How to be a Resource to your Clients and Network

Social Media Today - Sat, 2014-07-19 12:58
One of the realizations I came to early on in my consulting practice was that I could not be everything for my clients, nor could I provide every service or product to my clients.
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B2B Appeals that Motivate Action

Social Media Today - Sat, 2014-07-19 11:52
Napoleon Bonaparte said, “There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear.” These are indeed the two master motivators, and all others are subset of these behavioral drivers.
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Cloud and Software Subscriptions Transform the Market

Social Media Today - Sat, 2014-07-19 10:42
Most CIOs would prefer to be freed from the burden of managing software license compliance. It's one of the primary reasons why open source software subscriptions are appealing.
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Socially Stephanie: The Social Media Content Funnel

Social Media Today - Sat, 2014-07-19 03:04
"Dear Socially Stephanie: I understand that social media isn't a quick fix. But what does the social media funnel look like and how long do I have to be active for?"
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The Kinds of Photos Instagram Followers Want to "Like"

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 22:12
Don't post that #WCW or office selfie! Take a few notes on these kinds of Instagram photos your current and future followers want to see.
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Growing Business: Marketing Isn't What It Used To Be

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 20:26
Most of us know already that marketing isn’t what it used to be. But the question is, how is this knowledge impacting how we market our business? Are we relying exclusively on traditional marketing methods to build our brand? If we have a website and are on social media, are these helping or hindering our business? Ask yourself these 8 questions to get a sense of how you're doing.
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When Marketing Goes Wrong

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 19:57
Content and social media marketers have a lot to manage, from content creation to engaging followers. Throughout this process, there is a lot of room for error.
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Pittsburgh Mayor Hosts Quite Possibly the Best Reddit AMA Ever

Ignite Social Media - Fri, 2014-07-18 19:30

One of the best advantages of social media is that it gives everyone a voice. People everywhere want their opinions to be heard and that is especially important in local government. Yesterday, the mayor of Pittsburgh and his staff hosted a Reddit AMA session. It's one of the best executed AMAs I've seen in quite some time. Why? Read on.

Mayor's Night On(line) AMA

Starting this year, Bill Peduto, the Mayor of Pittsburgh, has been holding several "Mayor's Night Out/In" events where he speaks directly to the public. Yesterday, he hosted "the first... AMA with government leaders... in reddit history" in an online version of his public forum. It was incredibly well-executed for several reasons.


The mayor could have easily done a generic AMA and fielded questions from all Reddit users about what it's like being the mayor and his stance on a variety of political issues. But that would've entirely missed the point of what Mayor Peduto is trying to get out of these forums. He wants to interact with the residents of his city and talk about issues that are affecting them and ones that he potentially has the power to change. Hosting the AMA within the /r/Pittsburgh subreddit might not seem like a big deal, but it's a simple characteristic of this program that changes it from an interesting Q&A to democracy in action.


The staff was clearly prepared for this AMA. Each member of the government had their own Reddit account and all were verified by the Pittsburgh subreddit moderators. This made it very easy for people asking questions to know who their answers were coming from and that the answers originated from a legitimate, knowledgeable source. Based on the staff members' answers, they were also properly educated in how to interact with Redditors.

Thoughtful Answers

When it comes to AMAs, one of my biggest pet peeves is the host giving either short or canned PR answers (cough cough Woody Harrelson cough cough). The mayor and his staff took time to actually read the questions and give thoughtful answers. Often several staff members would answer the same question, all giving unique information and insight. Some of the answers also indicated the issues were being addressed immediately.


As one Redditor pointed out, "There were even some questions/suggestions posed that resulted in immediate/direct action (recycling, intersection issues, parking meter issues)." It's one thing to know you have a voice. It's another to know that someone is listening. 

Keys to Success in a Reddit AMA

The next time you're thinking about doing an AMA, remember to target the correct demographic, be prepared, and provide thoughtful answers. As part of his sign off, Mayor Peduto wrote, "They say democracy is an experiment - thanks for experimenting with us tonight." As different types of social media grow and change, we all have to experiment with them so that we can learn how to use these networks effectively. We can also look at case studies like this one to see how to do it well.

If you have the time, please read as much of the AMA as you can. I'm sure you'll learn something pretty incredible from it.

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No silver bullets

Buzz Machine - Fri, 2014-07-18 18:33

Lewis DVorkin performed a miracle with Forbes … almost. He almost rescued a dying brand, almost helped get it sold to a new owner, and almost rescued the Forbes family and its no-doubt-regretful investor Elevation Partners. I respect Lewis’ inventiveness and innovation. He has done the best he could with the brand he had.

But there’s only so much that can be done urgently with old media on the descent. As Steve Forbes himself said announcing the sale of a majority stake in his company to a group of Asian private-equity investors and cataloguing how his business used to be run: “The web has made this way of doing things obsolete.”

The Times, quoting unnamed sources, says the deal values Forbes at $475 million, but the Financial Times’ John Gapper properly asks:

I'd like to see proof that this deal valued Forbes Media at $475m

— John Gapper (@johngapper) July 18, 2014

Axel Springer, a leading European magazine publisher and digital company, was supposed to be interested in Forbes. But it and other media buyers dropped out early. Forbes had reportedly been hoping to sell the entire company for more than $400 million. That didn’t happen. Whatever the real valuation, given the buy-out of Elevation Partners — which had invested in Forbes in 2006 getting a reported 40% for $250-300 million, valuing the company then at under $750 million — and given the large chunk that Forbes is left with, I’d guess the family got something in the borderline nine figures. [I should add that as one commenter elsewhere points out, I'm not even trying to make a guess at such things as liquidation preferences for Elevation.] Not a deliriously happy ending for the Capitalist Tool, but — as people told me this week when I complained about turning 60 — it beats the alternative.

When DVorkin returned to Forbes in 2010, where he had been executive editor a decade before, with the purchase of his startup True/Slant, he brought with him what looked like a solution for a dying brand: He used that brand as candy to draw more than a thousand contributors to write mostly for free — the top few traffic attractors can make a decent buck — adding onto the work of a few score Forbes staff journalists. Thus he simultaneously exploded the quantity of content Forbes could serve while reducing the total cost of content to nearly nil. Now I’m all for media opening up to more voices, but let us acknowledge that not only the price but also the overall quality of Forbes content declined.

At the same time, the business side, headed by Mike Perlis, used that dying Forbes brand as candy for advertisers: Come appear on with your own pieces labeled “Brand Voice.”

I’ve long said that if you have to put a link next to a label saying “what’s this?” then the label clearly isn’t clear enough. This was a pioneering entry into the the so-called native advertising that is now overtaking media everywhere. Just as it was supposed to be the salvation of Forbes it is now supposed to save legacy media.

Beware the silver bullet. It can backfire.

The problem in the end for Forbes, I believe, is that the brand became even more devalued. I illustrate this very simply: Now, when I see a link to Forbes on Twitter, I don’t know whether it is going to take me to (1) the good work of a Forbes journalists, (2) the good work of a Forbes contributor, (3) the bad work of one of many Forbes contributors, or (4) the paid and wordy shilling of a Forbes advertiser, e.g.:

[Forbes] Korea's Entrepreneurs Garner Global Validation As Local 'Startup' Valuations Soar Into The Billions

— BN3WS (@BN3WS) July 18, 2014

Thus, I hesitate three beats before clicking on a Forbes link. That is the definition of a devalued media brand. And that is precisely what other media companies should fear as they more and more try to fool their readers into thinking that what we used to call advertising is now something else that can comfortably live under brands, enigmatically labeled.

The real lesson of Forbes is that there are no easy answers and quick solutions for transforming legacy media companies. DVorkin became a key tourist attraction for media executives touring New York. I know because I took many of them to meet Lewis. He generously shared his means and methods. But I also told these executives that the path was not without the peril I just described.

Media executives are looking for quick fixes still.

Tablets were going to save them, returning to them the control of user experience and business model the link had taken from them. Hearst Magazines has had some success with tablets. But salvation does not this way lie.

Pay walls were going to save them, finally recognizing the value of their content online. But as Gannett has learned, after grabbing cash flow the first year, growth stops. No Moshiach there.

Ad marketplaces were going to save them — or at least let them compete with Google. But programmatic advertising — those ads that follow you all around the web telling you to buy that kayak you looked at once on Amazon — commodify media. They value direct data about a customer over the context media provides — that is, it’s better to show a kayak ad to a kayak buyer than to buy an ad next to a kayak story. This is why I argue in the start of a white paper I’m finishing now that we must shift to a business based on known relationships with people as individuals and communities rather than as a mass.

Shifting to a relationship and service strategy over a pure content strategy will take not only urgency but also time, with much experimentation and failure and a need for patient capital — likely not the Hong-Kong-based private-equity investors Forbes now has, not the hedge funds that Digital First Media has, not the public owners that Gannett and Time Inc. have. This won’t be easy.

I’m not saying that DVorkin and Perlis ever thought that what they were doing was easy. But others did. They hoped that Forbes would show the way to a solution for all their problems. Well, so much for that. That way lies the skin of your teeth.

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Is Your Content Marketing Selfish?

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 15:47
Mike McGrail urges marketers to stop being selfish and produce content for their audience and not themselves. Content marketing advice for all!
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3 Musts to Consider for Your Next Promoted Tweet Campaign

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 15:40
Running a Promoted Tweet Campaign on Twitter soon? Learn about 3 things you should be considering when it comes to your targeting, ad formulation and bidding.
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6 Essential Strategies for YouTube Success

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 14:11
For fashion and beauty vlogger Bree Taylor, YouTube offers a wealth of opportunities to establish a brand online. Whether its individuals broadcasting themselves for extra cash or businesses creating original marketing content, people everywhere are drawn to the video hosting site. But in a world of content-overload and short attention spans, it can be difficult to successfully rope in subscribers.
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Is Stock Art the Fast Food of Online Marketing?

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 11:57
Is stock art the best thing that ever happened to the online world, or the worst thing that ever happened to art?
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Wearable Tech: Will It Ever End?

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 11:30
Brandwatch partnered with Brilliant Noise to analyze over 8 million online conversations around wearable technology, to find out what consumers really think about the tech trend and how they are discussing it. This blog showcases an infographic displaying the data findings, and discusses key trends including the top brands and products in the social buzz.
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Transmedia Storytelling: You Need a Plan, Man

Social Media Today - Fri, 2014-07-18 11:00
We tend to get so caught up in the story we want to tell, we forget about the audience. Delivering a message that resonates requires planning. Transmedia storytelling isn't just about the channels, it needs to include a great story that promotes conversation.
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Lexus STROBE Project: Art Motion Installation

Digital Buzz Blog - Fri, 2014-07-18 03:52
Check out ‘STROBE’ the latest instalment in the Lexus ‘Amazing in Motion’ series. Lexus have created the series of online videos to showcase their imagination and creativity. STROBE features stunt men and acrobatic performers in advanced LED light suits to tell the story of one man’s incredible journey across the Kuala Lumpur skyline at night. [...] Related posts:
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#SMTPowerTalk 7: CEOs in the Age of Social Media

Social Media Today - Thu, 2014-07-17 22:49
In a frank, wide ranging discussion Robin Carey, CEO of Social Media Today and Kara Wood, CEO of Succinct Social Media cover some of the most pressing issues CEOs face in the age of social media. The insights are as surprising as they are applicable to anyone trying to run a company today.
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Yo, and the Rise of the Gimmick Social Network

Social Media Today - Thu, 2014-07-17 21:23
On Yo, you can send your contacts a message containing only one word: “yo.” Launched 2 weeks ago and having already garnered a surprising $1 million in funding, Yo is the perfect example of a new trend in social media: the rise of gimmick social networks.
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Engagement Is Key for Digital Success Today

Social Media Today - Thu, 2014-07-17 17:57
Facebook has grown to over one billion monthly active users, and measured on its own would be the third largest nation on the planet. Twitter has evolved into a tool that can topple dictatorial regimes, spread rapid-fire news, and call supporters to immediate action. Shouldn’t non-profits and associations be focusing more attention harnessing this awesome power?
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The Promising Role of Social Listening in Treating Health Issues

Social Media Today - Thu, 2014-07-17 16:26
Pharmaceutical companies largely avoid social media involvement, cowering from regulatory wrath. They fear a loss of messaging control, privacy concerns and a lack of familiarity with community building. In addition, they struggle to quantify a return on investment. So how do they actually know what physicians are saying about their drug? Social media monitoring and understanding your stakeholders’ key demographics has never been more valuable.
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