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Today Marz Leon shares “Fire”, her 2nd single &...

Welikei Indie - Thu, 2014-07-24 00:21

Today Marz Leon shares “Fire”, her 2nd single & a track that burns slowly with intensity. Co-produced with High x Land, “Fire” “is only further proof that Marz is an incredibly rare breed: fiercely individual & quietly commanding. Just a few weeks ago, Marz shared her debut single “L O N E R,” a dark & contemplative track showcasing Marz’s sultry vocals + penchant for songwriting.

Stay tuned for her upcoming 7-track EP, out later this summer.

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Microsoft Says It Isn’t Abandoning Xbox Music, Promises It Will Suck Less Shortly

Tech Crunch - Thu, 2014-07-24 00:18
 During Microsoft’s earnings call yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella indicated that his company would “streamline” its work in music and video. That was interpreted in some cases to imply that Microsoft was walking away from Xbox Music, its beleaguered Spotify competitor. Read More
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SK8OPIA – Skate Ethiopia

afrigadget - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:58

These are great news from our Ethiopia-based partner iceaddis: a student recently designed a new wheel for skateboards that can be produced in Ethiopia – made and designed in Africa. Reinventing the wheel? Eh!

Bauhaus product design student Daniel Scheidler presented his bachelor project on affordable and locally appropriate vehicles for individual transport in Ethiopia. Through extensive field research in Addis Ababa, Daniel concluded that new roads of good quality have been built across the city and the country, but owning a car is still far too costly for the great majority of the population, while the public transport system (buses & taxis) on the other hand is overcrowded. Derived from personal experience in the skateboard scene, Daniel’s proposed solution is a locally adapted type of skateboard, as a viable option for the daily transport needs of the urban masses.

Of central importance to the concept is the wheel, which was especially designed for easy production with locally available materials. Up until now, any complete wheel on the Ethiopian market, be it for bicycles, wheelchairs or skateboards, has been an expensive import from abroad. Daniel’s prototype relies on a core out of spray foam insulation, cast with a reusable mold and supported by a fiberglass coating and leather or rubber from used tires. The wheel design is meant to be gradually enhanced and adapted through the iterative process of small-scale local manufacturing.

See it all in action here (@ 01:33):

(via icebauhaus, thx!)

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Social Startups: HelpAround Lets Healthcare Providers, Brands, and Retailers in on the Diabetes Patient Discussion

Social Media Today - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:55
“Research has shown that peer support drives medical outcomes,” says Yishai Knobel, CEO and co-founder of HelpAround, the first mobile platform for people with diabetes—and their friends, family, and caregivers. “Yet there hasn’t been a healthcare industry after-care solution that helps patients by connecting them to each other. We harness the superior trust, empathy, and camaraderie within the diabetes patient community, allowing members to discover peers who truly ‘get it.’”
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More than just a pretty face: American Apparel finally appoints a woman to the board

Adland - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:43

WSJ announced that American Apparel Names New Board in Step to Resolve Leadership Crisis, the crisis being that Dov Charney's sexist and abusive ways have finally caught up to him.

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Life On Kim Kardashian’s D-List

Tech Crunch - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:38
 Is there anything Kim Kardashian can’t sell? The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game is now #1 in the App Store with a 5-star rating and more than 140,000 reviews. It’s slated to gross an estimated $200 million in annual revenue and the stock price for the company that created it, Glu Mobile, has nearly doubled in the last month! I’d been hearing about this game for a couple weeks. Read More
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Microsoft Parodies “I’m Sexy And I Know It” And It’s The Worst

Mobile Crunch - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:20
 The OneNote team has been active lately, making their product free across all platforms, and hosting a successful Reddit AMA session that included an adorkable verification video. Then they decided to reach. Small tip: If you are technology team in any capacity, either a tech-focused VC group, a phone company, or a software development team, leave the parodies to Weird Al and the singing to… Read More
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Microsoft Parodies “I’m Sexy And I Know It” And It’s The Worst

Tech Crunch - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:20
 The OneNote team has been active lately, making their product free across all platforms, and hosting a successful Reddit AMA session that included an adorkable verification video. Then they decided to reach. Small tip: If you are technology team in any capacity, either a tech-focused VC group, a phone company, or a software development team, leave the parodies to Weird Al and the singing to… Read More
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Bill Cosby: Hooray for the Salvation Army Band/ Ursalena (WB 7096)

Classic 45s - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:11
Year: 1967
Condition: M-
Price: $12.00

This followup to Cosby's hit, "Little Ole Man," has music straight out of "Purple Haze," though the lyrics conjure a different mood. Note: This copy comes in a vintage Warner Bros. Records factory sleeve. The B side label has a small date inked on it.
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Iron Butterfly: Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way) (Atco 6782 dj)

Classic 45s - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:11
Year: 1970
Condition: M-
Price: $25.00

Stereo/Mono promo copy. By the time of this great single (their last chart hit on Atco), the band had moved full-tilt into a heavy metal mode. Note: This copy comes in a vintage Atco Records factory sleeve. The Stereo label has light ringwear.
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Hombres: Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)/ Go Girl, Go (Verve Forecast 5058)

Classic 45s - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:11
Year: 1967
Condition: M-
Price: $10.00

This great Huey Meaux-produced single (he also produced Sir Douglas Quintet, among other Southwest bands) also has a not-to-be missed rocker on the flip. On this copy, the producer credits are on the right rather than below the artist's name, and the parenthetical part of the title is the same font as the songwriter credits, one of several variations that exist. Note: The labels have very light ringwear, and the vinyl has a few light scuffs.
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Flying Machine: Smile A Little Smile for Me/ Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long (Congress 6000)

Classic 45s - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:11
Year: 1969
Condition: M-
Price: $9.00

Classic Sunshine pop hit from 1969. But for those who think the hit was too soft, take a listen to the lively early-Beatles-esque flip, 'Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long.' Very much worth the price of admission. Note: The labels have very light ringwear (see scan), and the vinyl is lightly scuffed. The audio is near mint, but I did hear some light surface noise near the beginning.
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Crazy Elephant: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'/ Dark Part Of My Mind (Bell 763)

Classic 45s - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:11
Year: 1969
Condition: M-
Price: $10.00

Be sure to check out the crazy, Zappa-esque psychedelic flip side. Clearly, the guys were tired of bubblegum when they did this session and ready for something a little more adventurous! Note: The B label has a small date written on it, so unobtrusively that I didn't notice it the first couple of times I handled the 45. The audio is mostly mint, but I heard a couple of light pops near the beginning. The A label type is slightly smeared in places — a common defect on this kind of Bell Records label (see scan).
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Tide Washing Machine Cleaner "Dirty little Habit" (2014) :30 (USA)

Adland - Wed, 2014-07-23 23:03

Geddit? Habit??! Nun's habit? Anyone?
Oh, never mind.

This cute-ish spot features a very guilt-ridden nun who had no idea the washing machine was so dirty. Thanks to Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, now she does.

Country:  Commercials: 
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The Server Needs To Die To Save The Internet

Tech Crunch - Wed, 2014-07-23 22:56
 Do we have the Internet we deserve? There’s an argument to say that yes, we absolutely do. Given web users’ general reluctance to pay for content. We are of course, paying. Just not with cold hard cash, but with our privacy — as digital business models rely on gathering and selling intel on their users to make the money to pay (the investors who paid) for the free service. Read More
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A Definitive Examination of the Metaphorical Representation of SHIT in Advertising.

Copyranter - Wed, 2014-07-23 22:50
"Complex Shit", by Paul McCarthy, 2008.
Constipation. Diarrhea. Explosive Diarrhea. We've all had them. We will all continue to have them. Thus, Shit Manipulation is big business. But how does one visually address such a disgusting topic in ads? Let's take a figurative look up your asshole.
Dulcolax. "Only You Can Set Them Free."(click image to enlarge)
Above is a new ad just pushed out the PR poop chute this week by McCann China. Dulcolax is one of the world's leading laxative brands, made by $15 billion German pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim. The anthropomorphized "Shits" here are imprisoned in your anus, as you can see. The Shits have eyes. A couple of the Shits have boobs. Child Shits are present. One of the Shits, the one marking the days on the "prison" wall has been up your ass a long time. If you've ever had a colonic, you know this is accurate. The brown shading here is well done.The "prison" execution, however, is not an original one in Shitvertising. (It's even been done before, using an anthropomorphized Sperm, to sell condoms in Brazil.)
Dulcolax. "Set It Free." (click image to enlarge)
The above Dulcolax ad was done by Saatchi & Saatchi Italy back in 2009. (There's also a "chicken" layout.) Saatchi went for the more tasteful visual approach of showing your stuck Shit still in its pre-digested form. The protest sign headline/product shot is a nice touch. Still, I prefer McCann's artwork. There are no original ideas anymore, anywhere, ad infinitum, etc.
Dulcolax. "Rats"(click image to enlarge)
Borrowing heavily and suspiciously from "Ratatouille", this 2009 Dulcolax ad by Callegari Berville Grey in Paris is some funny shit. The Shit here of course is an unseen roaring subterranean river. Note the rat with Mickey Mouse ears, and another one with an "End Is Near" sign.
Dulcolax. "Rollercoaster" This is a student concept ambient piece from 2012, via South Korea.Here, you, the people, play the part of—thanks to Dulcolax—fast-moving Shit.

Dulcolax. "Moses"(click image to enlarge)We will end the Dulcolax run, so to speak, with this biblical 2009 ad via Brazil, titled (by me): "Let my people the bathroom." Here, the Dulcolax package is Moses, the pills are the Ten Commandments tablets, the Red Sea is your colon, the Jews are foodstuffs (uh, Shit), and Canaan is a toilet.
I can't even, as you young people say.
Bisolax. "Because Shit Is Not Worth Collecting."
(click images to enlarge)
Next: here's a rather graphic campaign from last year via Thailand for Bisolax, a smaller laxative brand popular in the country. (ad agency: KingKong, Bangkok). We have a trophy on the wall Shit, and a commemorative plate Shit. If you can provide me with proof that these ads were approved by the client and actually ran in a publication, I will eat Shit.
Bisolax. "Lamp Post."
Staying in Thailand, this is a Bisolax ad from 2005, by BBDO Bangkok.We have an anthropomorphic Mom Shit grabbing her Child Shit, because it's...TIME TO GO.
Levolac. "It's so easy to do a poo..."
Translation:"Even if you're constipated, no need to feel ill-fated.It's so easy to do a poo with Levolac helping you."
Back to 2007, and a Finnish TV spot for Levolac (by agency Bob Helsinki). Here you, the people, again play the part of pieces of Shit. The revolving door and train scenes are fine, but the trees scene is a bit forced, so to speak.
All-Bran. "Do It. Feel It."
This 2007 commercial is, in my estimation, the best piece of American Shitvertising ever created. The three Shit metaphors are perfect: The steel beam; the barrels seemingly rolling right out of the man's ass; and finally, the "shitload" of bricks. Excruciatingly painful sign off line. Still, bravo, Leo Burnett, Chicago.
Activia. "Release Yourself From Constipation."(click image to enlarge)
Activia yogurt campaign from 2012, by Y&R Mexico (there are also cow and sheep versions). It's similar to the prison ideas, with the animals playing the part of stuck Shit. Maybe just eat less meat? The tiny opening is of course your asshole.
Senokot Laxative. "Hitler"
SHITLER, I guess. Ad from 2012 by EuroRSCG Johannesburg.
Imodium. "Subway"
Lastly, a couple of executions form the other end of the Shitting spectrum, so to speak. In this 2010 Imodium ad by JWT Spain, the good people of Tokyo play the part of Shit (in this case Diarrhea). But: this photo would work better for a laxative, not a costive, right? This is some weak-ass Shit.
Imodium. "Golfer"This ad, from 2011 by JWT Canada, doesn't really fit the criterion of the post, as Shit is represented by actual Shit. But I just thought it was funny.
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Twitter’s Diversity Report Is More Of The Same

Tech Crunch - Wed, 2014-07-23 22:28
 Twitter released its diversity numbers on Wednesday afternoon after mounting pressure from civil rights groups — and they’re pretty bad if you’re not a white or Asian guy. Overall, Twitter’s employees are 70 percent male and 30 percent female. However when you look specifically at employees in tech, the gender gap grows, and 90 percent are male. Read More
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Facebook Share Price Hits All-Time High Of $75 After Hours Thanks To Strong Q2 Numbers

Tech Crunch - Wed, 2014-07-23 22:22
 Facebook’s stock infamously took a nosedive in the months following its public debut in 2012 after analysts wondered if the social network was too overhyped in its IPO and employee share lockups expired. But those days now seem a distant memory. On the back of a strong Q2 report, Facebook stock is at an all-time high in after-hours trading. It’s been creeping up for the last hour… Read More
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shredding with slugs is a new meme, but Slugdge is no joke

Brooklyn Vegan - Wed, 2014-07-23 22:15

by Ian Chainey

Prince / Slayer's Kerry King jamming on slugs

According to me, slugs are the most terrifying thing on the planet. Crawling bags of snot? Yeah, pass. Even typing the word makes me want to pour a protective circle of salt around myself at all times.

So it's with the utmost horror that I pass along the new Tumblr Slug Solos. The collection is courtesy of @michaelmphysics, the same brain behind Bass Dogs. The concept? Simple: "Some guitarists' solo faces look like they've just realised they're holding giant slug creatures." He's right. I've also soiled myself. You can check out a few of Michael's more (like the Prince one above) below, and see the rest here. The Kerry King one is our own creation though.

That said, there are some slugs I can get down with. A couple weeks back, Invisible Oranges reviewed Gastronomicon, the newest album by death metal band Slugdge. The theme is as nutty as the name, sliming up Lovecraftian tales about an ancient species of interstellar/inter-dimensional, you guessed it, slugs. Here's a taste of the lyrics:Rhaexorog the lord of all, protector of what lies beyond/the greatest of the chosen ones, anointed of the netherslugs!But don't let appearances make you think this is just a gimmick. Slugdge actually rip, like a crazy combination of Carcass, Demilich, Edge of Sanity, and Arcturus. All hail Mollusca the Greatfather.

More pics from Slug Solos appear below along with streams for two Slugdge albums.

Continue reading "shredding with slugs is a new meme, but Slugdge is no joke" at brooklynvegan

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Elon Musk Lays Out Future Plans for Tesla

Triple Pundit - Wed, 2014-07-23 22:11
In a recent interview with AutoExpress magazine, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company's future plans, which include a lower-priced Model 3 and upgrades to the original Roadster.
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