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Luxury Cat Dish Bowl

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-04-17 10:40

Your cat is special. You treat them like royalty, so they should have a special dish. This Luxury Cat Dish Bowl is perfect. This silver-plated ceramic luxury cat dish bowl measures 5-inches in diameter and is fit for royalty. Cat royalty of course. It looks like a large can that has been opened for them. […]

Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-04-17 10:28

When geeky data meets geeky info, you get Super Graphic, the visual guide to the various comic book universes that lays down comic book details with scientific-like graphs and charts. Have you ever caught yourself wondering if more zombies or humans die in The Walking Dead or how many different TV shows have starred Batman? […]

A Nightmare on Elm Street Door Knocker Freddy Prop

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-04-17 10:17

Freddy Krueger is one person that I would not want knocking at my door, but if you want him at your door all of the time, this A Nightmare on Elm Street Door Knocker Freddy Prop is for you. This recreation of Freddy Krueger’s glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street is a door knocker. […]

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombie Transit Farm Playset

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-04-17 10:08

If you like your building blocks to have some Call of Duty style, check out this Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombie Transit Farm Playset. You can build a Mega Bloks farm and windmill. With zombies. The playset includes zombie mini-figures with accessories and weapons. You’ve played the video game, now play with this Mega […]

Check Out this Stunning Time Lapse Video of Doha, Qatar

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 10:05

Videographer Michael Shainblum presents us with this spectacular time lapse journey through the bustling city of Doha. The video juxtaposes the ancient sand dunes and historical temples with the thriving metropolis that is now Doha located off of the coast of the Arabian Gulf. The now thriving Middle Eastern city offers an array of architectural styles from ancient mosques and temples to inspirational skyscrapers, while Shainblum's magical portrayal of the city only adds to the appeal. Check out the new time lapse video and see more of Michael Shainblum's work here.


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Star Wars Savage Opress Premium Format Figure

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-04-17 10:00

The Star Wars Savage Opress Premium Format Figure might depict a character that never had the privilege of appearing on the big screen, but the animated Clone Wars series still let everybody know Darth Maul’s brother wasn’t someone to mess around with. Standing 22-inches tall, the figure features Opress, dressed in fabric clothing and highly-detailed […]

Distinct Life X Reebok GL6000 Part 2

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 09:31

Distinct Life and Reebok are back with part two of their four-part collaborative collection. Once again, Distinct Life has chosen the GL6000 silhouette, but this time around its been given a green makeover. The upper features Distinct Life's proprietary "Ghost Camouflage" pattern, which has been subtly debossed onto the green leather panels. Tonal green mesh and nubuck, tan liners and suede accents, and extra touches like custom lace locks complete the recipe for the uppers. Add to that the pebble accents on the midsole and the gum rubber outsole and you've got one great looking vintage runner. Look for these first at Burn Rubber on April 26, followed by a worldwide launch at select Reebok stockists including the HYPEBEAST Store in May. Stay tuned for a closer look at the shoe as we get closer to the launch and stay tuned for the next installments from this collaborative series.

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Nike Opens First Football-Only Store in Brasil

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 09:31

Coinciding with this year's World Cup, Nike has opened its first football-only store in Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana district. Celebrating the sporting heavyweight's heritage with Brasilian football, the three-story outpost is outfitted in the Brazilian national team's colors while Carioca graffiti artist Mateu Velassco's compelling illustrations take on the distressed brick walls. Elsewhere, Nike pays tribute to the country's football culture with a special section displaying the iconic Nike Tiempo 94 -- worn by the likes of Ronaldo and Ronaldinho -- while a bevy of football apparel, equipment and sportswear are also on offer, including match-day kits. A synthetic turf pitch and goal posts allow visitors to test out boots , including the Nike Magista boot - Nike's first Flyknit football boot. Cast your eyes over images of the immersive retail outlet here and check it out for yourself if in the Copacabana area.

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WorldStar Hip Hop Debuts its New Clothing Line And Lookbook

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 08:03

Looking to expand into the world of fashion and retailing, WorldStar Hip Hop recently debuted its first apparel collection. Tailored for both men and women, the expansive collection consists of tank-tops, sweats, hoodies, crewnecks, raglan shirts and tees alongside a headwear range -- think beanies and snapbacks -- with bold slogans such as "ZERO L's TAKEN,""#WSHH" and trademark branding at its center. Have a preview of the items via the lookbook here and head to the new online store now for the full men's range, with the women's selection to come soon.

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The Simpsons to Air an Entire Episode in LEGO

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 08:00

Fox has announced that The Simpsons will be an airing an episode this season shot entirely using CGI LEGO models. According to Matt Selman, executive producer of the show, this has been in the works since at least 2012 but the impending release is a timely one given the release of The LEGO Movie and the recent Simpsons LEGO set. The episode in question will first air on May 9 so mark your calendars. You can get the full run-down on the episode here.

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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan Future “Multi-Color”

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 07:27

Today we're taking a closer look at the Air Jordan Future "Multi-Color" ahead of its upcoming release courtesy of retailer Wish. Moving away from the black and 3M looks of the launch colorways, this latest drop opts instead for a vibrant mix of orange, black, white and grey across the woven upper. Paired with the iconic AJ11 midsole in white with an icy blue translucent outsole, this is definitely an eye-catching look. Look for these this weekend at select stockists including Wish.

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A Conversation with William Strobeck on Supreme's "cherry"

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 04:54

In the months leading up to cherry, the general populous was surprised that Supreme would bother with making a skate video. After all, this area of the Internet is likely more familiar with the brand as a fashion outpost influenced by skateboarding rather than a place to buy decks or bearings. In the wake of the film's release though, it's easy to see just how much Supreme fits in. Or maybe it stands out; if ever there was a video that would shift perceptions and create new opinions about skateboarding, right now, in 2014, it has to be cherry.

It's a bit ironic that of all the anticipated full-length video releases over the past few years, Supreme's offering is, for once, the least exclusive. Directed and captained by none other than William Strobeck, the film has a way of capturing relatable subtleties of skating, yet does its best to champion the people – some skaters, some outsiders – that make street skating and city life so interesting. We were given the opportunity to interview Strobeck as he returned from traveling to promote the film, where the filmmaker detailed his decisions in editing, filming with Paulo Diaz, and his plans for the future. Enjoy the conversation below, and be sure to pick up cherry on iTunes if you haven't already.

How does it feel to have cherry, your first full-length video finished?

[It] feels good, my heart is full. The feedback has been beyond positive [and I’ve] been getting hit up everyday by people about it.

Did you notice any way that the different crowds reacted at each premiere? 

Yeah, [they were] all different, I liked that. A lot of people reacted to the same stuff in the video.

In Japan I had a translator, which was interesting. I’d talk, then the translator would talk… then the crowd would laugh. Pretty funny, I liked it. Overall it was positive, and [it] seemed liked everyone loved the video, so that's great.

What's the culture of filming like in Los Angeles versus New York? Which do you prefer?

I prefer NY just because I like to skate down the street. If I wanna stop for a [second] and get water or something, it’s on every corner. I prefer the scenery in NY as well. With L.A., if [you’re] with the right person at the right spot, it’s equally as good I guess. Also: you just get more done in L.A. in a quicker amount of time. [I’m] very productive in LA.

Did you work with any contributing filmers for the video?

Overall, I filmed most of it. But yeah, there were times when I couldn't be in L.A. and was filming in NY, so I had a few people go out for me a lil’ bit. [The person] who helped the most was Logan Lara.

Was it tough streamlining such an eclectic group of dudes in the same video, especially considering your mention of cherry prominently highlighting personalities? Did that affect your choice to divide the video into sections rather than individual parts?

No, the reason why it’s a scramble of footage is [that] I really like to see clips next to certain other clips – like in a certain spot – and when editing to music, it becomes even more noticeable where something belongs or fits.

Like for example: Sage comes in and out of the video all the way through. It’s like one long video part, he isn’t just at the section (some might say) is the “kids" section. I really just think it’s one long video part from beginning to end for everyone in it – that’s how I look at it. I made it hoping people would watch it like a movie from start to finish.

What prompted you to include that clip of Anthony Pappalardo and that other gentleman on Water Street? That seemed like a pretty polarizing clip and it seems like people have hung onto that one a bit.

That clip got a funny reaction at every showing of the video. It’s really 30 minutes long, I just took 20 seconds of it. You see how Anthony and I are talking in that section? That's how we act with people in general, basically because it entertains us. That guy just happened to be in Downtown Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy, so [the area] was empty – no one was around. He ran into us and asked us to smoke weed, so the clip just unraveled from there. Call us dicks for it, but that was real life – that really happened. I was just documenting it.

That dude was trippy: he took a Greyhound across the country to meet a girl he met online, who ended up not answering when he got to town. He was into Evanescence (the band) and was involved with World of Warcraft. Those are the type of people you’ll meet lurking around New York City, and I wanted to show that other side of skating.

I was reading your interview with Quartersnacks and you mentioned that Supreme has “a kind of fashion vibe to it.” Do you perceive Supreme as a skateboarding brand making a skate video or something else entirely? Not that all brands should be ‘boxed in’ per se…

I think of Supreme as its own entity. It’s just such a strong solid company that has stuck to its guns since day one. It is a skate shop overall but I don't look at it as just that. It’s a bunch of things mixed together and presented in the right way... always has been.

Who did you end up filming with the most for the video? Did you get to film enough with everyone that you wanted?

Yeah, I got to film enough. I would've pushed the deadline [back] if I didn't feel comfortable with the footage I was sitting on. I got to a certain [point] and I was like: okay, I think I got it, it’s a wrap.

I think I ended up filming with Tyshawn Jones the most, or if anything he was out skating with me the most… even if we weren't filming. The courthouse [on Centre Street] is such a bust that it’s hard to get stuff done. We had to go there a lot during this video, [but] he did a good job.

Was there ever a conversation about involving other people in the Supreme family? They have a store in London, and a bunch of stores in Japan – both of which have renowned skate scenes.

Yes. I wanted to include everyone, but I was so focused on everyone here [in the U.S.] that I couldn't travel overseas. I asked the London kids to film and send [the footage], but it didn't pan out. Also I didn't want the video too long. If I had got some stuff, I [would’ve] put it in. Lucien Clarke came to New York, so he made it in.

On that note, what was the process of filming with Paulo Diaz like? That segment really cemented the raw and organic vibe that cherry seemed in pursuit of.

Yeah, he’s definitely fitting for sure. [He’s] just one of my favorite skaters ever. The story about him being in the video is: I had heard he was coming around the L.A. shop a bit here and there. So, I asked [Jason] Dill if he'd try to get Paulo to film something for the video; I was in New York at the time. Then, I went out there for the winter and met Paulo. He was just down to go out: I’d go pick him up, bring him boards and shoes from Supreme, and he'd just be so psyched to skate. It's like he was waiting the whole time to film for cherry. I [would] suggest things and he'd do them, he was down to be around and I wanted to document every moment. I had a lot of fun with Paulo.

It seems like this video was being filmed for a while, and I’m assuming that most of the main skaters involved were pretty productive. Is there leftover footage to go to other projects, e.g. Bianca Chandon or Fucking Awesome?

There is a little of leftover footage, but I think I didn't use it for a reason. I used all the stuff [that] I felt strongly about for cherry. [There’s] no need to just spit out more stuff since the final project is out.

What was the spot searching process like? How would you describe the split between you and the skater suggesting spots?

A lot of these people are good at finding spots they felt were appealing to the eye, and more importantly, wanted to skate. I would suggest tricks sometimes and really work with the person on trying to get what I thought was best for the video. It was a real collaboration for sure. For example: I told Paulo to do the manual airwalk, and to nollie [over] the homeless lady. He did it and I love those clips a lot, it’s what I wanted to see him doing in the video.

Would you ever do another full-length skate video or do you see skateboarding as necessarily moving away from that?

I would, I think. I think it’s important that kids get DVDs, hard copies, still. Companies should keep making [videos in] that style. It’s nice to have something to hold, collect and look at. Skateboarding is moving away from that, doing stuff online – every day, all day. It’s so disposable, [it] seems like no one cares about the art of it. Everyone puts so much work into a full length, just to put it online? I guess exposure is good for a company, but I feel like I wanna hide work now. [I’d rather people say] like: "did you find a copy of that video,” “do you own a copy,” or “can I come over and watch it?" That's the style I'm going for.

Also: one day, I will make a full-length non-skate movie. I got the itch.

As far as your portfolio is concerned: you seem like a person with a bunch of endeavors; invested in other interests outside of skateboarding. Moving from cherry, do you want to focus on more “core” skating cinematography or something else?

I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and following my heart and working with the people that I'm down for and that I like. It’s funny, more than once people in my family are always like: "you should shoot the X-Games, there’s a lot of money involved."

I mean, can you really see me shooting that? Hell no, I'm looking at this from an artist’s standpoint, as this is the work that I’ll be leaving behind. [This is] for people to see when I'm gone; what people will have known me for. I’m hyped cherry is in there now and not an X-Games reel. Basically, you are what you leave behind.

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Forbes Releases Annual List of Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 04:47

Forbes has revealed this year's list of the world's wealthiest hip-hop artists. Featured in its May 5 issue, the top-five list includes Diddy at an estimated $700 million, Dr. Dre at $550 million, Jay Z at $520 million, Birdman at $160 million, and 50 Cent at $140 million. Using the same standards it employs to calculate the wealth of the world's billionaires, Forbes examines past earning and current holdings, while also speaking to relevant sources -- analysts, attorneys, managers and industry heads -- as well as the artists themselves to compile the comprehensive list. Garnering their wealth from the likes of electronics, food & beverage, fashion and sporting, head to Forbes to get the breakdown on these hip-hop moguls. Head to HYPETRAK for more music news.

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Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip Camo Suede

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 04:14

Cole Haan has got a great new footwear option for those who need something a bit more dressed up but don't wan't to give up their sneaker's completely: the LunarGrand Wingtip in camouflage suede. The shoe features a premium rough suede upper with an eye-catching woodland camo print paired to a tan Lunarlon sole. A rich leather lining and waxed laces round out the details for this latest LunarGrand release. Get yourself a pair now from select stockists like Feature Sneaker Boutique.

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Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Titanium L.E.

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 03:52

Panerai is celebrating the ten year anniversary of its Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge this year and to commemorate the occasion, it's releasing this special Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Titanium L.E. The watch boasts a 47mm titanium case with a brushed titanium bezel and a commemorative caseback. Powering the watch is an in-house automatic movement with a power reserve of three days. The black dial is left relatively restrained and features luminous markers and numerals, along with a single subdial and date window. The watch comes on a rubber bracelet but can be swapped for a Coramid strap. The watch is available now in limited numbers exclusively at Panerai boutiques.

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J Dilla – Give Em What They Want

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 03:51

Following up his Diamonds & Ice EP, today J Dilla's family-run Pay Jay label releases the first cut to the late great rapper's latest record Give Em What They Want. The five track effort includes Dilla's 2002 collaboration with Supa Dave West on "The Doe" alongside vocal cuts from 2001 and unreleased heat, "So Far." The five tracks will be available in translucent 12" vinyl from Pay Jay Productions on May 6. Stream "Give Em What They Want" here and stay tuned for more from The Diary -- a complete album from J Dilla featuring exclusive tracks from associates Madlib, Pete Rock, Nottz, House Shoes, Karriem Riggins, and more. Keep up with the latest music at HYPETRAK.

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adidas Originals Campus '80s Primeknit

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 03:02

Last year we got a taste of the potential lifestyle applications for Primeknit when adidas SLVR unveiled its CL-Primeknit and now adidas Originals has applied that concept once again to the adidas Originals Campus silhouette. The Campus '80s Primeknit features a clean Primeknit upper accented with white leather Three Stripes branding and white knit heel tab. Available in burgundy or navy, these Campus 80's Primeknit can be found now at select stockists including Hanon.

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Tech Essentials: Jasper Wong

Hyperbeast - Thu, 2014-04-17 01:50

Every year on Valentines weekend, the art world descends upon Honolulu, Hawaii for POW! WOW! -- a week-long art and music initiative founded by Hawaiian artist Jasper Wong. Inspired by art as a means of expression, POW! WOW! continues to grow exponentially, bringing together acclaimed artists both international and local under Jasper's curation. Outside of POW! WOW!, Jasper's artistic foray is seen via unique paintings that fuse together Asian pop influences with street art sensibilities, while his commitment to outreach is furthered via exhibitions and youth projects taking place in a creative venue he founded, LOFT IN SPACE. We previously caught up with Jasper on our Essentials feature, where he showed off tools needed for his illustration, placed humorously alongside his baby daughter Ella. In this episode, we look at the on-the-go apps needed to assist Jasper in his dynamic lifestyle. Aside from the usual social media channels, Jasper looks to Duolingo as a way to accomplish his New Year's resolution to pick up a new language, Smash Hit to train his hand eye coordination, Endless Reader for its ability to provide fun and educational cues for his daughter, and 1AM to help locate exciting murals during his travel. Cast your eyes over his Tech Essentials and stay tuned for the next chapter of POW! WOW!, making its debut this year in Taipei.


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Cool Hunting Video: Ultra Violet: A peek inside the studio and the mind of pop art's most infamous muse

Cool Hunting - Wed, 2014-04-16 21:14

On a rainy day in New York, we visited iconic artist Ultra Violet (aka Isabelle Collin Dufresne) in her studio. Quickly integrated into pop and surrealist artists' social scene upon her immigration into the US...
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Jordan Future “Multicolor” Another Look

Nice Kicks - Wed, 2014-04-16 21:05

We can now see the Future in color. After rolling out two different style codes that each featured a woven black upper, the Jordan Future is twisted up with a blast of color. The “Multicolor” rendition intertwines vivid orange with white, black and grey strands to create a checkered appearance up top. A white midsole and ice blue outsole from the iconic Air Jordan 11 keeps everything in line on this eye-catching makeup that is set to hit limited shelves this weekend. Get an up close and personal look from Wish ATL below, and tell us in the feedback space underneath if you’re a suitor of the “Multicolor” Future.

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