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a monsieurwilly world - Thu, 2015-12-31 10:26
A big part of the download links are dead.
I'll not updating the blog in a particular order. If you want download more a track than another write it to me and I will download them progressively as your requests come and try to make an update in the following of your different requests. Use the comments section of this post to your request.

Don't forget that those tracks are only to promote my world as a DJ. Songs posted on this blog are only a way to make you to discover underground unknown black music without promotion and it's a tribute to history. The most part of those tracks are out of the business. If you're an artist or copyright holder and if you want to remove something because you don't want a free promo of your forget tracks, send an e-mail. If you're happy that we don't forget you, send an e-mail too !

Last thing, a thank you is free like what you gonna download !


Peace and havin' fun !

My Favourite Sound©™ Web Radio

My Favourite Sound Disco Blogspot - Sun, 2014-07-13 06:10
My Favourite Sound©™ Radio Web Radio 24hs a day for 7 days a week of non-stop music! Free Web Radio Channel - The right place for good music! We broadcast music on FM radio stations since 1977 MFS©™ Radio Channel 1 Current play: Loading ... Stream title: Bit rate: Server status: Source connected: Station time: Current playlist: Track details: - -

Andy's MFSRadio Show #3 - Nu Jazz

My Favourite Sound Disco Blogspot - Sun, 2014-07-13 06:06
Andy's MFSRadio Show #3 - Nu Jazz  Tracklisting: Happy Samba - Mark Murphy & Louis Van Dyke Trio Overdose - Phavia Kujichagulia Yellow Daisies - Fertile Ground Reverse - The Jazzinvaders Benign Beginning - Lamont Johnson Parenthe-Seizure - Sheila Landis The Sidewinder - Kai Winding Sombre Guitar - Danser's Inferno Makini - Sal Davis Masada - Nena I'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You -

MFSRadio Presents: Andy's MFSRadio Show #1&2

My Favourite Sound Disco Blogspot - Sun, 2014-07-13 06:05
MFSRadio Presents:  Andy's MFSRadio Show #1&2 MFS Show #1 Tracklisting: The Crown - Gary Byrd & The GB Experience 5.56 Chains - Gregg Diamond 12.29 Crying - Instant Funk 20.50 Hot For You - Brainstorm 31.18 We Got The Funk - Positive Force 36.47 Love Injection - Trussel 44.33 Keep Your Body Workin' - Kleeer 49.32 Dance Freak - Chain Reaction 56.04 I Specialize In Love - Sharon Brown 63.01

Re-Post: Gino Grasso - A tribute to Vince Montana for MFS Web Radio

My Favourite Sound Disco Blogspot - Sun, 2014-07-13 03:37
Gino Grasso A tribute to Vince Montana for MFS Web Radio ''A mix of Montana's Classics for MFSRadio Thanks to JP the Ape Man'' Note: All dj sets & other radio or podcast sets are programmed with the permission of the owners. These demo files are in a low bitrate only for promotion purpouse. If any owner of the copyright want to remove these demo files please send a mail to


Italo Deviance - Sat, 2014-07-12 09:03

" Break Out "Kiss Disco Rec. Italy (197?)-DL (follow the instructions below to unrar the file)
The Password to UNRAR the file is already posted on the Facebook's Group

The return of the bimbo

Electric Spanking - Fri, 2014-07-11 16:56
Fresh delivery ! Home recording with some pieces of wax as usual. No tracklisting, hunt the records.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Om Unit Presents: V.A. - Cosmology - Cosmic Bridge Records

Disco Safari - Fri, 2014-07-11 15:58

Om Unit Presents Cosmology. 9 tracks showcasing a new wave of beat production in the realm of Cosmic Bridge & label head Om Unit's signature "slow/fast" sound.

Curated by Om Unit for his Cosmic Bridge imprint the compilation features tracks from the first wave of Cosmic Bridge artists and includes 3 collaborations with label head Om Unit.
In 2 short years Cosmic Bridge has released material from Om Unit, Kromestar and Boxcutter and has given us Moresounds, EAN and Danny Scrilla; who after making their debuts for the label have gone on to make waves.
Unifying the Cosmic Bridge sound the compilation features grime and dubstep kingpin Kromestar's blend of deep dubstep romance and road-raw sci-fi boogie, Moresound's digi-dub and soundsystem modulations, former Various Production lynchpin EAN's rapidfire darkstyles and deft footwork jungle chops, Boxcutter's lush fusions of Footwork and Electronica, Danny Scrilla's forays into the unnamed airspace between dreadnought dub, halftime footwork & O.G '06 Dubstep and two appearances from Keysound's experimentalist 140bpm updater Epoch.
Highlights include a VIP version on Danny's Scrilla legendary 'X', Danny's collab with Om Unit on 'Gentrification' featuring the unwitting Giles from Foxton's Estate agency in Brixton plus Om Unit's jungle referencing collab with Moresounds, the long waited release of Kromestar's highly sought dub 'V7STX' and Epoch's revisiting of Om Unit & Danny Scrilla's 'Hunch'.
Om Unit's A&R sensibilities and his focus in pushing boundaries show in Cosmology's curation. Representative the label's catalogue, the diversity of styles on show across these nine tracks is unified by the talent of the producers involved.


1. Om Unit & Moresounds - Nuff Music
2. Kromestar - V7STX
3. Danny Scrilla x Om Unit - Hunch (Epoch Remix)
4. Danny Scrilla – X (VIP)
5. Moresounds - Sound Bizness
6. EAN - I Bus' The Mic
7. Boxcutter - Active Transformation (Feat. Star Fu)
8. Danny Scrilla x Epoch – Geometry
9. Om Unit x Danny Scrilla - Gentrification

PRIMITIVE WORLD / YOR - Obsession Recordings 002 - Obsession Recording

Disco Safari - Thu, 2014-07-10 14:09

Obsession Recordings presents their second release - a killer split EP between Primitive World and Yør.

Primitive World's 'Purple Caps' opens proceedings - a PCP laced exercise in paranoia, a jerking filtered loop oscilates around a thumping kick and intermittent percussive bursts, while looming minor chords offer the only brief respite from the heavily swung and distorted bassline. 'Tides Of Lust'' 's protean techno ups the urgency with the phantom punch of its caustic toms, skittering percussion and low-res tones that ride the steady pulse of the 808 subs.

'Rites Of Passage Pts. 1& 2' see Yør delivering steady neo-equatorial rhythms - pt1. finds A constant throbbing bass and ritualistic percussion cut through w/ suggestive whispers and breaths that weave throughout as the track vibrates with intensity, capped off by a restrained acid line and rolling snares.
Pt 2. rounds out the package with a cut both jacking and haunting in equal measure - just below the surface of the rolling 909 and post-detroit chords, are the rogue cry of the abstracted re rendered voices and whistling that swim through its duration.


A1. Primitive World - Purple Caps
A2. Primitive World - Tides Of Lust
B1. Yør - Rites Of Passage I
B2. Yør - Rites Of Passage II

listen here

BRENDON MOELLER - AS002 - Atrophic Society

Disco Safari - Thu, 2014-07-10 13:06

Atrophic Society welcomes Brendon Moeller for it’s second release, delivering 2 deeply textured and emotive technoscapes. Wielding a warbled bassline and synthetic bleeps with a masters touch, the title track meanders within a natural landscape, fuzzing and washing around descending chirps and following the call of a distant foghorn, leading us through the Passage to Obscurity. Vohkinne takes the delicacies of the original and hammers them into submission, where the original meanders the remix charges, bringing the distant foghorn into focus as a challenging and stubborn lead. Closing out the EP, Contents Under Pressure surges forward with an insistent Bleep, purging and cleansing itself through gnarling bass, never questioning its purpose as it takes you to a higher state.


A.   Passage to Obscurity

B1. Passage to Obscurity (Vohkinne remix)

B2. Contents under pressure

Mar De La Tranquilidad

Beat Electric - Thu, 2014-07-10 07:43

 Word was put out that a big Italo collection had been put out at the Rasputin chain of record stores in the Bay Area, but of course given my busy lifestyle by the time I finally got around to taking a look the vultures had already picked it over, bragging about their scores on my facebook page, whilst I was left with their scraps, fumbling around the Rasputin downtown that all the crack heads wonder in to. That being said, perhaps they missed this one, or simply didn't consider it worthy considering the other prizes on offer, but I was pleased to come home with it as a consolation none the less.

 Azul y Negro were a Spanish electro duo, that I suppose if you grew up in Spain in the 70's and 80's you would have heard of, but are new on me. They are sort of a Spanish equivalent of the Pet Shop Boys perhaps. This balearic sounding instrumental was actually on a Disconet DJ pool LP which came pre-mixed, so I cut it out and faded the song before a Norma Lewis track kicked in.

Azul y Negro - Mar De La Tranquilidad

C.P.I. (Hugo Capablanca + Marc Piñol)

Italo Deviance - Wed, 2014-07-09 08:49

C.P.I.El Túnel / Proceso (incl. Barnt Remix)(Hivern Discs, 2014)


Italo Deviance - Wed, 2014-07-09 07:46

my favourite songs byTHE CREATURES" Kid Robot Dance / Machine's Drama / The other World's Robot "

N.O.I.A. - The Rule To Survive 31th Anniversary - N.O.I.A. Records

Disco Safari - Tue, 2014-07-08 16:55

Italian band N.O.I.A. was amongst the first electronic music groups to emerge in the late seventies and early eighties alongside peers like Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. Nowadays they are re-releasing their back catalogue alongside a carefully curated selection of contemporary remixes and this latest package features two tracks, ‘Rule To Survive’ and ‘Time is Over Me’ with remixes from Kirk Degiorgio, Prins Thomas, Gaudi & The Orb and Baldelli & Dionigi.
In their time N.O.I.A. released on labels like Italian Records, had success both in the live arena but also in the studio and were always evolving throughout their active years, from a raucous and abstract sound into a more accessible outfit that were successfully on the Italian, German and Belgian dance markets.
First up is “The Rule To Survive” (Looking For Love), originally produced by Oderso Rubini and mixed in 1983 by Tony Carrasco at the Regson Sound Recording Studios in Milan. It’s a shiny disco cut with tons of bright synth lines, a real instrumental groove and fantastic melodies that shimmer like a hot sun. Nu-disco king pin Prins Thomas is the first to remix and does so in his usual epic, proggy, rock style with even more guitar licks and reflective synth lines.
Long time techno mainstay Kirk Degiorgio and the man behind London’s Machine parties with Ben Sims then reworks the track into a slow-mo bit of techno with whip lashing percussion, cosmic synth work and a healthy 80s vibe that harks back to the original.  Italo Disco legends Baldelli & Dionigi then get to work on the same track, slow it down even further and rebuild it in magical layers of arpeggiated synths before dropping some heavily filtered vocal lines for the true kraut-disco feel.
The second track on this EP is a previously unreleased one dating back to the second half of the 80s. “Time is Over Me”, written by Bruno Magnani and, up until now, recorded only on the old “8-track” stored away in the Piatto brothers’ studio-loft is a truly lush, dreamy and breezy bit of disco with clean and crisp vocals, loveably tinny drums and intergalactic melodies that cannot fail to cheer you up. As well as instrumental and a classic 80s dub version,  Gaudi and The Orb turn out a robotised version that is more driven and direct for the dancefloor, with groaning basslines, meandering synths and plenty of dramatic drum tumbles.  It’s full of far from banal reggae and electronic citations and atmospheres and closes out an EP that reminds us of some forgotten classics at the same time as providing the world with some amazing contemporary reworks from some of the best in the game.


1.The Rule To Survive (Original Mix)

2. The Rule To Survive (Original Instrumental)

3. The Rule To Survive  (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)    

4. The Rule To Survive (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)

5. The Rule To Survive (Baldelli & Dionigi Remix)

6. Time is Over Me (Original Version)

7. Time is Over Me (Original Instrumental)

8. Time is Over Me (Dub Version)

9. Time is Over Me (Gaudi & The Orb Remix)

LURKA - Holding Ep - Black Acre

Disco Safari - Tue, 2014-07-08 15:25

Bristol acetate carver and drum major, Lurka launches his Black Acre debut with three unpredictable Drum machine battle drills. Kicking off with ‘Holding’ a technoid inflected dancehall pounder with a relentless low-end theory. The anxious heartbeat littered with schizophrenic percussion and alarm bells bursting into an undead army marching anthem. With ‘Nah So’ we are back on slightly more familiar turf, crushing kick drums perform the body blows under intricate hi-hats programming. KMT the most meditative of the three with nods to Alan Howarth’s bleak synthesiser work while high-fiveing Schooly D’s drum machine.


1. Holding
2. Nah So
3. KMT

Os Death From Above 1979 vão mesmo lançar um disco novo

musicometro - Tue, 2014-07-08 13:59

Não é um mito urbano. Os Death From Above 1979 estão mesmo de volta às origens e anunciaram o lançamento de um novo disco ainda este ano.

A dupla canadiense tem apenas um LP lançado – “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine”, de 2004 – que se tornou a sua obra seminal e, apesar de não ter sido um sucesso comercial, tem vindo a ser uma grande influência em qualquer banda que se preze e surgiu desde então.

Após cinco anos de afastamento, Jesse F. Keeler e Sebastien Grainger juntaram-se novamente para concertos em 2012, altura em que foi confirmado que os DFA1979 iriam lançar um novo álbum. O cepticismo instalou-se após alguns percalços durante essa tour, que não permitiram revelar algumas das novas músicas em que estariam a trabalhar.

A prova irrefutável surgiu esta semana, no final do programa de rádio de Zane Lowe na BBC Radio 1. Com o título “Trainwreck 1979″, este é o primeiro avanço do tão aguardado LP “The Physical World”, que será (esperamos nós) lançado em Setembro deste ano através da Last Gang Records. Para ouvir em cima. Centenas de vezes.

E para quem quiser relembrar “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine”, aqui fica, na íntegra.

What Is The Paradise Garage?

Italo Deviance - Tue, 2014-07-08 10:44

Paradise Garage may have closed in September of 1987, but the legacy it left behind spans generations. On May 11, 2014, a block party was held in front of the club's former home in SoHo. The street was spilling over as thousands paid their respects to the Garage and legendary DJ Larry Levan. During its ten years, the Garage defined what dance music has become today, and one man's musical style and taste provided the soundtrack to an era. See why millions of fans around the globe have a special place in their hearts for Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage.

Bobby Pierce's Introducing Bobby Pierce (Cobblestone Rec.1972)

My Favourite Sound Disco Blogspot - Tue, 2014-07-08 07:42
  Bobby Pierce ''Introducing Bobby Pierce'' ( LP Cobblestone Records, 1972 ) Catalog # CST 9016 Tracklisting: A1 Think 8:26 A2 Here, There, Everywhere 5:12 A3 I Remember Ray 3:56 B1 Mr. P.C. 4:13 B2 Wichita Lineman 5:12 B3 To Newport With Love 5:03 Personnel & Credits: Bass – Bob Cranshaw (tracks: A2, B2) Drums – Roy Brooks Guitar – Pat Martino Organ, Vocals – Bobby Pierce Saxophone [Tenor


Italo Deviance - Mon, 2014-07-07 23:12

From Spaziale to I:Cube, this is a selection of 5 summer mixtapes you should have with you this summer. * 3 mixtapes to make love on the beach* 2 mixtapes to dance on the beach

Mrs. Blythe

Thelma Jones – 1978 – Thelma Jones

Funk My Soul - Mon, 2014-07-07 16:38

Rip and Research by Mr.Moo Posting and additional info’s by Nikos The first album from Thelma Jones – and a real standout set from mid 70s Columbia! The record is a sweet blend of southern and modern soul, with some fantastic arrangements by Bert DeCoteaux, who also produced the set in a wonderful way that lets Jones retain the deeper qualities of her vocals, but also glide nicely on some warmer modern touches. There’s a really unified feel to the whole record, and tracks are a range of work by 70s song writing greats that include Sam Dees, Leon Ware, Grey & Hanks, and Gamble & Huff. Features the excellent single How Long, her signature tune, the Brad Shapiro produced ballad Salty Tears, and a whole lot of sides overseen by Bert DeCoteaux, the best of which – the mid tempo I Can Dream, and a trio of Sam Dees songs including …

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