idool Selecciones especiales del Banco de Imágenes XIII

Shot Callin - 7 hours 23 min ago
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type='html'>Estoy realmente sorprendido con lo rápido que pasa el tiempo. Pues sin darnos cuenta, ya vamos en el número 13 de nuestra serie 'Selecciones especiales del Banco de Imágenes'. Así que -una vez más-, disfrute de nuestros contenidos y no olvide compartir con sus amigos. Si lo desea, escoja un número para revisar nuestro archivo de fotos.
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Future (ft. André 3000) – Benz Friends (Watchoula)

DiscoBelle - 16 hours 32 min ago

Future asks Andre 3000 to join in on the latest track to emerge from his upcoming album “Honest” (due to drop on April 22nd), “Benz Friends (Watchoula)” is a booming and infectious hit track where both rappers shine.

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Spoek Mathambo – Mama Kollar Oprah (Swedish rap mix)

DiscoBelle - Sat, 2014-04-19 18:24

Spoek Mathambo celebrates that spring has arrived in Malmö with a fabulous mix of Swedish rap.

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Falkman – Ågren (video)

DiscoBelle - Sat, 2014-04-19 09:00

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idool Los animales y su ecosistema (7 criaturas lindas)

Shot Callin - Sat, 2014-04-19 05:52
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type='html'> Para ampliar y descargar las imágenes, haga usted clic sobre ellas.
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Chet Faker – 1998 (video)

DiscoBelle - Fri, 2014-04-18 21:18

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Lykke Li – No Rest For The Wicked (Klangkarussell remix)

DiscoBelle - Fri, 2014-04-18 21:00

Wishing all you readers a happy Easter with this dance pop gem of a remix from Austrian duo Klangkarussell of the newest Lykke Li single “No Rest For The Weekend”.

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Trappmusik – Tribut (video)

DiscoBelle - Fri, 2014-04-18 20:46

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Fitur dan Harga Samsung Galaxy S5 Indonesia

Call Me Mickey - Fri, 2014-04-18 10:18
Samsung Galaxy S5 hadir sebagai perbaikan atas seri sebelumnya Galaxy S4. Bagaimana dengan fitur-fiturnya? Apakah memang terdapat peningkatan dari sebelumnya. Berikut adalah fitur-fitur dan perkiraan Harga Galaxy S5:
Samsung Galaxy S5
S-Health (Fitur kesehatan)

Salah satu fitur Samsung Galaxy S5 adalah monitor denyut jantung yang terletak di bagian belakang bawah kamera. fitur ini dirancang untuk menjadikan kesehatan anda termonitor secara harian. Fitur S Health 3.0 secara umum mendapat perbaikan yang cukup dibanding aplikasi lain yang sejenis. Akan tetapi anda bisa mendapatkan aplikasi yang lebih baik untuk setiap elemen yang menawarkan S Health - misalnya , My Calorie Counter melakukan pekerjaan yang lebih baik mengelola asupan kalori Anda.

Fitur utama S health pada Galaxy S5 adalah monitor denyut jantung yang terletak di bagian belakang ponsel, tepat di bawah kamera dan memberi Anda akses mudah ke denyut nadi Anda setiap kali Anda ingin mengeceknya.

Download Booster

Fitur ini berfungsi untuk mempercepat download aplikasi maupun data dari internet. Anda memiliki 4G tetapi terhubung ke Wi-Fi dan Anda ingin men-download file dari ajaib berbasis cloud dunia internet. Alih-alih hanya menggunakan kecepatan satu, kekuatan mereka digabungkan untuk menciptakan kecepatan yang super. Salah satu kelemahan fitur ini tidak dapat menggunakan Download Booster ketika tidak terhubung ke LTE / 4G.


Layar pada Samsung Galaxy S5 adalah salah satu yang terbaik di pasar dengan fitur terbaik dari ponsel. Layar Full HD Super AMOLED memberikan kecerahan 22 persen lebih tinggi dari Galaxy S4. Samsung memberikan kebebasan pengaturan pada layar Galaxy S5 yang membiarkan anda menemukan keseimbangan yang tepat yang Anda inginkan, dan fitur seperti Beradaptasi Tampilan sangat baik di memastikan bahwa bahkan dalam cahaya terang, layar jelas.

Kecerahan tinggi, ketajaman indah dan reproduksi warna yang lebih baik (katering untuk kebanyakan selera) akan terkesan semua tapi yang paling menuntut standar, dan jika Anda seseorang yang akan menghabiskan sebagian besar waktu melihat layar ponsel Anda untuk film, browsing internet atau hanya membolak-balik foto, opsi 1920x1080 5.1-inch ini adalah yang terbaik di luar sana sekarang.
Harga samsung Galaxy S5 di Indonesia adalah di kisaran 8 jutaan. Termasuk mahal namun sesuai dengan teknologi dan fiturnya yang canggih.
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idool 12 wallpapers de huevos de pascua - Eastern Eggs 2

Shot Callin - Fri, 2014-04-18 03:31
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type='html'>| JPG | 12 IMÁGENES | 1920x1200 | DESCARGAR | MÁS HUEVOS DE PASCUA |

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Solomun – Samson EP

DiscoBelle - Thu, 2014-04-17 20:33

Diynamic boss man, Solomun recently offered up his latest, artist EP in the form of ‘Samson.’ This release see’s a departure for the Hamburg based producer stylistically with a decidedly darker, richer and more ‘techno-based’ sound palette on tap.

Available on Beatport now.

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Discobelle Mix 035: Rush Midnight

DiscoBelle - Thu, 2014-04-17 20:04

The lovely and talented Rush Midnight is on duty this week for our latest mix, and believe us when we say you’re about to get a little emotional. The Brooklyn based producer brings us a sweet and sultry mix filled to the brim with groovy r&b influences and synthy house music. Make sure to preorder his new album coming out May 27th over on iTunes, he’ll also be playing April 30th in NYC at Webster Hall which you can snag tickets to here.


Jessy Lanza – Keep Moving
Rush Midnight – Closer // Azari & III – Manic
Jessie Ware – Sweet Talk // Blood Orange – Time Will Tell
Gorgon City – Ready For Your Love (MNEK)
Doctor Dru – Foolish
Touch Sensitive – Body Shop // Rush Midnight – In Your Room
Storm Queen – Look Right Through
Little Dragon – Paris
Aaliyah – Are Your That Somebody (Rush Midnight Remix)
Azari & III – Hungry For The Power
Jessy Lanza – Against The Wall

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Disclosure – Latch (Lido remix)

DiscoBelle - Wed, 2014-04-16 18:50

This is stunning!

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idool Ciudad de Venecia Italia - Venice Hdr Photo

Shot Callin - Wed, 2014-04-16 05:15
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AppId is over the quota
Para ampliar y descargar este wallpaper, haga usted clic sobre él.Para ver más fotos de Italia, haga usted clic acá.
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Not even on drugs!!

20 Jazz Funk Greats - Tue, 2014-04-15 22:08

(art is Glitched Soup by Evgeny Kiselev.)

Aha! Yes, now this is the stuff. Dance music that has risen from the very sod of the earth!

Some people are getting very excited about Ninos du Brasil having a 12″ out on DFA later this year. Why? Why concern yourself with things that don’t exist yet, when, any second now, a frankly superb slab of pagan cyber-samba – influenced by, among other things, Sepultura – is about to be dropped by Hospital Productions, crushing everything in its path?

Novos Mistérios deserves to kickstart an armada of new scenes. From that album:

Ninos du Brasil - Legioes Des Cupins

We’re not all about roadworks-strength industrial and trepanning techno! It’s OK to dance and feel happy!

Not even on drugs!!

Konono no. 1 – Paradiso

Listen to Legioes Des Cupins back to back with Konono no. 1′s 2004 banger Paradiso, on repeat, until you get so dizzy that you puke.

Ninos du Brasil’s excellent Novos Mistérios LP is forthcoming on Hospital Productions

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Interview: Grum + Human Touch LP

DiscoBelle - Tue, 2014-04-15 15:54

Scottish electronic musician, Graeme Shepherd, better known by his stage name Grum, burst on to the then burgeoning ‘Blog House Electro’ scene in 2007 and injected a heavy dose of Disco and vintage sounds while the likes of Justice, MSTRKRFT and Crookers where dominating the fresh-faced movement. With a debut album that earned comparisons to Daft Punk’s Discovery and Mylo’s Destroy Rock & Roll plus being named iTunes ‘Best Electronic Artist of the Year,’ Grum is no stranger to illustrious accolades.

His sophomore LP, Human Touch is forthcoming (on his own, Heartbeats imprint) and thankfully, I was able to catch up with the man to ask a few questions about the project:

RiCHARD.GEAR: Where are you currently based and where was this album produced?

GRUM: I’m currently based in Glasgow, but I produced most of the album when I was living in Leeds in 2012.

RG: What was the inspiration for this album, could this LP be considered a ‘concept album’? There seems to be heavy parallel’s amongst the track titles (water: ‘Raindrop’ and ‘Tears’, love: ‘Lotta Love’, “Serotonin’ and ‘In Love’, nature: ‘Autumn’, ‘Sunrise’ and “Raindrop’) which would allude to a shared theme.

G: I wouldn’t say there was specifically an idea of a concept but these themes have been inspiring me quite a lot. In a time when dance music was all about the technical side of things (heavy drops, ridiculous bass sounds), I was trying to bring some more spiritual influences back into it. I guess that comes across through these references. That’s really cool you picked up on that!

RG: There is a pronounced, ‘vintage’ sound to the tracks on this LP, was a lot of classic gear used in the studio? If so, what pieces?

G: Honestly there wasn’t that much vintage gear involved apart from some old Roland analogue synths. I was however messing about with multi samples quite a lot from old Yamaha FM gear and the Roland D50, both of which have quite a unique sound which really appealed to me.

RG: The first single from Human Touch, ‘Tears’ has had a pretty successful run, earning spins from Annie Mac and Pete Tong… What’s your reaction been to this? Did you know from the moment you wrote the tune that the reception would be positive?

G: I think it’s very rare to know that your tune will be a success or have a good reaction. Generally I finish most music, think it’s “good enough” or “ok” and then send it to my manager and label and see what everyone’s thinking. Sometimes you can get lost in the moment and think your tune is great while no-one else agrees, although I try to keep these moments as rare as possible.


RG: And is that a nod to Godley & Creme we hear in there?

G: Well spotted. I loved the sample, so happy we managed to clear it.

RG: You’re from Scotland, and in looking at the personnel involved with the forthcoming singles and remixes, there appears to be a host of Scottish talent (Mia Dora, Barrientos, etc). Did you personally select each remixer or was it a fluke to have so many countrymen on-board?

G:Well Kevin Mckay, who runs the label is very hands-on with procuring remixes and has some good contacts with these guys, hailing from Glasgow himself. There’s some really amazing talent up there so I’m happy to be involved with showcasing it to the world. I think Scotland has always had a great dance music scene and some top producers have come from here.

RG: Human Touch is forthcoming on your very own, Heartbeats Recordings. Is there anymore we can expect from this imprint? New signings or is this purely an outlet for your personal work?

G: It was originally started up to release my music but as ever, if any great unsigned tunes get sent in then we’d love to put them out there.

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