Apple Sold 44M iPhones, 16M iPads And 4M Macs In Q2 2014

Tech Crunch - 9 min 31 sec ago
 Apple shared its quarterly earnings results today, and for fiscal Q2 2014, the company moved 43.7 million iPhones, 16.3 million iPads and 4.1 million Macs. That compares to 51 million iPhones sold during the first fiscal quarter, along with 26 million iPads and 4.8 million Macs, but that was a holiday quarter, so a dip is to be expected. Last year during the same quarter, Apple sold 37.4 million… Read More
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Apple Beats In Q2 2014 With $45.6B Revenue, $10.2B Profit And $11.62 EPS

Tech Crunch - 9 min 42 sec ago
 Apple has just released its fiscal Q2 2014 earnings, reporting $45.6 billion in revenue, $10.2 billion in net profit representing $11.62 per share. According to Fortune, the consensus among analysts was for Apple to report earnings of $10.22 per share on $43.45 billion in revenue, with revenue slightly declining and EPS slightly growing year-over-year. Guidance from its last earnings release… Read More
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Feel What it’s Like to Drown With This Terrifying Simulator

Gizmodo UK - 11 min 57 sec ago
Forget coffee. If you want something to give you a buzz, we guarantee that nothing will be quite as effective as the adrenaline rush you’ll get from swimming for your life in this online drowning simulator. This is not for the faint of heart. The stress-inducing site comes courtesy of Sortie En Mar, a French [...]
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Facebook Passes 1B Mobile Monthly Active Users In Q1, As Mobile Ads Reach 59% Of All Ad Sales

Tech Crunch - 21 min 10 sec ago
 Another mobile milestone for Facebook: the company reported in its Q1 earnings that it has now passed the 1 billion mark for monthly active users on phones and tablets. 1.01 billion to be exact. Daily active users on mobile are at 609 million for the quarter. The news is on one hand a mark of a relentless trend for the company — more and more people are accessing the social network on phones… Read More
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Zynga Founder Marc Pincus Steps Down From Chief Product Officer Role

Tech Crunch - 25 min 18 sec ago
 Along with the company's earnings release, Zynga announced that founder Marc Pincus would be stepping down from any operational duties and ceding his chief product officer title today. The company said that Pincus, who started the social gaming company in 2007, will remain Chairman of the Board. Read More
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Zynga Rallies 4% After Reporting Q1 Revenue Of $168M, EPS Of -$0.01

Tech Crunch - 25 min 37 sec ago
 This afternoon following the bell, Zynga reported its calendar first-quarter financial performance including revenue of $168 million, bookings (non-GAAP) of $161 million, and earnings per share of -$0.01 (non-GAAP). Analysts had expected the company to report top line of $164 million, and a single cent per-share loss. That revenue figure is a decline of 36 percent from the year-ago quarter. The… Read More
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Facebook CFO David Ebersman Stepping Down Later This Year

Tech Crunch - 34 min 7 sec ago
 Facebook just announced that Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman will be stepping down, with David Wehner, the company’s vice president of corporate finance and business planning, succeeding Ebersman on June 1. The announcement of Ebersman’s departure came as part of Facebook’s first quarter earnings report. In the earnings release, CEO Mark Zuckerberg described him as… Read More
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Facebook Beats In Q1 With $2.5B In Revenue, 59% Of Ad Revenue From Mobile, 1.28B Users

Tech Crunch - 37 min 47 sec ago
 Facebook's is getting more and more mobile, now with 1.01 billion users on small screens. It's Q1 2014 earnings show it beat expectations, earning $2.5 billion in revenue with an $0.34 EPS. It now has 1.28 billion total monthly users, 802 million daily users, and 609 million daily mobile users. Facebook continued its march to become a mobile ad company with 59% of ad revenue coming from portable… Read More
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The Utility Truck Can Exterminate a Pothole Every 120 Seconds

Gizmodo UK - 41 min 17 sec ago
Getting  work crews out to patch roads is sometimes more trouble than its worth. It snarls traffic for hours at a time, costs councils hundreds of thousands of pounds annually, and typically only fixes the problem for a short time. But this gravel-blasting utility truck aims to make the permanent patch process faster than firing [...]
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Tweekaboo, The Family Photo Sharing App, Adds Book Printing

Tech Crunch - 46 min 16 sec ago
 Private family photo sharing network Tweekaboo has just launched the Tweekabook, an 8.5" x 8.5" book offering that lets parents produce and print baby books right from their iOS app. The books start at $29.95 for a 24-page book and the company ships anywhere in the world. Read More
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Delightful, The ‘Date Concierge’ Startup Out Of OKCupid Labs, Hits The Deadpool

Tech Crunch - 1 hour 3 min ago
 Just three months after its public launch, Delightful, the startup that helped build “tailored dates” for romantic couples short on time, has shut down. Delightful was created last year as one of the first products out of OK Cupid Labs, and quietly launched in beta last year. The company’s service, which allowed you to either choose a pre-planned date or build your own itinerary,… Read More
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Will Facebook Dodge The Teen Usage Question Again?

Tech Crunch - 1 hour 10 min ago
 When Facebook mentions a slight drop in young US teen usage during Q3 2013 earnings, its share price fell 18%, disentegrating well over $10 billion in value. So last quarter it said "in terms of teens we don't have any new data to report" and $FB climbed 13% the next day on strong mobile ad performance. Now the question is whether Facebook will keep punting on the teen engagement issue. Read More
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The FCC Is Unfazed By AT&T’s Threat To Boycott Next Year’s Spectrum Auction

Tech Crunch - 1 hour 11 min ago
 AT&T's recent threat to steer clear of a spectrum auction, scheduled for next year, isn't scaring the FCC. FCC chief Tom Wheeler today dismissed AT&T's poise, stating that he has a "hard time envisioning this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this kind of beach-front spectrum being something that people throw up their hands and walk away from." Consider AT&T's bluff called. Read More
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An Orchestra of Drones Will Rule Mankind With Sweet Tunes

Gizmodo UK - 1 hour 11 min ago
Okay, yes, these drones look adorable zipping around and playing keyboards and drums like a swarm of musical bees. Don’t let them charm you. It’s all part of their plan. First you start to trust them, then they take over mankind. Stay strong. Stay…wait, are they playing bells? Aww, they’re so cute! Seriously, though, we [...]
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Pure Storage CEO Says $225M Round Gives It Flexibility And R&D Runway

Tech Crunch - 1 hour 37 min ago
 Pure Storage, a company that has pioneered a way to deliver solid state disk performance for a mechanical disk price, announced today it has received $225 million in Series F venture funding at a valuation of $3 billion. Those are impressive numbers, but it doesn't stop there. According to company president David Hatfield, Pure Storage achieved 700 percent year-over-year growth and 50+ percent… Read More
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First-Person GoPro Stuntman Video Makes Me Want to Jump Off a Crane

Gizmodo UK - 1 hour 42 min ago
It’d be fun to be a stuntman. As long as you had the nuts to put your body on the line and jump off stuff all day. Even if you don’t, these GoPro videos of real stuntman dives will give you a taste of what it’s like. Each little clip features Canadian gymnast and stuntman [...]
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Everywhere From Oklahoma City To Beijing: Uber Now Available In 100 Cities Worldwide

Tech Crunch - 1 hour 54 min ago
 It’s hard to believe that on-demand ride service Uber is less than four years old. Launched in San Francisco in 2010, the company has expanded aggressively over the last several years. Today, the company announced a major milestone: With its launch in Beijing, Uber is now available in 100 different cities around the world. Read More
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Etsy Acquires Gadget Marketplace Grand St.

Tech Crunch - 2 hours 7 min ago
 Grand St., a service once described as an Etsy for electronics, is now actually a part of Etsy, the companies confirm. The deal was announced today on Grand St.'s official blog and on Etsy's site (via Fortune) where Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson explained the two companies' overlapping vision. He says both were focused on the way "making was changing," in a time when shoppers are more interested in… Read More
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Researchers Invent a Camouflage Material That Changes Like a Chameleon

Gizmodo UK - 2 hours 12 min ago
Mother Nature has already mastered the art of camouflage, so it only makes sense that we steal her ideas when it comes to the art of hiding. Researchers over in the US at the University of Michigan have developed a remarkable new material “inspired” by chameleons, which can change shape and colour under different lighting [...]
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Storehouse Storytelling App Gets Embeds And Improved Community Building Tools

Tech Crunch - 2 hours 17 min ago
 Storehouse, an app for iPad that functions as a story creation tool with images, video and text, is getting a nice update today. The update brings the ability to embed stories in blogs and on the web, as well as comments and an easy way to find Storehouse users on Twitter and Facebook. Read More
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