Fruit Mould in China has you covered from cube...

Not Cot - Mon, 2014-08-18 17:12
Fruit Mould in China has you covered from cube watermelons to buddha pears... etched apples to star shaped cucumbers and more...
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Aroma R-evolution plays havoc with your nose

Coolest Gadgets - Mon, 2014-08-18 17:00

There is this particular saying that goes like this, where the nose goes, the dog follows. I suppose that might also be true of us humans if we had the £49.99 Aroma R-evolution as part of our dining experience. After all, there is nothing quite like a lip smackingly delicious meal that lets us enjoy the chef’s effort, but the Aroma R-evolution will surely spice things up by a few notches. Touted to be an intense and unique sensory tasting experience, it will be able to alter the way that you perceive flavors for good.

With the Aroma R-evolution, you need not have to rely on MSG alone to make your dishes taste exceptionally delicious, as it is able to enhance dishes while tricking your mind with the unusual aroma pairings. Each purchase will arrive with a quartet of aroma forks, delivering fragrant fun for the entire family. In its entirety, there are 21 different aromas to mix and match. While our tongues are able to recognize 5 primary tastes, our noses are a whole lot more sensitive, being able to tell the difference between the numerous subtle food flavors. Each time you eat with this innovative utensil, you will enjoy a flow of potent vapors which doubles the flavors for your brain to analyze. Taste it to believe it! Definitely far more sophisticated than forks like the Spinning Spaghetti Fork!
[ Aroma R-evolution plays havoc with your nose copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Blades of Balance not only looks good, it works great

Coolest Gadgets - Mon, 2014-08-18 16:00

When it comes to working in a kitchen, one thing is for sure – it pays to have extremely sharp blades, as it gets the job done a whole lot faster, not to mention it would also lessen the load on your muscles if you are busy chopping, slicing and dicing your way through the ingredients to make it in time for dinner. Well, forget about using a boring old knife, but rather, look to ThinkGeek with the $29.99 Blades of Balance.

You will be able to select from Fireslayer (crimson) or Frostkiller (cerulean), although they would look at their best as a pair. After all, all of the great legends in the past do have their own swords, with King Arthur and the fabled Excalibur, while Frodo had Sting. Oh yeah, Thorin Oakenshield had his Orcrist, too. You? The Blades of Balance, comprising of Fireslayer and Frostkiller. The latter, Frostkiller, represents the calm, collected, strategic warrior who sees the entire battle play out in his mind’s eye, while Fireslayer happens to appeal to the vengeful and sudden tactical warrior who solves the problem of the moment.

All right, other than being in the kitchen, they’d also look great in a round of cosplay, but do bear in mind that these are actual blades, so you might want to be a little bit more careful swinging it around.
[ Blades of Balance not only looks good, it works great copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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A Book of Birds, limited edition multicolor...

Not Cot - Mon, 2014-08-18 13:10
A Book of Birds, limited edition multicolor Risograph printed book, singer sewn, with images from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.
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David M. Phillips captures insects under an...

Not Cot - Mon, 2014-08-18 01:54
David M. Phillips captures insects under an electron microscope to reveal their intricate details.
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Robots serve customers in China restaurant

Coolest Gadgets - Sun, 2014-08-17 17:00

Most of the time, whenever we head to a restaurant and pay top dollar for the kind of food and drinks that we get, we would also be on the lookout for service that is on part with the price forked out. However, not all servers are always on the top of their game, since they might have domestic issues that is on their minds all the time, leading them to deliver sub-par service which in turn would affect a restaurant’s rating. Not only that, humans can also be inconsistent when it comes to treating one from another, but not so with robots. In fact, a restaurant in China is already starting to usher in a new era in the F&B industry, that is, through the use of over a dozen robots to cook as well as serve food.

These mechanical staff will not only do all of the above mentioned, they are also capable of greeting customers who just walked in, although you can be sure that the greetings will be recycled and feel old after a while, coming in a digital manner. The restaurant’s founder, Song Yugang, shared, “My daughter asked me to invent a robot because she doesn’t like doing housework.” Now that is certainly an interesting way to start a unique restaurant, right?

A couple of robots are placed by the door, where they do their best to cheerfully greet customers, while another quartet of short, humanoid machines will carry trays of food to the tables from the kitchen. In the kitchen itself, a couple of rather large blue robots sport glowing red eyes as they specialize in frying, with another working especially on dumplings.

Such labor has an expensive initial outlay of approximately 40,000 yuan ($6,500) per robot, which is somewhat similar to the annual salary of a human employee. The advantages? The robots are able to understand around 40 everyday sentences, will not fall sick or take some time off, with just two hours of charging offering up to 5 hours of work.

[ Robots serve customers in China restaurant copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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PNY introduces USB flash drives with LEGO branding

Coolest Gadgets - Sun, 2014-08-17 16:00

When it comes to the LEGO franchise, you know for sure that there are way too many different kinds of products to choose from (like a USB hub), although their bread and butter continue to be focused on the little plastic bricks themselves that have this uncanny precision of actually merging and affixing themselves to one another without a problem after all these years. The tech world, too, has seen its fair share of LEGO products, and here we are with yet another one that might just make you look at LEGO in a different light. PNY has worked alongside the LEGO Group to deliver the PNY LEGO USB flash drives.

The name itself says it all – the PNY LEGO USB flash drives will not only be some sort of cheap ripoff, but it is actually a real USB flash drive with a LEGO brick on the outside, allowing you to affix some other LEGO bricks to it without missing a beat. As usual, in keeping to the great LEGO tradition of having many colors for a single LEGO brick, so too, will this new range of PNY LEGO USB flash drives arrive in a slew of multiple colors, where one can choose from 8GB and 16GB capacities.

Specially designed in order to appeal to LEGO toy enthusiasts regardless of their age, they come in the shape of a traditional LEGO brick, and with up to 16GB of internal memory, one is able to easily store, share, and transport media and files. Those who are interested in it will be able to choose from red, blue, and yellow colors. Fret not about losing the protective cap for the USB flash drive, since this particular model comes in a capless, sliding design and there is an included key fob that paves the way for easy attachment to just about any key chain.

All of the PNY LEGO USB flash drives will feature an additional LEGO brick in either blue or red to help you get started in your building fun right out of the box. They are definitely compatible with all LEGO brick elements/pieces, letting users combine and make their own creation. Unfortunately, the USB flash drive itself remains stuck in the previous generation of connectivity standards, that is, USB 2.0, which is a pity.

Press Release
[ PNY introduces USB flash drives with LEGO branding copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Solid 3D-Printed Titanium Bike by Industry and...

Not Cot - Sun, 2014-08-17 14:18
Solid 3D-Printed Titanium Bike by Industry and Ti Cycles.
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Sand packaging by alien and monkey, sand-made...

Not Cot - Sun, 2014-08-17 13:18
Sand packaging by alien and monkey, sand-made packaging re-establishes ritual of discovering a gift and the concept of sustainable packaging.
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Messless Indoor Sandbox makes cleaning up easier

Coolest Gadgets - Sat, 2014-08-16 18:00

Children do seem to have a boundless amount of energy, and they can certainly spend the entire day toying around without missing a beat, only to plop into their beds dead tired at the end of the evening, much to the relief of his or her parents. There are moments when certain joys of childhood should be remembered always, and one of them might be playing in a sandbox – at least for some of us. However, how many parents are able to carve out the time to fight their way through some traffic just to locate a playground with a sandbox? Why not bring the sandbox back to your home instead? That is made possible thanks to the $79.95 Messless Indoor Sandbox.

The Messless Indoor Sandbox, as its name implies, is an indoor sandbox that uses a natural “sand” compound which adheres to itself without having to remain stuck to tabletops, floors, or hands. If you’re worried about whether it is full of strange chemicals, fret not, as it is made from all-natural ingredients, allowing it to pack like sand with the feel of cookie dough, so that children are able to create structures or objects without having to cook up the mess that is more often than not associated with sand. Apart from that, you need not have to leave your home, which is a great timesaver, and you can also keep your eyes on your little one all the time while you handle some other house chores. Surely this is less pathetic than the desktop sandbox!
[ Messless Indoor Sandbox makes cleaning up easier copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Orcrist The Sword Of Thorin Oakenshield makes for an ideal present to LOTR fans

Coolest Gadgets - Sat, 2014-08-16 17:00

If you happen to be a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, I am quite sure that you would have read at least a couple of his famous works – The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In there, you will find your imagination thrown knee deep in a fantasy world, where there are elves, orcs, humans and other magical creatures and settings that come to life Of course, the characters in there who stand on the side of good and light might seem outnumbered and are at their wits’ end most of the time, but somehow fate always has a twist in the scheme of things in the long run. While Frodo has Sting that glows whenever there are orcs around, a much older hero of the past, Thorin Oakenshield, wields Orcrist. You might have always wanted to role play as Thorin Oakenshield but lack his accessories, which is why this film accurate replica might be worth picking up.

No detail has been overlooked in this replica, as it sports a wood display plaque scabbard, letting you wield the sword of Thorin Oakenshield in your very own hands. You will be able to select from the sword or scabbard, or both, and each sword looks better being mounted on the wall – especially since it already comes with a wood wall-mount display. The asking price for the Orcrist The Sword Of Thorin Oakenshield would retail for $174.99, while the scabbard itself would set you back by another $129.99.
[ Orcrist The Sword Of Thorin Oakenshield makes for an ideal present to LOTR fans copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Dip Bench, rubber dipped feet with walnut wood...

Not Cot - Sat, 2014-08-16 14:04
Dip Bench, rubber dipped feet with walnut wood top. Built to order by Synecdoche.
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Flint Laces could be your last resort in the wilderness

Coolest Gadgets - Fri, 2014-08-15 20:11

We have become so comfortable with modern conveniences that we can’t imagine what it would be like to struggle in the wilderness. You would need to make shelter, build a fire, find clean water, and figure out how you’re going to eat. There’s not exactly microwavable food at the ready, and we don’t really spend much time learning how to hunt or what plants are edible.

If you go on a camping trip in a sizable stretch of land, you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools to keep yourself alive. While you can get a filter for water and carry instant food or protein bars, making a fire is definitely going to be one of your greatest challenges. Your matches can get wet, not everyone thinks to bring a lighter, and even if you do, it can run out of fuel. Should you be completely out of options, having something like the Flint Laces would be handy to have around.

This is a pair of shoelaces that have a one-inch ferro rod capped with rubber on each tip. Simply strike it against steel and aim the sparks at some tinder. These will give you just enough to get a fire started should you have no other option. Needless to say, you would only make this $14 purchase in the hopes that you would never have to use them. They’re available in brown and black, and could potentially save your life if you’re the outdoorsy-type.

Available for purchase on rattlestrap, found via OhGizmo
[ Flint Laces could be your last resort in the wilderness copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools Reflective Trail...

Not Cot - Fri, 2014-08-15 19:57
VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools Reflective Trail Markers - cute reflective arrows on tacks.
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The Stretchwrite can make any writing utensil a stylus

Coolest Gadgets - Fri, 2014-08-15 19:30

We like the idea of using a stylus, but if you also like writing with a pen or pencil it’s just one more thing to carry around. There are pens that have an integrated stylus, but if it wears out or breaks, you lose two tools in one go. What if there were a way to make any writing utensil into a stylus that could be easily transferred from one host to the next?

Instead of acting as a cap that could easily fall off, the Stretchwrite is a cover that will not only act as a stylus, but will also give you a little extra padding on your writing implement. This is a hollow tube with a stylus nub on one end and a hollow point on the other that is made of soft silicone. You will be able to stretch it over your the tool you think you’ll use most that day, and will have access to both at once, with the option to switch it out should the situation demand it.

This is very easy to use, and would also be a snap to keep clean. You can get one of these in a combination two pack in red and gray, or blue and pink. They’ll only cost you $9.99 for two, which is infinitely cheaper than most fancy styluses out there. While they may not be the most advanced on the market, and look like they might be more aimed at students, they’ll certainly get the job done.

Available for purchase on felixbrand, found via redferret

[ The Stretchwrite can make any writing utensil a stylus copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Addicted to the Internet? There’s an App for That, it’s Skeebloo.

Coolest Gadgets - Fri, 2014-08-15 19:00

How many of us have needed to get something done, but the lure of the Net kept us browsing for much longer than we should have? How many times have you had plans to go somewhere and ended up on the computer all day instead? Guilty! More and more kids are also wasting away their days sitting in front of the screen, instead of being outside, or getting their homework done. Are these signs of Internet addiction? I guess it could be!

So check out Skeebloo, a new application that works as an internet blocker, helping people addicted to the internet, or even internet gaming, and providing tamper proof parental controls. Skeebloo runs on Windows, and can be oh-so-useful in allowing folks to work on their computers and not have the lure of the Internet constantly calling to them. It also assists as a parental control tool, helping children to do their homework, as opposed to having them stuck in front of a computer for hours.

The main features of Skeebloo are LAN/Internet access prevention, including WIFi blocking, that won’t allow you to disable it, or cheat in any way. Gulp! Once you set the timer, let’s just say, you’re not going to get your internet access back until the clock runs out. Okay, there actually is an option with Skeebloo to override the system, but the designers have created a virtual obstacle course to doing so that includes copying an inspiring poem, one letter at a time, that is meant to be incredibly time-consuming and discouraging.

Skeebloo currently runs only on Windows computers with Win7, but Win8.1 is coming soon, and there are two versions available: Strict (6 hours + 12 hours lockout) which is 10 bucks, and Moderate (6 hours + 12 hours + customized lockout) for 12 bucks, with 5% of all the proceeds going to your choice of 8 different charities. You can get it at But I’d genuinely like to know, are some of us actually so addicted that we need an app like this? Really?
[ Addicted to the Internet? There’s an App for That, it’s Skeebloo. copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Mercedes S600 Guard oozes with safety – and luxury

Coolest Gadgets - Fri, 2014-08-15 19:00

When it comes to cars, there are functional, soccer mom type models which offer plenty of value for your hard earned money, but if you happen to be someone of note in society, not to mention have plenty of money left over in your bank account without having a good idea on how to spend that extra dough in a flashy manner, perhaps reading about this new Mercedes might help you out. The luxury car manufacturer has just announced the Mercedes S600 Guard which does look pretty much like that of a standard issue S Class, which is the most luxurious and largest model among all the other Mercedes vehicles. What makes the Mercedes S600 Guard different from the vanilla model of the S600?

For starters, it might just save your life. How so? Well, it is a bullet- and bomb-proof Mercedes, and that ought to give you plenty of comfort, especially if you happen to live in a country where business rivals hire local thugs to use force with wanton abandon against each other, or if you happen to be traveling through war torn areas with resident warlords who have easy access to firearms. Getting from point A to point B in style, you can also arrive at a moment’s notice, too, thanks to the massive 6.0-litre V12 engine which cranks out 525bhp and 612lb ft of torque.

The engine allows the Mercedes S600 Guard to hit a top speed of 130mph, which is 25mph slower than the limited S600, but that is because the body is so much heavier, being made out of protective steel that has been integrated between the structure and outer skin. Not only that, there is also what Mercedes calls ‘splinter’ protection, alongside thick glass that has been coated with polycarbonate on the inside. Fret not about your tires getting flat to leave you stranded in an emergency, it relies on Michelin PAX run-flat tyres that lets you travel up to another 19 miles even when damaged.

Not only that, there is also armor that protects the whole underbody, keeping its occupants protected against subterranean IEDS. It can resist rifle-fire from military weapons at a velocity that is twice that of handgun bullets, while offering resistance to splinters from hand grenades and explosive charges. One thing’s for sure, this is not going to be an invisible ride from the German automaker.

[ Mercedes S600 Guard oozes with safety – and luxury copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Normann Copenhagen Shorebirds - made of Oak &...

Not Cot - Fri, 2014-08-15 19:00
Normann Copenhagen Shorebirds - made of Oak & Lacquered Steel
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Surface Pro 3 Docking Station goes on sale in Canada & US

Coolest Gadgets - Fri, 2014-08-15 18:09

A tablet is a tablet and does carry some decent capability of being used as mobile workstation, although it does have its fair share of limitations while you are on the road. However, a notebook would most probably serve your productivity purposes a whole lot better, although the “price” to pay might be portability in terms of additional weight that you have to lug around. Some hardware manufacturers realize this, which is why they have come up with a notebook that can be turned into a tablet, thanks to a free swinging hinge, although that still does not solve the weight issue. How about introducing accessories to a tablet instead that would allow it to function as a notebook? Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is one such tablet that has just seen its docking station go on sale in North America.

The new Surface Pro 3 Docking Station can be purchased from retail stores, online channels, and through authorized resellers in Canada and the United States from today onward, and chances are if you own this relatively powerful mobile computing device, having a decent Docking Station to accompany it would really make you all the more productive – perhaps it might be able to replace your faithful desktop computer in the long run, too. Of course, unless you are using your desktop to perform heavy duty tasks such as video processing and the ilk, the Surface Pro 3 has adequate processing firepower to handle everyday computing chores such as emails, word processing, some instant messaging action, and surfing the web.

All you need to do is to slide your Surface Pro 3 into the Docking Station, close its wings, and you’re good to go. The Surface Pro 3 Docking Station has half a dozen USB connections, where four of them happen to be USB 3.0 ports, in addition to a Gigabit Ethernet port that allows you to have blazing fast network connectivity over a hard line. In addition to that, the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station will also be able to juice up your Surface Pro 3 even as you work, adding another dimension to its functionality, now how about that?

Press Release
[ Surface Pro 3 Docking Station goes on sale in Canada & US copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Grillbots will help ensure your grills remain nice and clean

Coolest Gadgets - Fri, 2014-08-15 17:00

While it is still summer, and the weather’s perfect for you to enjoy cookouts, you might want to consider getting involved in some grilling action. Preparing a grill might be easy, and so is it the same when it comes to whipping up a delicious meal out of grilled meats and skewered vegetables along the way. When everyone has had their fill and lethargy starts to kick in, this is the exact moment where you will need to be on your guard all the more – since you might run out of hands to help you clean up afterwards. Perhaps it is time to look to the salvation of dirty grill through the introduction of the $119.99 Grillbots.

As this particular robot’s name implies, the Grillbot happens to be an automatic grill-cleaning robot. It is capable of handling not only gas, but also charcoal grills as well without missing a beat. Heck, it is tough enough to handle recently used grills, just as long as they are no hotter than 250°, of course. It would go about cleaning up the grill while freeing you from such a task, so that you can concentrate on winding down over a glass of wine, or simply to attend to other chores. Three electric motors run this bad boy, and thankfully, the brass brushes are replaceable – after approximately a hundred uses each. A full charge of its battery allows it to run for 4 hours thereabouts.
[ Grillbots will help ensure your grills remain nice and clean copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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