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Gizmodo UK - 43 min 6 sec ago
I don’t always get ill, but when I do I catch something seriously nasty. I guess I must have a fairly strong immune system, because I tend not to come down with things that incapacitate other people. When I do, it takes me completely out of commission for a few days. Fortunately 21st century writing [...]
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DeLorme announces inReach Explorer

Coolest Gadgets - 43 min 39 sec ago

When it comes to dedicated GPS navigation devices, this seems to be a sunset industry, considering the navigation capability that smartphones and tablets alike these days sport. Well, I am quite sure that it has ended up as a niche market. Case in point, DeLorme has just unveiled their latest generation of inReach devices, calling it the inReach Explorer, which will target stores some time in early May, where it will builds on DeLorme’s award-winning technology in order to ensure that outdoor adventurers, offshore boaters, hunters, aviators, travelers and workers will be able to remain connected regardless of where they go.

The inReach Explorer is not only able to deliver messaging, tracking and SOS capabilities, it is also capable of letting users view, create or navigate routes and waypoints. There is the presence of an easy-to-follow map view that shows off the various routes, waypoints, tracks and messages geo-located onscreen for backtracking or self-rescue. In addition, a built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer sensors will work in tandem to ensure accuracy while providing heading and bearing information, accurate elevation readings, speed and other useful trip statistics.

Apart from that, DeLorme has also announced the launch of Freedom subscription plans for the entire slew of inReach products, where users will need to pay for the satellite service only when they need it, all on a monthly basis. This ought to make it more attractive, being a Pay As You Use model that will not strain one’s monthly financial burdens.

Michael Heffron, CEO of DeLorme, shared, “inReach Explorer is the first personal satellite communicator to bring together the power of navigation with truly global SOS alerting, GPS tracking and two-way text messaging in one rugged, waterproof device. For people whose recreational activities or work takes them to remote locations without reliable cellular coverage, inReach Explorer is a single, lightweight device that can help them navigate, communicate and seek help in the event of an emergency.” The inReach Explorer will retail for $379 a pop if you’re interested.

Press Release
[ DeLorme announces inReach Explorer copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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AdRoll Raises $70M Led By Foundation As Ad Tech And Retargeting Hit The Big Time

Tech Crunch - 1 hour 10 min ago
 AdRoll, a pioneer of online advertising retargeting (the technology that pushes you ads for products that you have viewed online previously), is today announcing a major round of funding: $70 million, which AdRoll plans to use to capitalise on the current surge of interest in ad tech as a way of getting better return on dollars invested in digital marketing. The round is one of the biggest for… Read More
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Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent

Geek Alerts - 1 hour 23 min ago

Geeks and camping usually don’t fit well together. You tend to get Nature all over you and your hi-tech toys stop being fun when the batteries die. The Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent will make sure your geek goodies keep providing the entertainment, although you’ll still have to go down to the lake to wash […]

Ewok Big Face T-Shirt

Geek Alerts - 1 hour 35 min ago

If you love Ewoks, you’ll want to get this Ewok Big Face T-Shirt and honor these furry little creatures. This cool shirt puts Wicket’s face on your chest. You either love these little guys or you hate them. If you are in the former camp, you will want this shirt. Before you know it, you’ll […]

Choosing a Social Media Platform

Cool Infographics - 1 hour 43 min ago

Released about a year ago, the Choosing The Most Effective Social Media Platforms infographic was published by Edge Media and designed by Infographics.SG.  Photos, video, articles or text?  Depending on the type of content you are generating, your choices for effective social platforms are different.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn. Etc. So many social media platforms. And so little time. (And manpower. And ideas.) 

There are costs involved to maintaining a social presence. It is vital for brands / companies / organisations to market on the right platform(s) in order to optimize their resource allocation. 

Use this infographic to help you choose the most efficient social media platform(s) according to factors like your goals, target audience and capabilities.

 The design includes a good mix of data visualization methods and the bold colors are eye catching to the audience.  However, some of the charts are difficult to understand.  The polar grid used for the “What Do You Aim To Achieve?” section does not clearly communicate the information to the readers.  I also the the colors should have been color-coded to be relevant to the specific social media brand colors. 

They also leveraged the infographic content into a SlideShare presetnation.  This allows them to utilize the content they already created on another social platform to reach a different audience.

Choosing the most effective social media platforms - A brand guide from Infographics SG


Thanks to Brian for posting on Google+

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Electronic Monocle Uses Biofeedback to Track Your Favourite Websites

Gizmodo UK - 1 hour 43 min ago
The internet is a fire hydrant of content. Keeping track of the pages you enjoy is a pain. A team of UK design students has a conceptual solution: Amoeba, an electronic monocle that files away the pages you find most interesting, as measured by your biofeedback response. It’s the emotion-tracking Google Glass you always wanted! [...]
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Iron Man 3 Movie Large Tin Tote Lunch Box

Geek Alerts - 1 hour 51 min ago

Lunch is going to be amazing when you pack it in this Iron Man 3 Movie Large Tin Tote Lunch Box. This Iron Man 3 lunch box is so awesome that Tony Stark himself would use it. It features an image of Iron Man, blasting away at a bad guy as well as multiple images […]

Batman 1966 Barris Batmobile Wacky Wobbler

Geek Alerts - 2 hours 3 min ago

Buckle up and hold on tight because the Batman 1966 Barris Batmobile Wacky Wobbler is ready to power up the atomic turbines and rocket into your collection of retro Bat goodies. The Batmobile, designed to look just like the car created by George Barris for the popular TV show, includes a Wacky Wobbler Batman based […]

Rechargeable Bottle Light

Geek Alerts - 2 hours 14 min ago

Now you can make your drinks look like the star of the show with the Rechargeable Bottle Light. It will turn your bottles into works of art. This clever light will create a cozy, improvised table light that will give you the perfect ambiance lighting. It is shaped like a cork with a super bright […]

Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set

Geek Alerts - 2 hours 25 min ago

This Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set is the bomb. No, really. You get a bomb-shaped pen and an explosion-shaped sticky note pad. The pen is weighted so it’s always in the “about to blow up” position. This is a good looking pen and note pad set. Explosive even. Bomb Pen and Explosion Note […]

The Periodic Table: A Visual Guide to the Elements

Geek Alerts - 2 hours 36 min ago

Wondering what to get your favorite science geek for his birthday? The Periodic Table: A Visual Guide to the Elements is the perfect nerdy gift. It’s educational and informative. This fascinating book is a beautiful presentation of all the elements and each element gets at least a two page spread full of info and great […]

Guardians of the Galaxy 20 oz. Ceramic Mug

Geek Alerts - 2 hours 43 min ago

Everybody start jamming to ‘Hooked on a Feeling.’ The Guardians of the Galaxy 20 oz. Ceramic Mug gives the intergalactic rogues the chance to serve you your coffee… and if you don’t understand the song reference you really need to watch the movie trailer because it’s the music that makes that film preview rock. The […]

Advanced Concrete Could Last More Than a Century Without Maintenance

Gizmodo UK - 2 hours 43 min ago
A new water-repellent concrete impregnated with tiny superstrong fibres promises to leave roads and bridges free of major cracks for up to 120 years. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee civil engineers have developed a concrete mix that is durable and superhydrophobic. They call it Superhydrophobic Engineered Cementitious Composite (SECC). Preventing normally porous concrete from absorbing water means [...]
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This Bionic Ankle Walks Like it’s Alive

Gizmodo UK - 3 hours 43 min ago
The human lower leg is a marvel of biological engineering—it lets you have a long, strong stride while minimising exertion and joint strain. But conventional spring and hydraulically-driven prosthesis worn by amputees offer no such benefit and can cause osteoarthritis-inducing skeletal strains. The BiOM T2 system aims to rectify that. The last time we discussed [...]
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How Milllennials Spend Their Money (Infographic)

Mobile Youth - 3 hours 55 min ago

How Millennials Spend Their Money (click for full size)

Also Check Out These 5 Youth Infographics 5 Ways Youth Are Critical to Tech Companies Today? * How youth influences the adult consumer market
* The impact of youth Super Influencers in marketing
* Our Mobile Future and the role of youth in shaping it
* Selfie Culture Explained: how can we understand the future of technology through how youth use it today?
* The 3 Reasons Youth Are Important to Your Business

5 Resources to Get Up to Speed on the Youth Market Today * Digital Native or Disconnected Generation: how can we understand youth today?
* Youth Buyology: The Why of Youth Purchase Decisions (manual)
* Youth and Word of Mouth Motivations (research)
* Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: The Role of Youth in the Future of Social Media
* The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation (book)
"A compelling exploration of how the mobile youth culture revolution is driving our increasingly social and mobile future"
- Derek Baird, Director Product Development, Disney

"This book offers instant texture to anyone confused by the core technology driver"
- Edward O'Meara, SVP Wunderman

"What makes this book such a great read is that’s it’s written as a narrative in the life of different young people around the world"
- Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village

* Kindle/iPad version from Amazon
* Paperback from Amazon
* PDF download online
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Nike Magista Available Soon on NIKEiD

Hyperbeast - 4 hours 12 min ago

Nike Football sent shockwaves through the football world earlier last month when it unveiled the Magista football boot (seen here). For the first time, Nike engineered its revolutionary Flyknit technology for football and redefined the aesthetic and performance elements of the football boot. Due to its responsive and lightweight nature, the seamless Flyknit upper offers athletes enhanced touch, control and traction when the ball is in their possession. The premium boot will be offered up with an extensive range of customizable options to choose from as it hits NIKEiD -- firm ground or soft ground plates, solid color overlays or a transparent overlay to expose the Flyknit technology, graphic options on the swoosh, lace swaps and professional personalization touches such as jersey number, name and country flag. The Nike Magista boot will be available to customize over at NIKEiD on April 29.

Click here to view full gallery at

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Nas Teams Up with Google and Microsoft for Tech-Based Scholarships

Hyperbeast - 4 hours 22 min ago

General Assembly, a private technical school in New York has created a new fund designed to increase minority participation in the tech world, and it's receiving help from none other than Nas. The hip-hop artist has enlisted the help of Hirepurpose and tech giants Google and Microsoft to help fund the new initiative. Nas' own Queensbridge Venture Partners will fund scholarships aimed at African-Americans and Latinos, while Google's contributions will help fund women's scholarships and Microsoft and Hirepurpose will fund scholarships for veterans.

For more music-related news, check out HYPETRAK.

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Audi TT Offroad Concept

Hyperbeast - 4 hours 24 min ago

Audi's TT model has been central to the brand's primary mid-range sports-car offerings for the past decade and a half. Now, for the Beijing Motor Show, the German automotive powerhouse has flipped the TT into a new offroad concept, featuring a hybrid engine that puts out 408 horsepower. A more and more common occurrence for all-wheel drive hybrids, the concept TT splits the propulsion between a front-located 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder combined with a 40-kilowatt electric motor, and for the rear axle an 85-kilowatt electric motor. The contours of the cabin resemble Audi's Q3 model, yet the offroad TT possesses a lower profile with larger 21-inch wheels and a redesigned bumper. While the concept shows a road-ready exterior that might look out of place amongst other more experimental concepts, Audi has no plans to put this new ideation into production, but these new images do hint at how a more rugged TT model could be introduced.

Click here to view full gallery at

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