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a monsieurwilly world - Thu, 2015-12-31 10:26
A big part of the download links are dead.
I'll not updating the blog in a particular order. If you want download more a track than another write it to me and I will download them progressively as your requests come and try to make an update in the following of your different requests. Use the comments section of this post to your request.

Don't forget that those tracks are only to promote my world as a DJ. Songs posted on this blog are only a way to make you to discover underground unknown black music without promotion and it's a tribute to history. The most part of those tracks are out of the business. If you're an artist or copyright holder and if you want to remove something because you don't want a free promo of your forget tracks, send an e-mail. If you're happy that we don't forget you, send an e-mail too !

Last thing, a thank you is free like what you gonna download !

Peace and havin' fun !

"John Wayne" by John Martyn with David Gilmour

Figured I'd post something from this gig eventually. Hard call to choose a track from so many epic jams. John is on fire on this one and trading licks with David. Also like the soprano sax on this one. Oh, to be in that audience
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Will Developer Tools Startups Ever Find Investors?

Tech Crunch - 7 min 54 sec ago
 Venture capital is an industry in which the exceptions are often more important than the rules. For many years, investors believed in a golden rule that software was the key to minting returns, leaving hardware as one of the most underinvested areas of venture. Then things changed as new technologies like 3D printing allowed hardware startups to accelerate their product design, and several… Read More
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How Tiny House Villages Could Solve America’s Homeless Epidemic

Inhabitat - 37 min 57 sec ago

Could the tiny house phenomenon solve America’s homeless epidemic? Andrew Heben, urban planner and professional tiny house builder, says it can. His new book Tent City Urbanism: From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages explores the growing trend of American tent cities and how micro housing villages could transition people out of homelessness for good.

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Weekend Summer Inspiration + Best of Web

Design Sponge - 38 min 5 sec ago

Above photo by @two13vintage.

You guys—September is a week away. If that sentence doesn’t make your blood run cold and your soul want to hide in a corner, I don’t know what will. Seriously—where did this season go? Although summer’s official end date (at least up here in the Northern hemisphere) is September 22, there’s something about the shift in tone after Labor Day that sounds the death knell for summer. Still— I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom—there’s one more week, after all! So, to kick off your last-ditch efforts to soak up the sun for summer’s last hoorah, we’ve collected some more of our favorite submissions to the #DSSummer feed. May they fuel your weekend adventures, your Labor Day festivities, and your end-of-summer blowouts. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! xx Max

Above photo by @bethkellmer.

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


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Tame Impala sold out Beacon Theatre, add 2nd date (on sale)

Brooklyn Vegan - 38 min 47 sec ago

Tame Impala in California in 2013 (more by Chris Tuite)

Tame Impala recently announced a tour with Delicate Steve which hits NYC on November 9 at Beacon Theatre That show went on sale today and immediately sold out, but the band have now added a second date happening a day later (11/10) at the same venue. Tickets for the newly-added show are on sale RIGHT NOW so act quick (update: or they will be soooon).

Updated dates are listed below...

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No One Nominated The Galaxy S5 For The Ice Bucket Challenge, Samsung

Tech Crunch - 42 min 36 sec ago
 Just stop, Samsung. Stop. The Ice Bucket Challenge is designed to raise awareness for a horrible disease, not sell your phone. It doesn’t matter that you, Samsung, donated money to a UK organization fighting the same condition as the ALS Association. To degrade a worldwide movement to a phone advert is just about the worst thing possible. Read More
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Cha-Ching: 5 Domestic Skills That Will Save You Money

Apartment Therapy - 1 hour 8 min ago

No matter how small your paycheck, you can always save money by doing things yourself that you would otherwise pay someone else to do. Below are five skills you should have in your domestic toolbox, ideally when you're just starting out on your own, but it's never too late to learn (and to save).


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Deafheaven release new song, "From the Kettle Onto the Coil"

Brooklyn Vegan - 1 hour 11 min ago

Deafheaven at Pitchfork Fest 2014 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)

The newest Adult Swim single comes from post-metal rippers Deafheaven, who have recorded the new track "From the Kettle Onto the Coil" that you may have seen them play this year's Pitchfork Music Festival. The track will be available for free download on Monday (8/25) at Adult Swim's site and you can stream it now, below. P4k also posted a video of them playing it at Pitchfork Fest, which you can watch below too.

Deafheaven's tour hits NYC on September 14 at Music Hall of Williamsburg with No Joy and Indian Handcrafts. Tickets for that are still available. They also play NY's Basilica Sound Scape.

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7 Million Bats Killed by White Nose Syndrome: How You Can Help

Inhabitat - 1 hour 16 min ago

We’ve reported on the white nose syndrome (WNS) afflicting and killing bats across the U.S. for a few years now. However, the latest estimates from the Defenders of Wildlife put the number of bats killed by the disease near seven million. The population of the northern long-eared bat alone has reduced by almost 99 percent of 2007 levels. In response to the devastation wrought on this particular species, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has sadly decided to do nothing for another six months! Read on to find out how you can help campaign to get this species protected under the Endangered Species Act, before it’s too late.

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Orenda Fink released a new LP, touring (dates & video)

Brooklyn Vegan - 1 hour 24 min ago

by Andrew Sacher

photo by Bill Sitzmann

Orenda Fink's been quite the prolific Saddle Creek artist for the past decade-plus. She spent time in the now-defunct (and missed) Now It's Overhead, she's in the long-running Azure Ray, has done one-off collaborations like Art in Manila (with members of The Anniversary, The Good Life and more) and O+S (with a member of Remy Zero), and has put out a handful of solo albums as well. Her newest, Blue Dream, came out this week (8/19) via the Omaha label and it's more of her quality work. It's singer/songwriter alt-pop made both with electronics and organic instrumentation. She's mentioned Kate Bush was an influence and that definitely shines through. Check out the video for "Ace of Cups" and stream another album track, below.

Orenda will be going on a tour from September through November. The tour stops in NYC for CMJ, but the exact shows she'll be playing that week are still TBA. Stay tuned.

All dates are listed, with the video and stream, below...

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White House Cybersecurity Czar Is Total N00b (And Proud Of It)

Read Write Web - 1 hour 27 min ago

Only in Washington, DC could a lack of technological know-how be a positive thing. In a city where people prefer to vote for charismatic politicians over intellectuals, White House cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel sees his lack of expertise as a selling point.

"Being too down in the weeds at the technical level could actually be a little bit of a distraction," he told Gov Info Security. "You can get enamored with the very detailed aspects of some of the technical solutions. And, particularly here at the White House ... the real issue is to look at the broad, strategic picture and the impact that technology will have."

Daniel, who describes himself as “not a coder” is an unlikely appointed official to oversee the White House’s national cybersecurity strategy and policy. Most senior policy makers, as Vox observes, have advanced degrees in the fields they operate in. The surgeon general is a medical doctor, the attorney general has a law degree, and the head of the federal reserve has a degree in economics. And honestly, would we trust them as much if they didn’t?

In his own words, Daniel has a degree in public policy, but says he has little experience in programming or protecting computer networks from attacks. We can trust him to make policy, but probably not as the one in charge during a national cybersecurity emergency.

The situation echoes that of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) coordinator Michael D. Brown. It wasn’t until Hurricane Katrina that it came out that Brown had inadequate experience in disaster management and was forced to resign after his botched handling of the situation.

It would take a cybersecurity equivalent of Hurricane Katrina to put Daniel’s skills to the test, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Photo of Michael Daniel courtesy of CSIS

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Night Drive – Where I End And You Begin (Radiohead Cover) (Video)

DiscoBelle - 1 hour 31 min ago

After Austin based dance act, Night Drive, surprised us with this fantastic reworking of Radiohead’s classic, ‘Where I End And You Begin,’ they’ve done it again with this unexpected video version. Created by the groups good friend, Robert MacCready of Production For Use, the video relies heavily on syncopated visuals and splashes of extreme color.

Download the tune below and keep your eyes peeled for their next official single, due out sometime in October.

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Neighborhood mailbox stickers let communities display items they have to share

Springwise - 1 hour 32 min ago
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If those nostalgic for the pre-digital age are to be believed, neighbors used to simply knock on a door to ask to borrow something, but now they’re too engrossed in their smartphone screen to even know who lives next door. To solve this problem and renew a sharing community spirit, Pumpipumpe is a Switzerland-based project that is encouraging residents to place stickers on their mailbox to denote the goods they’re willing to lend to their neighbors.

The idea was initially formed to enable those with bike pumps to indicate to fellow cyclists that they could knock and use theirs in the case of a flat tyre — hence the name Pumpipumpe. The scheme has since expanded into a system allow neighbors to advertise any object available to borrow. Those who want to take part can simply order a pack of stickers from the project’s website. Each sticker is a small blue square that features illustrations including a bike pump, lawn mower, kitchen scale, children’s toys, and even internet access and fancy dress costumes. The idea is that homeowners place the stickers for the items they have on their mailbox so passersby can know if they’re good to knock on the door. The stickers are free to anyone in Switzerland or Germany, with a EUR 4 fee for shipping internationally. While the idea aims to recreate the offline networks of old, the team is working on an interactive map of all the neighborhoods participating in the Pumpipumpe scheme.

Perhaps Switzerland is just a naturally friendly place, as we’ve already seen the Boîtes d’Échange Entre Voisins scheme create community boxes designed especially for leaving unwanted goods for others to pick up. But could this idea work in your part of the world?


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Strange Weather: alien flowers in the Arctic, raindrop that floats in mid-air and jellyfish snacks for all

We-make-money-not - 1 hour 36 min ago
By bringing together works by artists, designers, scientists, meteorologists and engineers STRANGE WEATHER asks questions such as: Should human culture be reshaped to fit strange weather or should we reshape weather to fit our strange culture? Who is going to take advantage of climate chaos and how will strange weather benefit me? How will you choose to work, celebrate, live and die when weather gets weird? continue

In the Kitchen With: Elaine McCardel’s Sicilian Trifle

Design Sponge - 1 hour 38 min ago

The trifle is a traditional English layered dessert generally made of alcohol soaked sponge cake, layered with custard, gelatin, whipped cream and fruit (not necessarily in that order), and served in a glass dish.   As a child, I remember being fascinated by desserts layered in glasses such as trifles, sundaes and what we refer to as parfaits in the US.  I even like to think of tiramisù as a trifle, even though I am sure very many people would disagree! This week Elaine McCardel, author of the food blog The Italian Dish, shares her version of a trifle inspired by her Sicilian heritage. Her lemon cake and pistachio creme trifle uses a pistachio studded mascarpone in place of custard for a lighter texture, and a hint of limoncello to brush the layers. It is beautiful to see! If you don’t have a trifle dish, you can use a cookie cutter to make smaller rounds of cake to layer in individual glasses or bowls. -Kristina

About Elaine: Elaine McCardel is the author of The Italian Dish food blog, where she encourages people to cook from scratch. With an emphasis on her food photography, she guides you through recipes and shows you how easy cooking can be. She holds sold-out cooking classes in her home where people learn to make fresh pasta and homemade pizzas. Her mother was from Italy and she definitely has that Italian gene – the love of feeding people!

See Elaine’s trifle after the jump!


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Engineering Students Create the World’s First Unstealable Bike

Inhabitat - 1 hour 38 min ago

Chances are that if you do a lot of bike commuting, you’ve had a cycle or two (or three) stolen. Three engineering students in Chile got sick of replacing their own stolen bikes, so they decided to do something about it. The result is the Yerka Project: A bike that the inventors say is impossible to steal. Good news for bike riders, bad news for thieves.

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