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Link Heavy. Muxtape

Dork Magazine - Mon, 2008-03-31 07:50

Link Heavy. Muxtape: Muxtape is a great new site. We’ve been waiting for something like this for a while. The service makes it super easy to put together your own mixtape. Justin Ouellette created the program and we think it has the potential to change the way people find out about new music.

The site’s best feature is the personal URL you get once your tape is done. It’s the perfect thing to put in your email signature or forward to friends. Listening to a personal playlist is like diving into a person’s subconscious (not really). Muxtape is going to be really popular, really soon. We were so excited that we decided to put together our own mix. Check it out.

Make your own muxtape [Here]

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Film. Paranoid Park

Dork Magazine - Thu, 2008-03-27 02:24

Film. Paranoid Park: Life’s all about choices. That’s definitely an obvious observation, but it's a truism often realized after you’ve made a horrible decision. One night Alex, a teen from the suburbs of Portland goes to Paranoid Park, an infamous skate park on the rough side of town – weird things happen and someone ends up dead. He decides to say nothing.

Paranoid Park is a brilliant examination of mood. The film’s naturalistic aesthetic and unstable, herky-jerky cinematography capture the alienation and pain one feels when they have a dark secret. Ultimately, Paranoid Park is about the possibility of personal redemption and its transformative effect.

Dork recommends Paranoid Park. View trailer [Here]

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