Doctor Who 12th Doctor Costume Mug

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-07-24 13:30

While we are all waiting for Peter Capaldi to step into the role of the Doctor, we can at least order ourselves a 12th Doctor mug to pass the time. This Doctor Who 12th Doctor Costume Mug is perfect for sipping hot cocoa while you watch the show. It features the 12th Doctor’s stylish costume, […]

Samsung Might Have Found A Shortcut To Mobile Virtual Reality Through Oculus VR

Mobile Crunch - Thu, 2014-07-24 13:22
 If you’re interested in virtual reality, then a new report from CNET that maintains Samsung is working directly with Facebook-owned Oculus on a headset that uses mobile devices to generate VR environments and experiences should get you excited. We’ve heard before that Samsung was working on its own VR headset, but this is further evidence that they might have a helping hand from… Read More
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Samsung Might Have Found A Shortcut To Mobile Virtual Reality Through Oculus VR

Tech Crunch - Thu, 2014-07-24 13:22
 If you’re interested in virtual reality, then a new report from CNET that maintains Samsung is working directly with Facebook-owned Oculus on a headset that uses mobile devices to generate VR environments and experiences should get you excited. We’ve heard before that Samsung was working on its own VR headset, but this is further evidence that they might have a helping hand from… Read More
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Spider-Man Car Accessory Combo Pack

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-07-24 13:00

Pimp your ride the Peter Parker way with this cool Spider-Man Car Accessory Combo Pack. The Spider-Man Car Accessory Combo Pack gives you two seat covers with a black bottom and the red and black Spider-Man symbol and web pattern. There is also a black steering wheel cover with 3 red Spider-Man symbols on it. […]

Intigua Raises $10M Series B Round For Its IT Management Automation Service

Tech Crunch - Thu, 2014-07-24 13:00
 Intigua, a company that specializes in giving enterprises an easier way to manage their IT operations in private and public clouds, today announced that it has raised a $10 million Series B round led by Intel Capital. Existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Cedar Fund also participated in this round. In total, the company has now raised $21 million. The company says it will use this… Read More
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Augmented Reality Climbing Walls Turn Mountaineering Into a Game

Gizmodo UK - Thu, 2014-07-24 13:00
Climbers are encouraged to move about on the wall while they try to avoid animated obstacles that randomly cross their paths.
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Disrupt Alum Trello Takes In $10.3M For Its Visual To-Do Lists

Tech Crunch - Thu, 2014-07-24 12:31
 Disrupt alum Trello has pulled in a $10.3 million funding round. The startup launched its visual project management system back in September 2011, on TC’s startup battlefield stage. Read More
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Original Superman Comic Set to Hit eBay With £1.5m Expected Price

Gizmodo UK - Thu, 2014-07-24 12:30
Someone '@' this to Jonathan Ross, please.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Helmet T-Shirt

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-07-24 12:30

Peter Quill might not be the most intimidating guy in the galaxy, but the Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Helmet T-Shirt shows why he deserves the title ‘Star-Lord.’ A t-shirt with Peter Quill’s face probably wouldn’t be very exciting, but an image of him wearing his Kree battle helmet, complete with red eye lenses? That […]

3D Lord of the Rings Puzzles

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-07-24 12:00

These 3D Lord of the Rings Puzzles will be your precious. Once you build them you will never want to go back to plain old puzzles. What we have here are 3D puzzles of some of Middle Earth’s most famous locations. The puzzle pieces are foam-backed for extra strength too. They should stand up to […]

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Shipwrecks

Gizmodo UK - Thu, 2014-07-24 12:00
Hearing about all that Lego washing up on Cornwall's beaches started our little minds wondering: What else don't we know about Davy Jones's Locker? Here are 12 facts about shipwrecks.
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Kim Kardashian And Her In-App Purchases Must Be Stopped!

Read Write Web - Thu, 2014-07-24 11:55

When it comes to cracking down on the predatory practices of in-app purchases found in “free to play” mobile app games, the European Union is looking out for the kids. “In particular, children must be better protected when playing online,” reads the European Commission press statement announcing its latest enforcement action.

But won’t somebody please think of the grown-ups?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Opportunities to lighten your digital wallet in exchange for in-game tchotchkes have grown ever-more insidious even for the supposedly mature set. Remember Farmville? Candy Crush? Now it's possible to level-up your way into debt with the "free" game of conspicuous consumption, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Adults, too, are vulnerable to the in-app purchases offered within “free” games—the simpler the game, the better. As numerous studies find, tiny accomplishments—such as leveling up—release spikes of dopamine in the brain. That's the neurochemical tied to pleasure and reinforced behavior.

Mobile game developers are well aware of what makes games engrossing enough to inspire impulse purchases. They just don't share that information—or even a price list—with players. 

If you haven't personally experienced how engrossing such games can be, just take a look around. Take, for instance, whoever was in charge of the Twitter account for the EPA Office of Water. This person was apparently so entranced with the Kardashian game earlier this week that he or she let slip a tweet from the wrong account:


Hilarity across the Twitterverse, and then the network morning shows, ensued. Everybody loves a good twit slip. And EPA recovered with good grace:

Buckraking The Mobile Way

But what’s less funny is the fact that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is projected to rake in $200 million this year, most of it likely not earned from kids who don’t know better. (Kim's take is estimated at just $85 million.)

How do “free” mobile apps such as the Kardashian game earn money? Not in any transparent way, and that’s one of the EU's complaints.

When reviewing the text that accompanies Kim Kardashian: Hollywood or Candy Crush or any similar game, you won't find any disclosures—no price list breaking down what kind point-of-purchase surprises you’ll be offered to enhance your game play or when these premiums will appear. Like that magazine with intriguing gossip, or that glasses repair kit, astrology guide or candy bar you suddenly realize you need at the check-out counter, you’ll see it when you see it.

The Kardashian game offers a new twist by giving players a shortcut to Kim’s “level” of fame. Instead of “working” one’s way up the Hollywood food chain via Kim’s kindly mentoring ("dating famous people will get you more fans," she notes), players can skip ahead by dropping $99 of real-world fiat cash on virtual K-Stars, thus paying their way to the red carpet.

Parental Controls Don't Protect Parents—Or Anyone Else

Tales such as the 8-year-old girl who blew $1,400 on smurfberries in Smurfs Village iPad game—just one of many complaints that led to an FCC investigation and Apple's $32.5 million in payouts to parents—mean more protection of Mom and Dad's wallet. But parental controls that prevent kids from accessing app store wallets mean little to grownups. Ask any Candy Crush addict whose dropped hundreds, even thousands of dollars to level up, thus contributing to the nearly $100,000 Candy Crush is estimated to bring in daily.

This lack of transparency is one of several in-app purchase problems the EU urges Google and Apple, as well as developers, to address. “Games advertised as 'free' should not mislead consumers about the true costs involved,” reads one of the EU’s demands. “Consumers should be adequately informed about the payment arrangements for purchases and should not be debited through default settings without consumers’ explicit consent,” is another.

In the traditional gambling industry, the U.K. government is pressing mandatory rules to prevent predatory practices against habitual gamblers. In the world of mobile games, transparent practices, including a detailed price list alerting players to potential costs, is a reasonable request. 

It’s no coincidence the supermarket checkout line is full of potential purchases—such random selections are the results of years of psych research from advertising agencies. All the better to appeal to your impulse control (or lack thereof)! One difference between “free” mobile apps with opaque in-app purchase prices is this: Most people aren’t constantly going through the supermarket checkout line.

Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock; game image courtesy of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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Yammer Cofounder Leaving Microsoft

Read Write Web - Thu, 2014-07-24 11:51

Yammer co-founder David Sacks announced he’s leaving Microsoft on Wednesday, tweeting a thank you and goodbye to his former charges, whom he referred to as his “YamFamily.”

Microsoft acquired the maker of the enterprise social networking and chat tool two years ago for $1.2 billion, and when it did, Sacks was seen as a potentially transformative figure for the legacy technology company. He was even mentioned by outsiders as a candidate to replace Microsoft's outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer last year, though it’s not clear if he was ever seriously considered.

Yammer will be moving under Office 365 and Outlook as Microsoft looks to further integrate Yammer technologies throughout its Office productivity suite. Kristian Andaker, an Office team lead, will be heading up Yammer engineering, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley reports. It's not clear what that means for Yammer cofounder and CTO Adam Pisoni, who thanked Sacks for the "wild ride" the two had together:

Prior to joining Microsoft, Sacks cofounded Geni, a genealogy website, from which he spun Yammer out, and was chief operating officer at PayPal. 

Lead image by TechCrunch on Flickr

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Doctor Who TARDIS Tray

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-07-24 11:30

Serve food and drinks like a Time Lord with the Doctor Who TARDIS Tray. Of course it’s not bigger on the inside because it doesn’t have an inside. This is the perfect tray to pull out when entertaining guests during a Doctor Who binge-watch. Just imagine bringing it out with the Doctor Who Silver TARDIS […]

Man’s Gigantic Fart Machine Takes Aim at France Tonight

Gizmodo UK - Thu, 2014-07-24 11:30
This is why other countries think we're all obsessed with bottoms.
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Sony Flipping PS4′s 3D Blu-ray Switch Next Week

Gizmodo UK - Thu, 2014-07-24 11:15
Sony is joining Microsoft in offering 3D Blu-ray film support on its new games machine, with PS4's forthcoming 1.75 system update set to add the feature some time next week.
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Star Trek TNG Holodeck 30 Single T-Shirt

Geek Alerts - Thu, 2014-07-24 11:00

We all know that Riker is the ultimate ladies’ man. He is the only other guy in Starfleet that can give Kirk a run for his money. Now you can celebrate Riker’s skill with the ladies by wearing this Star Trek TNG Holodeck 30 Single T-Shirt. This soft 100% cotton Star Trek TNG Holodeck 30 […]

America’s Next Big Space Launch Rocket is a Total Beast

Gizmodo UK - Thu, 2014-07-24 11:00
America's next big space launch rocket is a total beast.
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Essence Group Holdings Raises $71 Million For Population Health Management Services

Tech Crunch - Thu, 2014-07-24 10:59
 Essence Group Holdings Corp., the parent company of health management services provider Lumeris, has raised $71 million in a round of financing announced today. In all, the company has raised some $141 million as it seeks to sell services to health care organizations still struggling with the regulatory shifts wrought by the Affordable Care Act. Chiefly, the government has forced insurance… Read More
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