they are:


Buy Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings from Riot Season

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[Premiere] Kylie – I Was Gonna Cancel (The Presets remix)

DiscoBelle - Tue, 2014-04-15 08:00

“I Was Gonna Cancel” (written and produced by Pharrell) is the 2nd single to be taken from Kylie’s brand new album “Kiss Me Once” and the single will be released on May 12th.

Australian duo The Presets flips the original into dance pop heaven aided by spaced out synth sounds and a steady beat.

“We have always had the utmost respect for Kylie as a pop star and an Australian Icon. After we DJed for her recently in Sydney she asked us to remix “I Was Gonna a Cancel”. Saying yes was a no brainer.”

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine (Kygo remix)

DiscoBelle - Mon, 2014-04-14 22:36

Proper summer vibes with this remix by Kygo of the Benjamin Francis Leftwich track “Shine”.

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MSCLS ft. Knox – Make It Hot

DiscoBelle - Mon, 2014-04-14 21:32

Our bwoy MSCLS has done it again, this time teaming up with fellow Texan, Knox to produce this creepy little house joint, ‘Make It Hot.’ Spooky strings and a percussive bass-line, chord stabs and pitched down vocal snips that would make DJ Screw proud… durty south fer lyfe, ya’ll!

Free DL as per usual!

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Young Chop (ft. Chief Keef) – All I Care About

DiscoBelle - Mon, 2014-04-14 17:11

All Chief Keef cares about is hundreds, fiftys, and twenties.

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Funk Hunk – Serious EP

DiscoBelle - Mon, 2014-04-14 17:00

Out today on Nude_isco, Denver based edit fiend, Funk Hunk drops a tasty four-tracker of slinky edits destined to inspire tail-feather shaken’ across the land. With a deft scalpel and a dance-floor sensibility, Funk Hunk reworks these forgotten 80′s jams into a collection of serious heaters your DJ crates can’t do without. My pick of the bunch is the version of Junior’s ‘Not Tonight’ with is synth-percussion intro and gangster-lean stomp. Buy it HERE and drop the sun-roof top, this is pure summertime gold, ladies and gents.

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Dummy Mix 205: Mumdance’s Mahraganat Mixtape

DiscoBelle - Mon, 2014-04-14 06:58

UK producer/dj Mumdance went on a journey to Egypt recently where he worked with local musicians from the Mahraganat movement. This mixtape done for Dummy Magazine contains brand new original music from that journey.

“Mahraganat is a contemporary youth style which combines elements of traditional Egyptian folk music with breakneck tempos and basic electronic production tools.”

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Dummy Mix 205: Mumdance’s Mahraganat Mixtape

DiscoBelle - Mon, 2014-04-14 06:58

UK producer/dj Mumdance went on a journey to Egypt recently where he worked with local musicians from the Mahraganat movement. This mixtape done for Dummy Magazine contains brand new original music from that journey.

“Mahraganat is a contemporary youth style which combines elements of traditional Egyptian folk music with breakneck tempos and basic electronic production tools.”

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Modcast #178: Neneh Cherry

DiscoBelle - Sun, 2014-04-13 20:06

Neneh Cherry with ten tracks that have influenced her in this mix/playlist done for Modular’s Modcast series.

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Young Thug – Stoner (Evian Christ remix)

DiscoBelle - Sun, 2014-04-13 17:44

UK producer and Kanye West collaborator Evian Christ with his take on the Young Thug track “Stoner”.

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Quantum 4-track

20 Jazz Funk Greats - Sun, 2014-04-13 16:42

The Lewis album is one of those enduring limited press mysteries whose information vacuum begs 20JFG to fill it.  What is known is that Lewis isn’t the artists real name; he may/may not have been a stockbroker in the 80s; the album came out in 1983.  That’s about it.  The stockbroker pouring his cocaine soul into a an ethereal LP of love songs sounds like something we’d make up, therefore I’m buying it.

The wine bar at the edge of the universe vibe is in full effect throughout thanks to the minimal genius of placing synths over either a torch-song piano or folksy guitar.  It’s Nebraska if Nebraska existed at the loving intersection of human and machine consciousness.

I Thought the World is a love song hiding in plain sight.  Its piano and synth are plaintive in the way music for a lover can be but the lyrics, though right up front, are muttered in just such a way as to be mostly unintelligible. You wonder whether the yearning expressed is for a lover or simply the idea of love, just out of reach to the dislocated Lewis.

If Dean Stockwell had somehow managed to get David Lynch to direct the episode of Quantum Leap where Sam spends the whole time on a beach glimpsing all the lovers from all the leaps — this’d fit right in.

Lewis – I Thought The World of You

The mp3 above was taken from a rip of the original press of Lewis’s album L’Amour.  Light in the Attic are re-releasing this on vinyl on June 24th and you can pre-order it here.

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Wall of Mutilation

20 Jazz Funk Greats - Sat, 2014-04-12 11:13

Pop music, even at its most pedestrian, is an escape from reality and mortality through the super-natural and the super-heroic, like 3-4 minute long capsules of the mythical and the psychedelic. The question is, escape where? Elizabeth opens the wormhole, what lies beyond?

Mainstream pop often provides a stylized and simplified version of reality, where episodes of the day-to-day, in particular romance and our struggle against the tyranny of time are hyper-saturated and magnified, providing an icon for nostalgia and community. No problem with that.

This blog prefers the uncanny, the macabre and the extreme – darker versions of our reality where the bad things that people do are embodied into evil agencies, creatures and conspiracies, which I guess makes us optimists about the nature of mankind, as if evil was something that could be extricated from us, and placed, say in that naughty corner at the centre of infinity (impossible geometries, natch) where Azathoth gnaws in his post-angled chambers to the tune of an invisible piper.

Shadow Shadow weave these two warps together. When we wrote about their Fleetwood Mac vs. Lucio Fulci hit ‘Riviera’ , which also provides the title track for their debut album, we described them as pop icons in a gothic version of our world where people live,  go to the launderette, fall in love, and die (in droves, and very stylishly) as if they were characters in the setting of a Dario Argento film.

Shadow Shadow – Riviera

The rest of the album sees them exploring other aspects of this other reality and the emotions of its people – including politics (Skull Drums), memory (Treasure Island), holidays (Sunset Bending) physics (A Thousand Lost Golf Balls) or memory (1000001). Their approach is a wall of sound where the exact position of each melody, beat and sigh cannot be determined exactly, their lyrics hermetic but hinting at a wider lore (say, unlike the gazing into the fathomless abyss of a weird id which is The Knife’s music), their structure and crescendos those of an Eurovision contest candidate in a world better suited to our inclinations.

As we look for meaning, we fall down the rabbit-hole.

Shadow Shadow – 1000001

Get the album here.

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