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What's going on Tuesday? (Blonde Redhead, Interpol & more)

Brooklyn Vegan - Tue, 2014-09-02 04:00

Blonde Redhead @ Webster Hall 2010 (more by Chris Gerbeck)

Interpol @ FYF Fest 2014 (more by Adela Loconte)

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

Interpol @ The Met's Temple of Dendur
Interpol's new album, El Pintor, is out today and the band are celebrating with this special show amongst the ruins of The Met's Temple of Dendur. Sold out, as is their Bowery show later this week.

Blonde Redhead @ Rough Trade
Blonde Redhead's new album Barragán, their first in four years, is also out today and they're celebrating with this in-store at Rough Trade. You need to buy the LP or CD today (store opens at 11 AM) and that gets you two wristbands to get into the show.

Mal Blum, Worriers, Arm Candy, Chandeli'ers, CCTV @ Death by Audio
The Measure [sa] is over, but Lauren Denitzio now makes similarly great poppy punk in her band Worriers. If you like them, you might wanna catch Arm Candy too.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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Chinese Internet Giant Tencent Invests $70 Million In Healthcare Group DXY

Tech Crunch - Tue, 2014-09-02 03:42
 Chinese Internet giant Tencent has invested $70 million in DXY (also known as Ting Ting Group), which claims to be the largest online healthcare service community in China. In return, Tencent will receive a minority equity stake in DXY. Read More
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A First Look at the iPhone 6

Hyperbeast - Tue, 2014-09-02 03:41

As anticipation builds for the next generation of iPhone devices from Apple, we get a rare first glimpse at the iPhone 6 courtesy of Russian YouTube user, Rozetked. Featuring a 4.7-inch newly remodeled body, the iPhone 6 is placed side-by-side to the iPhone 5s as the camera captures a detailed look at the assembled parts. Also incorporated, is a bigger and thinner overall build, curved edges, and a relocated power button. Set to be officially introduced at Apple's September 9 event with a possible 5.5 inch counterpart in addition to the iWatch, the technology giant already has consumers eagerly looking forward to the next chapter of mobile phones.


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Matt Story's Ultrarealistic Paintings

Hyperbeast - Tue, 2014-09-02 03:35

L.A.-based artist Matt Story has the unique talent of creating hyper-realistic artworks which capture a moment in time and look as detailed as photographs. Having worked as a technical illustrator and graphic artist in film and television, Story now focuses on his oil paintings, using traditional techniques on canvas to produce the stunning works. Enjoy this selection from his "Water" series and head over to his website to see his city and landscape paintings which are equally as impressive.

Click here to view full gallery at

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Apple's Top 10 Reasons Why They Reject Apps

Hyperbeast - Tue, 2014-09-02 03:33

Having always championed transparency, Apple has released what will likely be the first in a series of updates centered on providing feedback and support for the average consumer and/or developer. The first post addresses the "top 10 reasons for app rejections" and an accompanying chart graphically distinguishes rejected reasonings. For the reasons included in the top 10 list, the chart visually represents the percentage of apps that fall victim to not fulfilling the specific requirements. Head over to Apple for the full read and share your thoughts regarding the list below.

Click here to view full gallery at

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How To Present A Successful Hackathon Demo

Tech Crunch - Tue, 2014-09-02 03:00
 It’s sad to stay up for three days building something awesome only to bomb the demo presentation. It’s no surprise it happens: you’re exhausted and racing to finish your project, with little time to plan your words, and only a few minutes to say them. So here’s some advice on how to give a great hackathon presentation. Read More
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Grind London 2014 Fall/Winter "Not For You" Lookbook

Hyperbeast - Tue, 2014-09-02 02:53

Grind London presents its latest offerings via this 2014 fall/winter "Not For You" lookbook. The playful collection encompasses a number of tops such as jackets and tees down to legwear. Utilitarian, workwear jackets are paired with tees that incorporate illustrated motifs and patterned button down shirts. Notwithstanding the temperature change in the colder months, we also find a range of basic sweats with contrasting Grind London branding. Scroll through the lookbook and head over to the brand's online store now to purchase the pieces.

Click here to view full gallery at

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Watch the latest visual eye-candy by the creative Icelandic...

Welikei Indie - Tue, 2014-09-02 02:39

Watch the latest visual eye-candy by the creative Icelandic force Steed Lord directed by their very own beat-maker Einar Egilsson aka Mega.

“Curtain Call” is the 1st single of their forthcoming follow-up album The Prophecy pt.2 which is the second chapter to their 2-piece album project coming out later this year.

"This cinematic clip takes you on a journey into the mind of a heartbroken soul who’s trying to cope with a lonely reality…"

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The story of Gorgon City is a perfect microcosm of the story of...

Welikei Indie - Tue, 2014-09-02 02:31

The story of Gorgon City is a perfect microcosm of the story of how 21st century dance music coming in from the cold. Kye Gibbon & Matt Robson-Scott are 2 young men who each separately jumped in to clubland’s deepest + choppiest waters (at a time when halfway-decent club culture was as fragmented as it’s been the last two decades & entering a period of extreme marginalisation) + learned to swim the hard way. Since then they’ve become skilled navigators of its currents, observed as streams converged & split again, & more by accident than design were perfectly prepared to ride its current waves of mainstream popularity.

Gorgon City’s debut album Sirens is being released on October 6th via Black Butter. The lead single, “Unmissable” featuring Zak Abel precedes it on September 29th. The video was directed by the much in demand young British – Swiss director Ben Strebel (Jaevon / Dornik / Phoenix) + tells the classic story of boy meets girl & the feelings you experience in that instant, unmissable moment of mutual attraction & how you must grab it with both hands.

In addition to this, Matt & Kye are incredibly excited to announce details of their mammoth 30 date live tour in support of their debut album this coming autumn. The fully live show - which will feature a whole host of guests who also feature on the record – takes them across the UK & Europe in November + December. 1st though, they kick off a 12 date DJ tour of N. America on October 9th in Miami which finishes up in LA on the 25th. The live show then starts up in Manchester on November 7th & takes them through London on the 15th for a show at The Forum & finishes up with a show in Paris on December 20th.

See HERE for the live Gorgon City experience at this years’ R1 Big Weekend.

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NEIGHBORHOOD x retaW 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Hyperbeast - Tue, 2014-09-02 02:29

Having previously worked together on two different scents, NEIGHBORHOOD and retaW supplement their previous endeavors with a full range of collaborative items for Fall/Winter 2014. The NUMBER ONE* and NUMBER TWO* scent tags are present once again and are joined by a corresponding candle, hand soap, reed diffuser oil, fragrance fabric liquid, and lip balm. The entirety of the co-branded collection is now available at NEIGHBORHOOD dealers.

Click here to view full gallery at

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Volkswagen: Charge Up For e-Golf App Challenge

Digital Buzz Blog - Tue, 2014-09-02 01:58
Check out this new campaign from Volkswagen which utilizes the charging hardware on smartphones to interact and power an app! So by doing what people do every day, charging their phone, the Volkswagen ‘Charge Up’ for e-Golf app and deliver receive a raffle tickets to people when they charge their phone, for the chance to [...] Related posts:
  1. Volkswagen Golf 7: 3D Projection Mapping Event
  2. Volkswagen Golf GTI: The Fastest YouTube Ad
  3. Volkswagen Hands on Challenge
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The Rig Out & Reebok Classics Present "Give Me Your Classics and I'll Show You The Future"

Hyperbeast - Tue, 2014-09-02 01:56

The Rig Out highlights Reebok with the introduction of this brand new editorial and film. Dubbed "Give Me Your Classics and I'll Show You The Future," the piece looks at the way in which the pioneering brand has shaped modern sportswear, as well as British youth culture, since its evolution out of J.W. Foster and Sons back in 1958. Directed by Antony Crook with cinematography by Lol Crawley and a voiceover from Paul Popplewell, the editorial and video are set in Bolton and Manchester -- the birthplace of Reebook -- and coincide with the upcoming September 4 release of the retrospective Reebok Classics brand book.

Click here to view full gallery at

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Fly6 Bicycle Tail Light Records What is Going On Behind You

Uber Review - Tue, 2014-09-02 01:54

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time on the saddle will know that it is a jungle out there. Every time you take the bike on the road you are throwing yourself into a potentially fatal mix of aggressive drivers, bad drivers and bad luck. Having a camera won’t help with the last variable, but it can help you gather evidence against the first two. The Fly6 does just that, in a particularly clever fashion.

The Fly6 is a tail light with an integrated camera and microphone. The camera continuously shoots 15-minute segments in 720p, with a a wide angle (130º) lens – recording them on an 8GB (included) microSD card. The recording loops, to spare you the hassle of cleaning up the memory card every time it fills up. What separates it from the wide range of traffic cameras on the market is that it is made for cycling – it features a water-repellent coating to keep it safe from the elements and has a 5-hour battery life.

Below is the video from the Fly6′s Kickstarter project,

Fly6 Kickstarter Video from fly6 on Vimeo.

For other live videos of the Fly6 in action, check out this page.

Price: $159

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FreeCharge, Which Gives Users Coupons For Charging Their Mobile Plans, Raises $33M Series B

Tech Crunch - Tue, 2014-09-02 01:30
 FreeCharge, an India-based online platform that lets user earn coupons when they add money to their prepaid mobile phone plans or pay utility bills online, has raised a $33 million Series B from returning investor Sequoia Capital, as well as Sofina, and RuNet. Read More
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LinkedIn Is Quietly Retiring Network Visualization Tool InMaps

Tech Crunch - Tue, 2014-09-02 01:21
 A little autumn cleaning underway at LinkedIn. The company is quietly retiring InMaps, a tool that let you map out how your LinkedIn network looks. A notice on the InMaps homepage notes that today, September 1, is the last day for you to use it, and that it is being discontinued so that LinkedIn “can focus on developing new ways to visualize your professional network.” As of… Read More
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Paper-shaped Water Bottle is Messenger Bag Friendly

Uber Review - Tue, 2014-09-02 00:36

Carrying your own water is good for the environment and everything, but it isn’t exactly good for the paper contents of your bag. If you have tossed a water bottle in your bag before, you will have no doubt had the experience of turning a loose piece of paper into a crumpled mess – or worse, a soggy crumpled mess. The folks behind Memobottle hope to change all of that by releasing a bottle that is the same shape as industry-standard paper: A4, A5 and Letter.

Regarding capacity, the A5 bottle carries 750mL (25 oz), while the A4 and Letter bottles let you carry 1.25L (~42 oz) – pretty standard stuff. If you fill it with booze then it is enough for a small party.

Prices: The Memobottle is a Kickstarter project, but it has been successfully funded. $20 nets you an A5 bottle, $30 gets you one of the bigger ones.

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When Does Uber Become Cheaper Than Owning A Car?

Tech Crunch - Tue, 2014-09-02 00:00
 Thanks to the proliferation of local transportation services like Uber, we’re entering a world in which people have less reason to drive everywhere they need to go. But at what point will it become less expensive to rely on someone else to drive you around rather than driving yourself? Read More
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6 Ways Eco-Labels Can Help Us Stay Sustainable

Triple Pundit - Mon, 2014-09-01 23:34
Eco-labels may not sound like the most exciting topic at first. But when you look a bit more closely, it's easy to see that labels and certifications are the backbone of any sustainability claim, whether it's a product or practice. Of course, navigating the wide world of eco-labels can be confusing at times. To clear things up, this week we rounded up six ways eco-labels can help consumers and businesses stay sustainable -- no matter what their interests are.
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Survey: Furniture Companies Dropping Flame Retardants

Triple Pundit - Mon, 2014-09-01 23:34
It's been a good month for sustainable furniture advocates in California. The state's recent update of TB 117, which in effect allows furniture manufacturers to drop flame retardants from their product ingredients, is having a noticeable effect on the industry, according to the Center for Environmental Health. At the same time, California Senate took another step toward ensuring new flammability standards will be ready to go by Jan. 2015. All of this was bad news for chemical company Chemtura, which filed suit against the state to stop TB 117. A tentative ruling released last week rejected the criteria for the challenge, calling it "absurd."
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Tables, Tablets, Data And Eating

Mobile Crunch - Mon, 2014-09-01 23:00
 Restaurants as we know them have remained the same for over two hundred years, and fables about amazing restaurant tech have inevitably leapt to futuristic ideas: robot waiters, food printers, talking refrigerators. Today’s reality is far more interesting and complex than those sweeping visions. A tsunami of technology, both from established industry providers such as POS and IT… Read More
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