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a monsieurwilly world - Thu, 2015-12-31 10:26
A big part of the download links are dead.
I'll not updating the blog in a particular order. If you want download more a track than another write it to me and I will download them progressively as your requests come and try to make an update in the following of your different requests. Use the comments section of this post to your request.

Don't forget that those tracks are only to promote my world as a DJ. Songs posted on this blog are only a way to make you to discover underground unknown black music without promotion and it's a tribute to history. The most part of those tracks are out of the business. If you're an artist or copyright holder and if you want to remove something because you don't want a free promo of your forget tracks, send an e-mail. If you're happy that we don't forget you, send an e-mail too !

Last thing, a thank you is free like what you gonna download !

Peace and havin' fun !


Diddy Wah - 2 hours 50 min ago

mp3: The Royaltones - Seesaw

I posted a The Royaltones' single about two years ago. So, since I've already covered a few of the important factoids surrounding this instrumental group from Detroit, I won't repeat them. Seesaw was released in 1959 on Jubilee Records. Despite being an interesting sounding, swinging instrumental, the fickle record buying public didn't take to it, so Seesaw failed to reach the chart heights it probably deserved.

Rose Royce – 1977 – In Full Bloom

Funk My Soul - Mon, 2014-09-01 06:43

As strong as any of the songs featured on 1976′s Car Wash soundtrack, Rose Royce’s 1977 outing,II: In Full Bloom, allowed them to fully shine in their own right and on their own terms. Although their early incarnation as Total Concept Unlimited had paired them with Motown labelmates the Temptations and given them clout in the label stable, it was the addition of powerhouse vocalist Gwen Dickey and continued pairing with über-producer Norman Whitfield that brought the band into their own. Packed with tight funk jams and horn-heavy construction, tempered only occasionally by Dickey’s sweet ballads, II: In Bloom is a disco-funk masterpiece — a pure fusion of both genres that works better than it has a right to, courtesy of both the band’s own confidence and Whitfield’s artful magic. The wistful and absolutely sublime ballad “Wishing on a Star” opens the set and should have been a chart-heavy hitter. …

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Download: Him Lo Da Inappropriate – Complimentary Snacks Album

Unkut - Mon, 2014-09-01 04:48

The Conservative Rap Coalition is proud to present the new Him Lo Da Inappropriate album, Complimentary Snacks, hitting you in the face with a broken beer bottle on some non-progressive, anti-social beats and raps type shit. You’re either with us or against us.

Download: Him Lo Da Inappropriate – Complimentary Snacks Album

Back cover:

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What's going on Labor Day? (Fool's Gold Day Off, Peter Gutteridge, Mega Bog, MV and EE, Woodsman & more

Brooklyn Vegan - Mon, 2014-09-01 04:00

Danny Brown @ Pitchfork 2014 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

Danny Brown, A-Trak, French Montana, AraabMUZIK, The Lox, Brenmar, DJ Hoodboi, Falcons, Yung Gleesh, World's Fair, Nick Catchdubs (w/ B.I.C.), Shash'u, Black Dave, Grandemarshall @ 50 Kent
If you're looking for some all-day fun to finish off your Labor Day, the annual Fool's Gold Day Off, happening at outdoor Williamsburg venue 50 Kent this year, should quench that thirst. As usual, it's a stacked lineup of electronic music and hip hop, headlined by the great Danny Brown (playing for his third year in a row). Also on the bill is veteran NYC trio The LOX (aka Sheek Louch, Styles P and Jadakiss), upcoming Queens crew World's Fair, hotshot producer AraabMuzik, label co-heads A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs (the latter joined by rap crew B.I.C.) and plenty more.

Peter Gutteridge, Mega Bog, Iji, EZTV @ Palisades
Peter Gutteridge spent time in original line-ups of both The Clean and The Chills before starting noise-rock band Snapper in the early '90s. In 1989, he put out a solo album, Pure, which was reissued recently by 540 Records and which he'll be performing in full at the show. Also on the bill: Seattle's Megabog and IJI, plus local jangle/powerpop band EZTV.

MV and EE @ Baby's All Right
MV & EE, aka duo Matt Valentine and Erika Elder, have collaborated with J. Mascis and members of Chelsea Light Moving in the past and released new album, Shade Grown, earlier this year. If you dig jammy trips through droning atmospheres and psych-rock guitar noodling, that should be in effect tonight.

Jozef Van Wissem, Woodsman, Ancient Ocean @ Baby's All Right
If you are coming to see MV and EE, you might consider sticking around for this later set: Woodsman will released their self-titled third album earlier this year via their new home Fire Talk. The band make bold steps into mid fidelity on this one and it suits them well. It's rhythm-heavy in a Can/Neu! kind of way, still with their dark, droning textures swirling around. Gothy lutenist Jozef Van Wissem headlines.

Christines, VANIISH, Interval, Winkie @ Glasslands
You can finish up your holiday weekend -- if you're not wiped out -- with an evening of goth and shoegaze at Glasslands. San Francisco's VANIISH (members of Wax Idols and Soft Moon) are playing their first of two NYC shows tonight, with glide guitar experts Christines, INTERVAL and Winkie, as well as Weekend's Shaun Durkan on DJ duty

Smoke Fairies @ Rough Trade
With their name alone, UK folk act Smoke Fairies conjur up images of early '70s rolling green, wistful dreamy melodies and the like. The band's new album heads a little more into adult contemporary territory, but their harmonies still beguile.

DJ Marfox, DJ Cortega, DJ Underdog, Kashaka @ Output
Portugal electronic musician DJ Marfox just played Warm Up this past Saturday, but that wasn't the only chance you'll get to see him during the day outdoors during this long Labor Day Weekend. He plays Output's roof this afternoon, 2 PM start.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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remainder of Electric Zoo shut down due to weather

Brooklyn Vegan - Sun, 2014-08-31 21:06

a rainy Electric Zoo emptying out (via @daninthemoon)

NYC EDM festival Electric Zoo began yesterday (8/29) on Randall's Island, but as you can see in the tweet above, the remainder of the festival has been cancelled due to weather. The people at E Zoo continue, "We apologize to fans, but your safety is our main concern" and "please follow all NYPD and #EZoo security instructions. Thank you!"

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"United" by Music Makers

DreamChimneyTrackoftheDay - Sun, 2014-08-31 20:05
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Lil Bibby – Free Crack Vol. 2

DiscoBelle - Sun, 2014-08-31 19:09

Chicago rapper Lil Bibby with one of the best mixtapes of 2014. Grab “Free Crack Vol. 2″ below.

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by
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Bad boys and girls of rock'n'roll radio

Diddy Wah - Sun, 2014-08-31 17:19
From Link Wray to Etta James, this Diddy Wah radio show celebrates the bad boys and bad girls of rock'n'roll. Two Version Excursions and a whole load of trouble. Tune in!

Evian Christ & SOPHIE playing Warm Up afterparty at 88 Palace w/ Nguzunguzu

Brooklyn Vegan - Sun, 2014-08-31 16:28

Evian Christ

This summer's Warm Up at MoMA PS1 series goes out with a bang this Saturday (9/6) with a killer lineup of Evian Christ, SOPHIE, Lone, Forest Swords and a special guest (who Evian Christ says "is pretty special lol"). Tickets are still available.

After Warm Up, Evian Christ and SOPHIE will keep the party going at Chinatown's 88 Palace at 11 PM with Nguzunguzu and The Deep. Tickets for the afterparty are on sale now too.

Both Evian and Sophie have other dates. All are listed, with streams, below...

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If you can read this page, then that means you are based in a universe where 20Jazzfunkgreats is operational.

20 Jazz Funk Greats - Sun, 2014-08-31 16:28


It could be very different. You could be in a universe where 20jazzfunkgreats lives in a constant 503 state. Or in a universe where 20jazzfunkgreats publishes complex analyses of the physics of crabcore1. Or in a universe where 20jazzfunkgreats is operational, thanks to a top notch digital infrastructure funded through advertising, product placement and other forms of revenue generation.

But you aren’t. You are in a universe where 20jazzfunkgreats is more or less the way it was when it came into existence ca. 10 years ago, a universe where 20jazzfunkgreats spreads its Sundays scowling at passing children from the window of its manor, while its considers alternative scenarios for the evolution of Planet Earth, if only the multi-dimensional dice that shape cultural change had landed differently.

But before you start feeling lucky, consider this:

If you can read this page, then that means you are based in a universe where ERE Electronique 1988 video game ‘Captain Blood’ didn’t become the blueprint for a new and weird phase of interactive entertainment that would support mankind in the next stage of its evolution.2 In other words, you are not based in a world where creating a H.R. Giger inspired game about an Errol Flynn obsessed video game designer exiled in hyperspace who has to hunt 5 of his clones to reconnect with humanity, by building the trust of alien species using an alphabet of 150 icons and navigating fractal landscapes wasn’t ‘the way things are done.’

Oh, and using an excerpt of Jean Michel Jarre’s Ethnicolor for the title credits.

Instead, you are based in a universe where such things are considered oddities, weird experiments described in the footnotes of a history of the evolution of the medium which take us to a current situation where a significant proportion of the game-playing public behaves online in a way reminiscent of the mindless tendrils of abominable putrescence one encounters crawling down the dimly lit caverns of Dark Souls’ Blight Town.


Jean Michel Jarre – Zoolooklogie

Zooloklogie is also featured in Zoolook, the album whence Ethnicolor was extracted, and sounds like the theme tune for Miami Vice if Miami Vice was set in a gnostic world where, after the awakening of the collective intelligence and the convergence of all languages, the only regulated commodities were complex epistemological concepts that can send its citizens into paradoxican Gödel loops where a contemporary visitor might see echoes of ‘breakdancing’.


1 Crabcore as in emaciated youngsters squatting over their guitars like priapic frogs, not the version we prefer, that EDM sub-genre developed by the secretive arthropod visitors H.P. Lovecraft alluded to in “Whisperer in Darkness’ (we have analysed the physic of that modality of crabcore several times; in fact, one of the purposes why we started this blog was to analyse that modality of crabcore).


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Ten Essential 80′s Rap B-Sides

Unkut - Sun, 2014-08-31 09:50

These are ten essential 80′s b-sides, from the time when the 12″ single truly reigned supreme. “La Di Da Di” isn’t included as it’s basically a double A-side single for all intents and purposes. Technically “Ego Trippin’” also started out as a b-side on the second pressing of “To Give You Love,” but those are so scarce it barely warrents a mention.

Public Enemy -The B-Side Wins Again

The version on Fear… lacked whatever it was that made the original version so great, as the Spectrum City crew took it back to that Long Island sound clash era.

Latee feat. 45 King -Puttin’ On The Hits

45 King is always welcome on the mic, while Latee delivers nothing short of gold as usual.

Big Daddy Kane -Wrath of Kane

A fine installment in the friendly rivalry between Kane and G Rap for verbal supremacy.

Divine Sounds -Do Or Die Bed Stuy

Memorable DJ on the mic moment from the mid 80′s.

Public Enemy -Rebel Without A Pause

Easily one of the most important rap records ever made.

MC Shan -The Bridge

The birth of Queensbridge rap as we know and love it.

Ultramagnetic MC’s -A Chorus Line

The debut of Timothy Blair and a triumphant showcase of Ultramagnetic’s dominance following their flawless first album.

LL Cool J -Jack The Ripper

The first memorable ethering on record.

Ultramagnetic MC’s -Mentally Mad

Another fine testament to Kool Keith, Ced Gee, Moe Love and TR in their prime.

Audio Two -Top Billin’

The hit that Milk and Giz continued to remind us of forever, thanks mainly to Daddy-O’s brilliant studio mess up when programming the drums.

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Carol Williams

Beat Electric - Sun, 2014-08-31 04:03

 Carol Williams was the first female solo artist on Salsoul, she had a handful of singles that did pretty well through the 80's and has spent the past twenty years or so on the disco revue circuit, doing throwback parties and oldschool themed events at casinos and the like.

 Her biggest underground hit, Can't Get Away (From Your Love), gets a lot of CD compilation and internet love, and rightly so as its one of the best, but the 12" single is getting a little harder to come by and I haven't seen the instrumental around anywhere so I'm putting that up, and as an added bonus a couple of her heavier unreleased tunes from a series of sessions she did in 1983.

Carol Williams - Can't Get Away (Instrumental)
Carol Williams - 60 Yard
Carol Williams - Have You For My Love
Carol Williams - I'll Do Anything

What's going on Sunday? (Crocodiles, SISU, Weed Hounds, Gingerlys & more)

Brooklyn Vegan - Sun, 2014-08-31 04:00

Crocodiles in 2013 (more by Dylan Johnson)

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

Crocodiles, SISU, Young Boys @ Baby's All Right
Crocodiles just put the finishing touches on their new album and are headlining this family affair kind of night, with opening slots from SISU (featuring Sandra and Jules of Dum Dum Girls) and Young Boys who are signed to Crocodiles/DDGs-owned label, Zoo Music.

Darto, Weed Hounds, Gingerlys, Ice Balloons @ Death by Audio
Seattle's sludgy Darto headline this bill that also features the back-in-action Weed Hounds, and jangly shoegazers Gingerlys.

Vulture Shit, RadRadRiot, Slavve, Dead Waves @ Palisades
Little Rock, AK's loud and wild RadRadRiot are the sole out-of-towners on this local bill of noiseniks and indie rockers.

Electric Zoo @ Randall's Island
It's the final day of EDM festival Electric Zoo on Randall's Island, if you're into that sorta thing. Alan Fitzpatrick plays the afterparty at Output.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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"Asagao" by Ikue Asazaki

DreamChimneyTrackoftheDay - Sat, 2014-08-30 20:05
Far Eastern.
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"Die Libellen" by Kosmischer Läufer

DreamChimneyTrackoftheDay - Sat, 2014-08-30 20:05
Volume Two by Kosmischer Läufer
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Mineral played their first show in 17 years at Austin's Mohawk with Jess Williamson (pics & setlist)

Brooklyn Vegan - Sat, 2014-08-30 19:26

photos by Tim Griffin

Mineral @ Mohawk - 8/17/2014

Veteran emo band Mineral are reuniting for their first tour in 17 years, which begins with four sold-out NYC shows next week (starting 9/4). However, like American Football did in Chicago, the Austin band decided to bless their hometown with a surprise show last night (8/29). Billed as "The Parking Lot" (whose name is a Mineral song and whose logo resembled The Power of Failing's artwork), Mineral strongly hinted on their Facebook that it would be them, and opener Jess Williamson later revealed it on Instagram, writing:The secret's out: I'm very honored to announce that tonight I will be opening for "The Parking Lot" which is all the members of Mineral playing Mineral songs. Just me and my band at 10 and then they play at 11. EndSerenading was one of my favorite records as a wee little 14 year old girl trying to find my angsty place in the word. You can probably still email me at so honored and excited for tonight!!Doors for the show opened at 9 PM, and the line was already down the block by 7. The show (a benefit for SXSW Cares) took place in the venue's smaller indoor room, and was (of course) entirely sold out. Mineral split the set pretty evenly between their two full lengths, though leaned a little more heavily on EndSerenading, and also included both sides of the "February / M.D." single. Were you one of the lucky ones who got in? How was it?

Mineral's tour begins in proper at NYC's Saint Vitus on September 4, followed by three nights at Bowery Ballroom. All four of those NYC shows are sold out, but you can get tickets to most other tour stops (including the New Haven, CT stop) at their website.

More pictures of Mineral's first show in 17 years, including one of the setlist, below...

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